Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fashion mistake.


In Malaysia, Chinese girls are among those who knew their fashion very well.In fact,they are the one who tame the western fashion in Malaysia.making them wearable in our quite typical society.

However,not all knew their fashion well.Recently,I saw one in a shopping complex near my place. She is an L-sized girl,with a pair of white leggings.Leggings is an on-the-go material right now,but wear it right and it will be pleasing to others eyes.This particular girl,she wore the leggings with a short tops.Which means we know exactly how her bum shape is.Which means we know she is wearing a low cut undies.And which we know she is wearing a striped one.



See? The girl might or might not realize,but it is soooo not nice for those who saw,right?

So get your fashion right and be fashionable.


minidress_boots_main Courtesy of Roxxane Wilson.


Till then.

Memory Lane,down the lane~


It had been a month since I came back from AIMST,my dear university for 3 years. Then i decided,why not go for a job out of the scope of my study,while waiting,just to kill some time?

So,I dropped my name at a few places at a mall near my place.I waited for a few days,but no calls.So,I decided to put the part-time job searching for a rest.

Day before yesterday,I received a call from Memory Lane,asking me to come and join them.So I went,just to earn some extra cash.The first day was super tiring,together with the irritating girl.Kalau nak cakap tu,cakap la elok elok kan,tak payahla cakap macam nak tak nak je.Tau la ko lagi lama keje dari aku kan..minah bengong!!

Well,apart from that,everything was okay.In fact,I even met my school senior and a long lost friend from matriculation.I get to meet a lot of people too.

Though it is just a part-time job,it teaches me a lot.It gives me a peek into the outside world.Hrmm.

Anyway,there’s more to write bout this.But not now.So,yeah.


Till then,adios!

Friday, 24 June 2011

All nails


What colour will one get if they mix a blue shade and a pink shade from Elianto?

blue splash2  Courtesy of Little Green Heart



Courtesy of Lessa the Dressah


Well,recently for my birthday my brother got me three bottles of nail polishes from Elianto: Blue Splash, Candy Pink and Indian Red.

Well,those are really amazing colours for a guy to choose I think.Anyways,I am in love with the Blue Splash.It is so blue and it is something different.Not many Indians will go for that colour,and well I’m proud to stand out in the crowd last week in a temple.The colours gave me the confidence every girl of my age needs.Apparently, I saw another girl having the same shades on her nail, and from her Facebook profile,she’s a dancer.

I had that colour on my nails for about two weeks then i decided to give it a little touch, as per the idea of my roomies back in AIMST University, house code C2L room 1, Miss Vaishnevi Thanaseharan and Miss Megala Devi Sri.

As for the result,i got this amazing new shade of purple,which is simply gorgeous!!


The picture is not so clear,as I used my phone to snap it and the colour is not intense enough in the picture.Get imaginative by adding more pink on the nails and I’m pretty sure you can see the colour on my nails now :)


Get creative!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Meringues as it goes~


IMG_0569 The ingredients



Egg white are beaten until foamy



Sugar added.Note the difference in the texture of the mixture.



Essence added.The final texture.See how smooth and creamy it looks.It must not feel gritty between your fingers :)

Next was the best part..the baking process!! It was so much fun :D


I just love my blue nails <3




After baking…



They are sooo cute!! I just love them!!


So,yeah.That’s all for now.You can try baking your own meringues too,and trust me, it’s fun!!


owh-so-yummy meringues!!

 Yesterday, I was roaming around in the net,browsing for recipes. A few caught my attention, and so today,i decided to try one!!

I was so excited that I forced my parents to drive me to the nearest cake shop to buy myself Cream of Tartar a.k.a potassium bitartrate and the piping bag. Well,as a beginner, I got myself a disposable piping bag.

So,yeah. We went back home and I got myself prepared with the recipe on how to bake Ghost Meringues. Well,not exactly Ghost Meringues but meringues of my own.

It was a simple recipe of 4 ingredients; eggs,sugar,cream of tartar and vanilla essence.

Upon ingredients preparation, I started the meringue-making process.
First,the egg white and egg yolk must be separated,as we will be using only the egg whites.As for the egg yolks,it can be used for some other purpose.
Then,the egg whites are to be beaten until it forms foamy mixture.Sugar were to be added a little at a time,to ensure it dissolved completely.Cream of tartar was added and finally followed by essence of vanilla.Being so excited,i tasted them a little,they taste a bit like cotton candy and marshmallow.

Then,the piping process..the exciting part!!
I pressed the meringues on to a tray before baking them in my mum's old oven,left them to bake and voila!!!
My first ever meringues was ready!!
I added chocolate chips to the meringues to give them a chocolaty taste and it worked.
It was a little crispy on the outside, marshmallow in the inside and a little chocolaty..I wouldn't say they taste heavenly,but they are good enough to be eaten,for a newbie like me :) :) :)

And the best part?
My brother liked them!!
For someone who always condemn my cooking,it was a really good response from him.

Will upload the pics soon..having,yeah..wait for the pics to see my l'il marshmallowy meringues :)


Monday, 20 June 2011

the whole new world.

Jun 20th 2011.

A whole new experience for me,to swim in the wide ocean called the world through this stage.

This is soo gonna be my place,my own sweet world.

Hello people out there,help me to sail through my journey..



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