My Idea & Style

Many people often have ideas which they tend to forget as time goes. For me, this is my platform for me to store my ideas, maybe just as an inspiration or as a place to dump my ideas for future use and referance. Who knows, my Idea & Style might be as same or as similar as yours? :)

Saree Blouse

and maybe the saree as well.

It speaks elegance. Love.

♥ the knot factor. But I prefer with sleeves.

Looks simple, but paired with a gorgeous saree, it will be an eye opener.

Feminine Brocade Blouse

Ah! Love!

Kajal Agarwal. Sizzling!


kinda cute.

Minissha Lamba_Cap_Sleeves_Saree_Blouse

Love her eye make up too.

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