Friday, 30 September 2011

Golden Swan


As i mentioned in a previous post,I drooled over a pair of earring.

Check out the post here!

And now,I am the proud owner of my own Golden Swan.(I named!)

I bought it online from D@mini Paradise in Facebook.

They have awesome collection of earrings,bangles,sarees and many many more.

Please feel free to check them out.

Pretty long(it touches my shoulder) and a little bit heavy,but it’s pretty and sassy :)

Also,I must mention here that Damini have a very efficient service and it is very much customer-friendly.

I have bought 2 piece of earrings,and they are all received in their top form.

Packaging?Perfect.Packed in a plastic container,which houses the earrings just nicely,they are being cushioned with cotton pads.The Plastic case is then wrapped with brown paper before being put into the courier pack.

And oh,no delivery charges.

Cheap,easy,nice packaging,customer-friendly,variety of choices.

Isn’t that great?

What else could we ask for?

You can also request for more detailed photo if you want to have a clearer idea of your item-of-interest.


Anyway,here are few snaps for you guys~





Please ignore my tired face and pimples!!Dread my pimpy.



Till then~

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Plain Jane


Past Present and Future

As I sit on my place,I always wonder and ponder.

Wonder about my future.

Ponder about my past.

While swimming my way through the flow of present time.

What will I work as in the future?

Will I be satisfied with my job, my salary and my position?

Will I fulfill my father’s/mother’s dream?

Am I able to live a much better life than that of my parents?

Am I able to fulfill my teensy weensy wishes that I can’t get when I’m young,just because I don’t want to burden my family?

Another question which always pops up in my mind will be my love life.

When will I meet the person meant for me?

Am I to have a love marriage.or is it an arrange marriage?

Where will my prince charming come from?

How does he look like?

What is his character like?

First Look of the Taj, Agra

Sometimes,I just feel so lonely that I want to have the ‘special’ someone to share my thoughts and feelings.

I am being surrounded by my lovely family members who love me unconditionally,but there seems to be a tiny hole in my heart that need to be filled.

I want to have the missing piece of the incomplete puzzle in me.

trulymeaningful She Dreamt   By Tommaso Nervegna

I am not pretty enough to capture guys’ attention effortlessly.

And I don’t want to be so.

I only want to be pretty and effortlessly beautiful and attractive to the eyes of my prince charming.

When will I get that opportunity?

A question,yet to be answered only by time and destiny.


shedreamt She Dreamt   By Tommaso Nervegna

 Source :



Till then~

Monday, 26 September 2011

Violet Shine - Guardian


I find it weird,as when i consulted Uncle Google, I can’t find any reviews on lip gloss from Guardian.

Maybe it’s not famous at all?

Or is it that bad that no one even tried it on?

Hrmm..I still have the question mark..

Nevertheless,I’m doing a simple stupid,useless review here,just to give those who might want to purchase it a rough idea.

The one I bought is called Violet Shine,and it’s violet in color.

I bought it under a promotion at a price of RM6.88.It’s original price will be about RM11.88.

It glides smoothly,and it has this purplish-pink color,which goes on natural on my lips.

Not very long-lasting,maybe because i smack my lips often.

However,it has this sweet smell and sweet taste,which I don’t adore at all T_T.

Overall,I would say okay but if I were asked will I repurchase it,I will have to think first.

A few snaps,thanks to my useless phone camera @_@:


12092011 It must be twisted at the bottom for the gloss to come out.

P/s: Look at my nails..hehehe

12092011(005) Brush-like applicator

12092011(012)Subtle shade on my lips


Till then~

Raindrop in my eyes...

Mazhai varum arikuri, en vizhigalil theriyuthe
Manam indru nanaiyuthe, ithu enna kaadhala ? saadhala?
Pazhagiya kaalangal, en paarvaiyil viriyuthe
Paadhaigal naluvuthe, idhu yeno yeno?
Un thoalil saayumbodhu, urchaagam kollum kangal
Nee engae engae endru unnai thedi thedi paarkirathu
Unnodu pogum bodhu poo pookum saalaiyaavum
Nee engae endru ennai keta pinbu vaadididudhe
Mazhai varum arikurii,
en vizhigalil theriyuthae ..... (repeated)
Ariyadhoru vayadhil vidhaithathu…ohooo oh oh ohooo oh
Athuvaagave thaanaai valarnthathu… ohooo oh
Pudhidhaai oru poovum pookaiyil..ohooo oh oh ohooo oh
Ada yaaradhai yaaradhai parithatho? ohooo oh .
Un kaal thadam sendra vazhi paarthu naanum vandhene
Athu padhiyil tholaindhadhadaa
Naan kettathu azhagiya nerangal ohooo oh oh ohooo oh
Yaar thanthathu vizhigalil eerangal ohooo oh
Naan kettathu vaanavil maayangal ohooo oh oh ohooo oh
Yaar thanthathu vazhigalil kaayangal ohooo oh
Intha kaadhalum oru vagai chitravadhaithane
Athu uyirudan erikuthudaa!
oh ...........oh ..oh
Mazhai varum arikuri, en vizhigalil theriyuthe ........ (repeated)
Un thoalil saayumbodhu, urchaagam kollum kangal ... (repeated)
Mazhai varum arikuri, en vizhigalil theriyuthae ....

English translation:

I can sense the rain drops through my eyes
My heart is drenching hard, is that LOVE or DEATH ?
I can feel times that we spent together panning out in front of me.. Ooh dear why is our paths moving apart from each other ?
My eyes that used to beam with happiness when I rest on your shoulders now keep on finding you.
The paths use to blossom whenever I walk with you now quiring where were you and just wilt away !!!

When a new feeling starts to blossom like a glowing flower, ooh who plucked it away ?
I came searching for the footsteps you’ve left behind but I’m lost in mid-way !
I asked for beautiful moments but who gave me tears instead ?
I asked for magical rainbows but who gave me pain instead?
Love is similar to brunette because it burn's me alive !

*Thanks to Parvin Naidu

Friday, 23 September 2011




Tha name might not be familiar to most of us.

Annona squamosa will sound even more alien to the rest.

How about ‘Buah Nona’?

Sounds familiar? I’m sure you do.

I have heard of this fruit,but never cam across it.I was lucky to come across this fruit,as well as to feast it.

It was yummy.Sweet and slightly sour in taste.

The unripe fruit is green in color,and the skill is hard when touched.

The ripe fruit,is purplish-maroon in color,and is soft when touched.It smelled sweet too.

The seed is black,and tiny.

The fruit’s texture is creamy,and you’ll enjoy it especially if you are a fan of sour sops.And oh,sugar-apple is also known as sweet sops :)

A few snaps for you guys~

16092011Top view


Side view


17092011(001) This is how the flesh looks like.

17092011(003) Seeds.


Try looking for the fruit around.You might enjoy it as well~


And my passion here~


Little Diary

diary111 copy

Cutesy Google


Google today have been featuring Jim Henson’s 75th birthday in a cute way.

See for yourself!!








Cute right?

Till then~

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile


I’m glad that I made my bestie to smile.

I may have made her day,I don’t know.

But to know that she smiled because of me is enough to make my day.




Anything for you,sweets~

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blissful moment


Okay,I’m ‘terlebih rajin’ today.*In office though.

In the September issue Cleo,I got a sample of shower gel from Palmolive.

The Aromatherapy Shower Gel.

and they were AWESOME!

I am very sensitive towards perfume and shower gels.Anything which smells a little too strong will give me an immediate headache.

However,when i tried the sample of Absolute Relax (the purple one),it was a BLISS.


Honestly.It lathers well too.Foamy and it does give a luxurious bath feel.Trust me.

The Sensual smells great too.My roomie used it before,and it smells great as well.


I never come across the Morning Tonic,but i have a strong feeling that it will have the citrus-y smell.

morning tonic


I’m planning to get a family-sized bottle too,most probably the Sensual.


You should indulge yourselves in these luxurious shower gel too!

 Click here for more!


Till then.

Little birds,huge birds,cute birds and Angry Birds.



Angry bird craze are everywhere,that we now have them in cake form!



Abby who?

Why do I mention Abby here?

How does the person by the name of Abby have anything to do with me?





Abby = Me.

Confused again?

Well,Abby is my name in the office.

Why Abby,you may ask.

According to my boss,it’s difficult to pronounce my name.So to ease the customers,she gave me a new name,Abby.

And I got teased by my boss’s husband by asking for either CD or ABCD.


I added a new name to my name collection. T_T


Till then.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

and the countdown begins.



You may wonder what countdown is that.


Yes,for my graduation!!

I just can’t wait :)


Till then.

Random.In the office.


Strike out everything you’ve done. (From

  1. Had Beer.
  2. Smoked an entire cigarette
  3. Smoked a cigar
  4. Done drugs
  5. Write on a bathroom wall.
  6. Read a George Orwell book.
  7. Had sex.
  8. Had a physical fight.
  9. Used Twitter.
  10. Listened to Lady Gaga.
  11. Been in a car accident.
  12. Gotten suspended.
  13. Gotten expelled.
  14. Been allergic to something.
  15. Got a computer virus.
  16. Touched a real gun.
  17. Had a dog
  18. Had a cat.
  19. Been pregnant.
  20. Camped out.
  21. Swam in the ocean.
  22. Wore a bikini.
  23. Driven a car
  24. Been sent to the principal.
  25. Ever liked someone.
  26. Failed a class.
  27. Failed a test.
  28. Went to summer school. 
  29. Got worse than a D
  30. Got A*s, A’s and B’s.
  31. Read an entire book.
  32. Recorded my own music.
  33. Had an xbox.
  34. Worn heels more than 3 days in a row.
  35. Wore fishnets. 
  36. Wore skinny jeans.
  37. Been in love.
  38. Hated someone.
  39. Been cheated on.
  40. Cheated on someone.
  41. Did something sexual with someone of the same sex.
  42. Practiced Christianity.
  43. Worn makeup.
  44. Lied to my parents about where I was going.
  45. Had surgery.
  46. Had my license.
  47. Been to college.
  48. Graduated high school.
  49. Attempted suicide.
  50. Worn colored contacts.
  51. Painted my nails black.
  52. Broken someone’s heart. I was heart-broken myself.
  53. Had my heart broken.
  54. Cried for an hour straight.
  55. Lost something very valuable.
  56. Got separated from one of my parents as a kid.
  57. Broken a bone. 
  58. Gotten stung by a bee
  59. Eaten something bad/expired.
  60. Threw up from being so drunk.
  61. Saw someone throw up from being so drunk.
  62. Danced with someone of the opposite sex.
  63. Owned an ipod.
  64. Owned an iphone.
  65. Fell for a best friend. 
  66. Stole a friend’s significant other.
  67. Went far away from home for more than a week.
  68. Moved out.
  69. Ran away.
  70. Teased my brother/sister
  71. Been to a hospital.
  72. Had food poisoning.
  73. Had a job.
  74. Been fired.
  75. Lied to a friend.
  76. Lied to a family member.
  77. Had a Facebook.
  78. Posted a video on Youtube.
  79. Started a rumor about someone. 
  80. Talked bad about someone.
  81. Dropped out of school.
  82. Deliberately failed a test.
  83. Been skinny dipping.
  84. Counted to a million.  
  85. Counted to a thousand.
  86. Ate rabbit meat.
  87. Ate duck meat.  
  88. Had fast food.
  89. Been to Church.
  90. Been to Canada.
  91. Been married.
  92. Had a divorce.
  93. Broke a glass.
  94. Hugged someone today.
  95. Texted someone today.
  96. Received a phone call today.
  97. Threw something out of the window.
  98. Ignored a text from someone on purpose.
  99. Had my feelings hurt by a friend and never told them.
  100. Wish you were somebody else.


Till then.

My Style


I love her style.

Especially in Uthamaputiran,in the song Ussumularase.

Her make up is flawless and sweet.Just the way I like.

Her dressing.That is so me!

And her hair.I adore it <3

tamil movie Uthamaputhiran HQ pics-1 Flawless!

Uthama-Puthiran-movie-dhanush-genelia-stills-01 Love her checkered shirt~

1286173361  And her belt.



Love her hair!!


uthama-puthiran Her personality~

uthama-puthiran (1) Her style!


I can never get enough of this song.I can keep on watching the video clip over and over again.

Awesome song,cute Dhanush and gorgeous Genelia.



Till then.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Black Beauty

I watched the movie Guzaarish last night,acted by


Aiswarya Rai wore a dress of Victorian concept which I adore very much.
Have a look...

Red and Black.

Vey classic yet elegant.
I can't find a decent picture of the dress,but if you get to watch the movie,you will know what am I trying to say~

Till then.

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