Saturday, 31 December 2011

Holiday Manicure


As I mentioned in my review on Essence Multicolor Blush, I bought my Essence French Manicure in Pink Glam from their counter. I wanted to do something different, so I decided to give my French Manicure a twist.

I also used Essence Nail tip Guide this time. Usually, I used cellophane tape to do my French Manicure but this time i gave the nail tips guide a go.

Have a look at the pictures~

 2011-12-31 00.55.25           1st coat

2011-12-31 00.56.04           2nd coat

2011-12-31 01.10.16           Essence Nail Tips Guide

 2011-12-31 01.10.50 2011-12-31 01.21.15             Elianto in Indian Red on nail tips 2011-12-31 01.19.42            Final result after top coat. Maroon tips instead of the usual white.

Essence French Manicure in Pink Glam gives my nails a natural look with a hint of shimmer. Pale pink in color, it requires two coats for a natural look. Three coats, and the color appears opaque, which does not give the natural look. Other than Pink Glam, they have several other colors in their French Manicure collection which I can’t recall their name. They have nude brown without shimmer,pink without shimmer(similar to Pink Glam bit without shimmer) and off-white ( I think so). Applications is not as easy compared to Elianto Nail Polishes. The applicator brush is quite narrow, so precise application is needed to ensure proper coverage. They dry quite fast, though.

Essence Nail Tips Guide have 30 sticky nail tip guides for precise French Manicure application. It is helpful, but the only thing which I disliked about the product is their sticky factor. The glue is a bit too sticky that it either left residues on my nails or it either strips of bits of nail polish when I remove the nail tip guides. Otherwise, I would say that is is okay.

What do you think?


Till then~

Who needs love when there are..puppies??


Sorry,this post is outdated. No net connection. Anyways,well,yes!! Again, Jennifer gave birth to her babies for the second time in this year. The first time was on the 10th of February 2011, she gave birth to two female puppies, Jessie and Julie. Unfortunately, Jessie passed away due to her health condition. Now Julie, hyperactive and super-adorable,happily roaming around us :)

Just recently on December 14th, Jennifer gave birth again, and this time to four cute puppies, two male and two female. Too bad, just too bad that one of the male puppy was too weak to survive that it passed away the next day. So now, leaving us with one male puppy and two female puppies. We decided to call the male Jimmy and the females as Jessie( she resembles our dear old Jessie so much!) and Jhansi. Jimmy has brownish black with white fur. Jhansi has brown and black fur while Jessie has light brown and white fur. The puppies had their eyes opened just recently, on the 28th of December and they have now progressed to crawl out of their basket. They can be pretty noisy when they want to be out of their cage but couldn’t on their own. Not only that, they will be noisy during the night when the need feeding. Pity my mum, she have been having restless nights because of the puppies.

I can’t wait for them to learn to walk. That will be when they will be really noisy and chasing each other around. When they have their teeth growing, they will be nibbling on whatever they lay their eyes on. They will even nibble my fingers, toes and even ears!! Julie did that when she was a baby.

The best part? When they start responding to their respective names. I am really excited, can’t wait!!

Some pics~


2011-12-14 21.44.52 Day 1

2011-12-17 08.29.31Day 2

 2011-12-16 16.57.58

 2011-12-18 10.32.32 2011-12-18 10.33.05 2011-12-18 10.33.20 2011-12-18 13.09.28 The trio with my mum2011-12-23 09.51.29 Jennifer feeding her babies2011-12-23 09.52.59Jessie :)2011-12-23 09.54.47 Jimmy2011-12-23 09.55.28 2011-12-26 10.08.24 2011-12-26 10.12.16 How cute!!2011-12-30 19.07.00 Jhansi..opening her tiny eyes!!








2011-12-31 12.34.30The latest..see how big they are now..they grow really fast.

They, are my love of life :)


Till then~

Sunday, 25 December 2011

My upcoming talent


Amma went out somewhere with my brother. Appa went to work. I was all alone at home,and Amma have not cooked. I went to kitchen and saw Amma unfroze pomfret and had put spinach aside.

I then decided to cook something up.

And the result….

2011-12-26 12.22.42

My fish curry :)

I forgot to snap the cooked spinach.

Just ignore this post if you think I am being lame ;)


Till then~

Homemade Lip balm


I had my almost finishing SEBAMED lip balm which left just a bit about 3cm of height in the bottom of my tube. Besides that, the screw thingy of my tube was damaged that i couldn’t get whatever remnants of my lip balm to the surface.

I didn’t want to waste them, so I decided to mix it with my long forgotten Watson’s tinted lip balm to make my own homemade lip balm.

I had the idea of making my own lip balm as I knew lip balms are mainly waxes, (or are they petroleum jelly?) which can definitely melt on heat. I’m pretty sure some of you had experienced your lip balms melting in their tubes, right?

What I did was to cut, or destroy will be a better word, the SEBAMAED lip balm tube to scrape out the remnants into a clear glass jar. I think you can make use of a cleaned, I mean thoroughly cleaned gel eyeliner jar to place your own homemade lip balm. Then, I twisted out the whole length of whatever remaining of my Watson’s tinted lip balm out of their tube and cut them into the same jar. Using a toothpick, I smashed them,in the effort of getting the lip balms into smaller chunks.

Next, I heated the jar containing the balms in a microwave oven to melt the balms. I melted them in a few seconds interval, as I am not sure of the capacity of the glass jar to withstand the microwave heat. I heated them for 30 seconds, and stopped every 10 seconds to mix them. It only took me 30 seconds to get my well mixed lip balm.



Forgive me for the poor lighting. I used lip brush to apply the balms on my lips as I have long nails, which makes it difficult for me to get the balms on my finger pad without digging out some lip balm with my nails.

You can also mix your clear lip balm with your old lippies to get your own tinted lip balm, or you may also melt two lipstick to get your own unique lipstick color.

Hope you enjoyed making your own lip balm concoction. :)


Till then~

Monday, 12 December 2011

Essence Blusher- How Cute is That? Review


This will be my review on Multicolor Blush from Essence, a product of Germany.

2011-11-08 19.49.17

I bought mine in Jusco Seremban when I was roaming around in Guardian, looking for a blusher.*2 months ago

Then I came across this section called Essence and their blusher caught my eyes. They are so cute! After convinced by the sales girl, I bought the blusher called How Cute Is That? She also provided me with a booklet of their product range.

2011-11-08 19.50.04

I wouldn’t say they make a very good blusher, but they are definitely good highlighter. The color is neither metallic nor mate, its a little bit shimmery,more like sheen. I use it if I feel like having a glow/bronzed effect.

2011-11-08 19.51.17

2011-11-08 19.54.44

Swatches. Sorry that I couldn’t snap a clearer picture of the swatches.

I managed to find one of their outlets in Tesco Ampang, inside Guardian more likely.

I am definitely going to try on their lip glosses, make-up base and also their nail polishes.

Will do a review on them once I got them as there are not many reviews on Essence products :)


Till then~

Lunch @ Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie


My boss treated me to lunch for my excellent performance.

Yup,so nice of her!!

Hehe..anyways, we went to Levain Boulangeris & Patisserie to celebrate.

This place is right opposite The Embassy of Indonesia, behind Prince Courts’ Hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

The place was quite packed when we arrive, and please mark my word, the place did look as exclusive as its’ name.


It is an Italian and French inspired dine-in cottage with the colonial style bungalow lot. I was like ‘ boss is treating me to some exclusive and expanxive lunch’ feeling. *Shows that I don’t really go out to eat*

The interior deco is awesome!! I wish I could snap some photo, but I just don’t dare to. Hmm.

The queue was long too. Its amazing that an expensive eatery can have a LOT of people to dine in.

The place was so cosy and warm and nice and…I can go on describing!! I would say, it will be a perfect place for the FIRST DATE!!

So, what I had for lunch?

My boss got herself spaghetti which I forgot the name of it and hot chocolate.

I took Margherita Pizza and Rosehip Tea.

pizza *thanks Uncle Google


Rosehip tea.

It is rich in benefits:

  • Rosehip tea is considered strengthening to the stomach;

  • Rosehip tea is useful in combating diarrhea;

  • Rosehip tea fights dysentery;

  • Rosehip tea is valued for its pectoral qualities that is good for coughs and spitting of blood;

  • Rosehip tea can be used to help treat distempers of the breast;

  • Rosehip tea can also help break the stone and to ease and help the colic.

By the way, I DID NOT order them because of their benefit, but just as to give them a try ;)

And owh..not to forget their owh-so-yummy macaroons!!!





2011-12-12 15.08.28



Till then~

Friday, 9 December 2011

My artwork!!

Out of boredom, and I love them!!

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How to look fresh?


Okay, say hi to the noob me. So ‘jakun’ of make up :P

I always wanted a peachy-coral blush,just to make a change from the common pink blush.

I got myself Elianto Blush Pot in Dessert Rose. The look more orange than peach.


*Courtesy from the net.DSC04228


Sorry that I didn’t snap any pictures of my own blusher.I did not intend to do a review on it anyways.

They come in a compact case with mirror and small brush.

The brush was not useful, though.


Back to the story.

So.yeah.The color appeared to be pigmented that I have to blend them in really well, in soft strokes.

The results, they made the whole appearance looked fresh! I heart it so much. Only a little bit of blush for more.


But, I have to be careful not to overdo them as I am not fair. SO I have to be careful with the intensity of the blush. After all, I don’t want to be seen with patched cheeks!!

Anyways, how do I complete the whole look with this blusher?

Nothing much.

First, I apply my daily face cream. Then, I line my waterline with my kohl or eyeliner or kajal. Then, I swirl my brush on the blush, blow of excess blush and swipe them lightly on the apples of my cheek.

I apply my loose powder/compact powder on.I finish of with my Lip Ice Sheer Color.

That’s all. It made me look fresh, and I feel energetic looking at my fresh-looking face.

And of course, i drink a LOT of plain water.



Till then~

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sky Diving 2.0


Let the pictures speak themselves out~



Towards the my structure!! hehehe


In the middle of Subang airport..I was lucky that I can actually be there.



I bet you can’t get a picture like this! *grrr..hate to see myself there..roasted!!*


Nice capture.

IMG_6792 Cute!


The team.


Hi there, meet my boyfriend :P


Tired + happy + roasted.


Till then~

An outing


It had been four long years since I met one of my dear Nailil Hanani @ Nelly.

We will plan to meet up, but none of them happened.Though she is just in Shah Alam and I myself in KL, but there will be some obstacles,preventing our meet up.

Then one day, just one random day, Fareed Rasidi  a.k.a Ed, Nailil’s boyfriend gave me a call to meet me up. We met up near my place, and we came up with the idea of giving our dear Nailil a surprise.

On the day, which was on Awal Muharram day, I goy up feeling excited for the meeting. The plan goes like this: Ed were to pick up Nailil from her hostel, then come over to pick me up.

The plan turns out well, as Nailil was surprised big time when I knocked over the car window. When I asked, Nailil said she had no idea about this. She was confused when Ed brought her in a housing area. She did not even know that we will be heading to KLCC. Another surprise for her, I guess :)

Upon reaching there, both of them decided not to go for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, since I did not follow the movie series from start. We watched Puss in Boots instead! And the movie was so much fun, I assure you. I just loved Kitty Soft Paws :)

So, bought movie ticket. Brunch @Secret Recipe. Shopping. Watched movie. Shopping. Lunch + Teatime @Secret Recipe. Back home. That was just so not enough!!!

I want more of it. But I have to thank my mum for being so understanding, she did not complain that I went back home nearing 7pm, though I promised her by 6pm. Love you, Amma <3

This post is waaaayyyy to short and simple to describe the day.

It was marvelous!!


2011-11-28 11.47.44   Prepared to attack that HUGE puff.2011-11-28 11.50.41My cup of cappuccino 2011-11-28 12.09.21

One for Ed, one for Nailil and one for me!! :D2011-11-28 12.50.13

Sibuk ber-shopping :P2011-11-28 17.33.42My lunch 2011-11-28 17.33.49Ed’s portion. Below: Nailil’s Tom Yum2011-11-28 17.33.54

2011-11-28 19.12.06

2011-11-28 19.11.41 My little love note from you too!!


Till then~


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