Saturday, 31 December 2011

Who needs love when there are..puppies??


Sorry,this post is outdated. No net connection. Anyways,well,yes!! Again, Jennifer gave birth to her babies for the second time in this year. The first time was on the 10th of February 2011, she gave birth to two female puppies, Jessie and Julie. Unfortunately, Jessie passed away due to her health condition. Now Julie, hyperactive and super-adorable,happily roaming around us :)

Just recently on December 14th, Jennifer gave birth again, and this time to four cute puppies, two male and two female. Too bad, just too bad that one of the male puppy was too weak to survive that it passed away the next day. So now, leaving us with one male puppy and two female puppies. We decided to call the male Jimmy and the females as Jessie( she resembles our dear old Jessie so much!) and Jhansi. Jimmy has brownish black with white fur. Jhansi has brown and black fur while Jessie has light brown and white fur. The puppies had their eyes opened just recently, on the 28th of December and they have now progressed to crawl out of their basket. They can be pretty noisy when they want to be out of their cage but couldn’t on their own. Not only that, they will be noisy during the night when the need feeding. Pity my mum, she have been having restless nights because of the puppies.

I can’t wait for them to learn to walk. That will be when they will be really noisy and chasing each other around. When they have their teeth growing, they will be nibbling on whatever they lay their eyes on. They will even nibble my fingers, toes and even ears!! Julie did that when she was a baby.

The best part? When they start responding to their respective names. I am really excited, can’t wait!!

Some pics~


2011-12-14 21.44.52 Day 1

2011-12-17 08.29.31Day 2

 2011-12-16 16.57.58

 2011-12-18 10.32.32 2011-12-18 10.33.05 2011-12-18 10.33.20 2011-12-18 13.09.28 The trio with my mum2011-12-23 09.51.29 Jennifer feeding her babies2011-12-23 09.52.59Jessie :)2011-12-23 09.54.47 Jimmy2011-12-23 09.55.28 2011-12-26 10.08.24 2011-12-26 10.12.16 How cute!!2011-12-30 19.07.00 Jhansi..opening her tiny eyes!!








2011-12-31 12.34.30The latest..see how big they are now..they grow really fast.

They, are my love of life :)


Till then~

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