Monday, 12 December 2011

Essence Blusher- How Cute is That? Review


This will be my review on Multicolor Blush from Essence, a product of Germany.

2011-11-08 19.49.17

I bought mine in Jusco Seremban when I was roaming around in Guardian, looking for a blusher.*2 months ago

Then I came across this section called Essence and their blusher caught my eyes. They are so cute! After convinced by the sales girl, I bought the blusher called How Cute Is That? She also provided me with a booklet of their product range.

2011-11-08 19.50.04

I wouldn’t say they make a very good blusher, but they are definitely good highlighter. The color is neither metallic nor mate, its a little bit shimmery,more like sheen. I use it if I feel like having a glow/bronzed effect.

2011-11-08 19.51.17

2011-11-08 19.54.44

Swatches. Sorry that I couldn’t snap a clearer picture of the swatches.

I managed to find one of their outlets in Tesco Ampang, inside Guardian more likely.

I am definitely going to try on their lip glosses, make-up base and also their nail polishes.

Will do a review on them once I got them as there are not many reviews on Essence products :)


Till then~

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