Sunday, 25 December 2011

Homemade Lip balm


I had my almost finishing SEBAMED lip balm which left just a bit about 3cm of height in the bottom of my tube. Besides that, the screw thingy of my tube was damaged that i couldn’t get whatever remnants of my lip balm to the surface.

I didn’t want to waste them, so I decided to mix it with my long forgotten Watson’s tinted lip balm to make my own homemade lip balm.

I had the idea of making my own lip balm as I knew lip balms are mainly waxes, (or are they petroleum jelly?) which can definitely melt on heat. I’m pretty sure some of you had experienced your lip balms melting in their tubes, right?

What I did was to cut, or destroy will be a better word, the SEBAMAED lip balm tube to scrape out the remnants into a clear glass jar. I think you can make use of a cleaned, I mean thoroughly cleaned gel eyeliner jar to place your own homemade lip balm. Then, I twisted out the whole length of whatever remaining of my Watson’s tinted lip balm out of their tube and cut them into the same jar. Using a toothpick, I smashed them,in the effort of getting the lip balms into smaller chunks.

Next, I heated the jar containing the balms in a microwave oven to melt the balms. I melted them in a few seconds interval, as I am not sure of the capacity of the glass jar to withstand the microwave heat. I heated them for 30 seconds, and stopped every 10 seconds to mix them. It only took me 30 seconds to get my well mixed lip balm.



Forgive me for the poor lighting. I used lip brush to apply the balms on my lips as I have long nails, which makes it difficult for me to get the balms on my finger pad without digging out some lip balm with my nails.

You can also mix your clear lip balm with your old lippies to get your own tinted lip balm, or you may also melt two lipstick to get your own unique lipstick color.

Hope you enjoyed making your own lip balm concoction. :)


Till then~

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