Tuesday, 6 December 2011

An outing


It had been four long years since I met one of my dear Nailil Hanani @ Nelly.

We will plan to meet up, but none of them happened.Though she is just in Shah Alam and I myself in KL, but there will be some obstacles,preventing our meet up.

Then one day, just one random day, Fareed Rasidi  a.k.a Ed, Nailil’s boyfriend gave me a call to meet me up. We met up near my place, and we came up with the idea of giving our dear Nailil a surprise.

On the day, which was on Awal Muharram day, I goy up feeling excited for the meeting. The plan goes like this: Ed were to pick up Nailil from her hostel, then come over to pick me up.

The plan turns out well, as Nailil was surprised big time when I knocked over the car window. When I asked, Nailil said she had no idea about this. She was confused when Ed brought her in a housing area. She did not even know that we will be heading to KLCC. Another surprise for her, I guess :)

Upon reaching there, both of them decided not to go for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, since I did not follow the movie series from start. We watched Puss in Boots instead! And the movie was so much fun, I assure you. I just loved Kitty Soft Paws :)

So, bought movie ticket. Brunch @Secret Recipe. Shopping. Watched movie. Shopping. Lunch + Teatime @Secret Recipe. Back home. That was just so not enough!!!

I want more of it. But I have to thank my mum for being so understanding, she did not complain that I went back home nearing 7pm, though I promised her by 6pm. Love you, Amma <3

This post is waaaayyyy to short and simple to describe the day.

It was marvelous!!


2011-11-28 11.47.44   Prepared to attack that HUGE puff.2011-11-28 11.50.41My cup of cappuccino 2011-11-28 12.09.21

One for Ed, one for Nailil and one for me!! :D2011-11-28 12.50.13

Sibuk ber-shopping :P2011-11-28 17.33.42My lunch 2011-11-28 17.33.49Ed’s portion. Below: Nailil’s Tom Yum2011-11-28 17.33.54

2011-11-28 19.12.06

2011-11-28 19.11.41 My little love note from Nailil..love you too!!


Till then~

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