Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The much awaited.

Okay, we will be leaving to Penang tomorrow night.
Attend the family prayers. The next day, off to Sungai Petani.
The wedding!

My dear childhood friend’s wedding. She’s 25 this year and getting married to the man she loves. It is going to be a grand wedding, and I am excited to attend it.

I love Indian weddings, they are colorful and just amazing. And I love to dress up and to see people dress up too :)

I love to see the bride being so pretty, and the excitement on her face when the Thali is finally knotted around her neck. That, will be the most precious moment in every single Indian bride’s life.

*Sigh, when is my turn*

Mine is definitely going to be like the two picture above..a beautiful, traditional and full of culture South Indian Wedding. :)
Time to pack my saree~


Till then~

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Maybelline New York Baby Lips- Review

The new craze for lip balm. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm.

It claims to literally transform your lips in one week:

- to reduce fine lines

- to increase suppleness

- to increase elasticity.

It has SPF20 to protect the lips against sunlight besides providing 8hrs of moisture to the lips.

How far is that true?

I purchased one a month ago as I have been experiencing dry lips. Of course, before I made my purchase, I googled about the product.

The reviews were all positive, which made me more keen of grabbing the product. It comes in 4 varieties, and mine is Anti-Oxidant Berry.

2011-12-22 16.46.48

2011-12-22 16.46.29

However, from the reviews I read, they also come in a few other varieties of tinted lip balms which we do not have in Malaysia. Why,why, WHY is that so?? I am so enthusiastic about getting the tinted versions!

Anyways, back to my experience of using the product.

Anti-Oxidant Berry comes in an attractive retro-style tube of baby blue with pink block letters. That, makes the product a little more attractive than it already is. The balm is a clear balm. I must mention the scent of the balm. It’s YUMMY! The scent reminds me of bubblegum, I can’t recall the name but I remember them having a temporary tattoo on their wrapper and the gum comes in bright pink and blue.

Let me get this straight. I am not a lip balm user. I have only purchased Watson lip balm- a clear one and a tinted one. That was my first ever make up stuff purchase, and it was left forgotten in my drawer since that.

This Baby Lips however made me to be addicted to them! I mean they are that good that I can’t miss to use them like everyday! They really do what they claim. My lips were smoother, less lines and they feel softer too.

I even can see a slight change in my lip color,it has a pinkish tinge on it. It makes the lip plumper too. Not as in like those killer pout of Angelina Jolie, but a fuller looking lips. You know the plump-like feeling you get on your lips after you brush your teeth using minted toothpaste? That is somewhat what you will see on your lips. Slightly plump lips, soft and smooth. Who could resist that??

And all that in one week time! That’s fast for a lip balm to work :)

The price, affordable at RM10.90, if I am right.

I even recommend it to my brothers, and now mine is missing!! Huhu..I will have to hunt for it or buy a new one..hmm..

Anyways, I recommend this and have fun :)

*I am not paid to do this review and I bought the product using my hard earned money*


Till then~

Monday, 16 January 2012

Elianto Frosted Liquid Eyeliner - Review


Elianto is a brand which does not need any kind of introduction anymore, especially to Malaysians.

They have a wide range of products, from nail polishes to BB creams.

Wait, am I writing an essay or what?!

Back to the main point. Elianto Frosted Liquid Eyeliner.


It has five colors in its range, and they are what they claim.

Frosted eyeliner.


I bought them in Elianto’s warehouse sale sometimes back, so I got them cheap. Their original price is about RM22 or less..that's the figure I’ve got from the net anyways, so the price might have gone down :D I’ve got them in three beautiful shades: Dusty Blue, Army Green and Deep Brown. They are some sort of metallic in color and they last REALLY long.

Easy to apply, they come with a thin applicator brush which makes application a breeze. You can gradually line your eyes until you reach the thickness you want. VERY smudge proof. Packaging is simple and nice, not bulky hence easy to store.

I use only a single swipe over  my lids, only a little amount is required every time, so the product will last me a long time which is good for me as I like colored eyeliners.

2012-01-16 22.22.03

2012-01-16 22.23.34

From left: Dusty Blue, Army Green and Deep Brown. I was hoping the Deep Brown shade to dry up into a coppery or bronze. They turned out to be a dark brown-bronze shade.

However, as the staying power is strong, removing it is a pain. I have to use quite an amount of make up remover and still the product cannot be removed completely. Baby oil helps a lot, so whenever I where to use this liner, I’ll use baby oil to remove my eye make up.

Once I left the product without using make up remover, but just used my normal wash wash to check on its staying power and they last up to three days!! They fade on the third day though.

Overall, a good product. I love the color and its intensity. But I wished they can be easier to remove.


Till then~

A request replied!


I am so excited!!

I have gotten my reply from a very special person, and that particular person have said to help me in a few days time!!

Who is that and what help?

Will let you guys know real soon~

Kutty J’s


This post is specially dedicated to my BFF, Vinothini Thanapalan.

Picture 0388     Julie


Picture 0390Jhansi..


Picture 0393Jimmy


and my favorite of all,

Picture 0396   Jessie :)


All the puppies were sleepy, hence their eyes were not visible that much except for Jessie’s.

As for Julie’s photo, it was captured a couple of months before.


They, make my day everyday. :)


Till then~

Doomed or no?


Okay. I might be exaggerating.

That is not what am i  feeling exactly right now, but so many things are running into my mind right now.

And boredom is getting to the core of myself. Arggh!

By the way, I’ve got the almost similar shades of nail polish on my fingers right now.

There is this tiny lump *not to worry,nothing serious* on my left lids and i have to wait for the doctors' reference letter for me to hit the specialist. Have to wait.

Damn. And I have a wedding to attend this month. A much awaited wedding. Damn again! Hopefully makeup can help me to cover that lump. Or maybe I'll opt for fake lashes.

But fake lashes? I’ll need to go without my specs then. But I am planning to go with my glasses on. I have my dark circles haunting me like crazy. Arggh!!

I misplaced my mobile’s cable or whatever you called it. I just can’t find it!!

Plus, my lappy have to be reformatted. My brother was telling me that my lappy have some virus attacks. Hrmm..not a bad one though..my lappy survived throughout my degree years without being reformatted. Lappy is just fine, except it had gone slow, which really get into my nerves when I am in a hurry. Grrr.

Besides, I am super duper mad at my mascara.


Click on the link to see which mascara I am referring about.

I just bought them like a few months back and I have just used them like 20 times?

When I get them out a few days back, they just don’t deliver!! I mean they kinda finished but not dried up?! I am confused :/

Nevertheless, they did not do good to me as how they used to do. And now i have to get myself a new tube of mascara. *Pondering over which mascara to get*

I must also get a waterproof eyeliner pencil. My Avon liner is just nice, but they tend to bleed/smudge. I once had in on and cried *Dylla Fadzil, I think you know how terrible it was in the library,if you remembered*

Again, I have to search for a decent one. Hrmm.


And that’s not all.

I have more to say,but just not now.Grrr. Hate this feeling.


Till then~

Monday, 9 January 2012

Upcoming hairdo


I had my hair trimmed yesterday.

The saloon lady blow-ed my hair from curly hair to straight hair.

And I like!!

If at all I were to have a change of hairstyle, I might want to have my hair relaxed…..like below!!

Women long hairstyles pictures 2012,Long hairstyles for heart shaped faces pictures

In fact, the saloon lady made my hair just like above!!

What do you think?


Till then~

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Life is a bitter muffin


Hmpph. Life is always unpredictable.

Why can’t life be a cup cake? Pretty and sweet?

Maybe not exactly a cup cake, but almost like a cup cake?

Why is life like a bitter, ugly muffin?

Why must we live in such a world?

Why are we even be born as humans?

Why are people giving so much importance to money, and fame?

Why can’t people give importance to family first?

In the end, when they fail to do so, they tend to blame family and friends of being so and so.



muffins are just ugly cupcakes


Till then~

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012..new beginning,new hope


I started texting my friends on the night of 31st December itself,and of course they wished me too. Nothing much and nothing great I thought,it is going to be just like the beginning of 2011. I slept as usual, without setting up any new year resolution like most of the people out there.

But when I woke up in the morning, I had this feeling. Weird and pleasant. I liked the feeling though I had no idea why out of a sudden I had that feeling.

It’s hope. A feeling of new hope.

It is as though I feel achieved something I wanted so bad to achieve. It is like I know this year is a promising year, full of surprises, achievements. It is a feeling, saying indirectly to me not to worry and that I will get what I wanted in my life.

If this is a sign for me that this year will be a better year compared to 2011 and my previous unpleasant experiences, I pray to GOD that I will succeed in whatever I do and whatever attempt I take. I really need a good year after what I had experienced in 2011 and year before that. Not that I had really bad experiences in 2011,I had both good and bad experiences in my previous years and I learnt a lot from them. I feel I deserve a much better year after my struggles and ups and downs.

Ah..no words can describe the feeling. It’s neither euphoric nor depressing. It’s just…well,I hope you get what I try to convey,don’t you?

Till then, have a wonderful year of 2012 ahead~ :)


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