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I don’t want to be annoying,but fyi, this is MY personal blog and it is MY wish to blog to my hearts’ content.

No hard feeling,peeps!

Anyways,yeah.I went for a little shopping days ago.Just to get myself some home stuff along with my personal stuffs.

As I lost my liquid eyeliner,I went looking for one.There were many,but I decided to go for In2it Pen Eyeliner. My friend was the one who introduced it to my.

It looks very much like a marker the moment you pull off the cap.

At first,it was awkward to draw a fine line using a marker-like eyeliner and I stumbled a bit there.

On my second time,it was a lot easier.I don’t even have to press the tip on my lash line.It enables me to draw a thinner line,better than pencil eyeliners.And it dries up pretty fast too!

It’s cheap,but it delivers high-priced products’ quality.

I don’t experience panda eye,as I used Hydra Clean Makeup Remover.


 New Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover

P/s: I still prefer pencil eyeliners,they make great liners for Indian-style eye-do.The makeup remover is great!


I also bought Silkygirl High Definition Mascara.

The wand looks a bit weird,it’s a bit bulged at the tip.

To apply,I have to coat my lashes using the rounded end before using the thinner part of the wand to comb my lashes.

It doesn’t feel heavy on my lashes at all,and it does not clump.It is almost unnecessary for me to separate my lashes,as the wand combs my lashes just nice.

I wouldn’t say it’s perfect,but it delivers just nice.In fact,it delivers more than what it costs.


It doesn’t give me this;

but it gives me this:


it gives me better actually.

Though I don’t really need to use mascara as my lashes are already long and curled,but it’s a girls’ thing to have a mascara on her own :).



*Pictures are courtesy from Google.


Till then!

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