Tuesday, 9 August 2011



As I previously blogged,I am now working in a small company which is totally out of my field of study.

Am I regretting it?

I don’t know.

The day after my interview for my current job,I received a call from Petrosains to come for interview.I was excited,of course, as it was the first job I applied for after my studies.

It is a job,very closely related to Biotechnology and I really wish for it.

I went for the interview,it was awesome!

The interviewer was so friendly that I became my own self during the interview.Not to boast but the fact is,I outshined the other candidates who were interviewed together with me.It was a group interview by the way,where we are divided into a few groups to save time.

I was sure that I will secure the job.And indeed I did!!

But,the job does not require me to work everyday,which means my pay will be small.And the amount of money that I am going to invest for my food and transportation is not worth the amount of pay I’ll be getting.

So,though it’s difficult,I had to let it go…. :’(


Do I regret my decision?

I don’t know.

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