Thursday, 25 August 2011

A friend


The issue of a girl and a guy being just friends have always been controversial.

What do you guys think?

I personally think a guy and a girl can be friends,without ANY feelings.


I am a living proof myself.

I know a guy from Friendster a couple of years ago.Yes,FRIENDSTER before FACEBOOK became the in-thing.

We were at first communicating via Friendster before I decided to put a little more trust on him to contact him through his phone.

I am a girl who thinks twice,thrice and the number keeps going…… decide something,especially to communicate with new people whom I know through social media.

Too much of reading gave me the awareness of not to trust people easily.Call me a self-preserved girl or a scary-cat,but I must say that I am not brought up in such a way to socialize that easily with strangers.

After all,I prefer to communicate face-to-face as I believe that’s the best way to know a person.

So,you can imagine how long it took me to be convinced over this friend of mine.

We texted,and sometimes we spoke over the phone.Not always though,we were both committed over our studies.

But I can assure you,this friend of mine is very supportive.One of the point I like about him is that he always asked me to study hard.He motivated me to study.

He helped me to move over when I had this major emotional conflict in my life.Though my family were there to support me,this particular friends’ support also helped me.

We were friends for a few years,by just communicating over phone.Though he have a girlfriend,it didn’t stop him from being a good friend.

The few years of good friendship finally made us to meet up.As usual,I’ll bring my friends over to my house first to introduce them to my parents,and I did all the same with him.My parents will feel more comfortable if they know with whom I am mingling,right?

Then,there were us,sitting and talking about common stuff.

I can say he is a guy with missions.Far-sighted,he has his own aims to achieve in his life.

He loves his parents.Though he is the youngest in his family,I can see that he is very responsible.

How can he not be,after all he will be in the military soon.

Another thing I observed,he is a guy who likes classy things.He admitted,because in the military unit,they were trained in such a way.

One thing pilot and army have in common is that they love their profession.

He is a great friend,and I hope we will remain friends.

And again,I would like to emphasize,a guy and a girl can always be good friends.

Friends forever,Kavindrra Devan.


Till then.


  1. we will alwiz b one ushaalini...i promise u that!
    u really touched ma heart...thx a lot usha...



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