Saturday, 20 August 2011

The First Flight


I am currently working under a small company which organizes all kind of flying event,and also sky diving,paragliding and microlight.

Did I just say SKYDIVING?

Yes,as a matter of fact,if time permits,I might as well go for the 1st trip of sky diving by the company which will be held in Johor around October.

Risky,but the thrill is there! :)

Anyways,back to the track.My first flight after I actually know the world.I’ve been in airplanes before,but those were when I was like a few months old – 6 years old?!

Seriously,I don’t remember anything about my previous flights.

The only thing i remembered is that one of the beautiful air stewardess helped me to cover myself with blanket,and the moment I get back home only to realize that I lost my half pair of my earrings.

Duhh. T_T

Okay,since I’m working there *though not permanent* my boss decided to give me a ride on the aircraft,to give me the feel of how is it to fly on a small aircraft,just for sightseeing purpose around KL city.

It may sound a little lame,but I got the chance to do it while a lot others don’t get it,right?Plus,my trip is free!

My flight was on a Cessna 150,a 3-seated aircraft.

My flight was scheduled with US customer,Candy Salmeron and her boyfriend Greg.

We became friends fast,that my boss almost thought we knew each other way before we met on the day.

The journey started from my office,where my boss and I went to Subang Airport,Terminal 3 in her car.*Free trip and free transportation?*

Upon reaching there,we were briefed by our pilot Azim regarding the aircraft.*Not my interest,so ‘masuk telinga kiri,keluar telinga kanan’*

Then,we were guided through the check post into the hanger.

At first,to view the hanger from the Mc Donald's next to the hanger would not give you the thrill.But the moment you walk yourself into the hanger,you get excited.

After a 5 minutes brief,I stepped into the aircraft first,followed by Greg.*He is big,so I had to get in there first*

After everyone settled and buckled themselves to their seat,the engine was started.Candy,who was the co-pilot was guided by Azim to fly the aircraft.A few minutes later,we are gliding over the runway if I am right.But we have to wait for a few minutes to get the wind condition right for us to fly,and finally when we took off from the runway,the feeling was awesome!

As though you have spread your wings to fly in the air!

Just for the sake of fun,Azim gave us a sudden pull in the height,which reminded me of the Space Shot in Genting Highland!

That was the only heart-stopping moment in the aircraft,the rest of the flight was as smooth as whipped cream. ;)

The flight did not last long,as we had to make an emergency landing due to the arrival of three commercial planes.

Landing was smooth,hats off to Azim.

Before we actually wave goodbye to each other,we managed to snap a few shots.So,let the pictures do their talk!!






IMG_0754  Cessna 150



Greg unboarding the aircraft.


Azim,our pilot.The interior of the aircraft.IMG_0755


 IMG_0775  IMG_0776Taking off.IMG_0777

IMG_0789 Sky view


IMG_0779 IMG_0781 IMG_0784

Awesome view,right?

IMG_0788IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0793

KL TowerIMG_0794

KLCC IMG_0796 KL City

 IMG_0803 IMG_0807 IMG_0810 IMG_0814 IMG_0818 Landing..

 IMG_0821 IMG_0823

Touch down success! IMG_0826 I look tired :(IMG_0829

IMG_0832 Candy and me.


Till then :)


  1. wow! besnye me too tak sabar bila la my bro nak habis study n bawak me like tis... lucky nye kamu...=)

  2. lol..darl..ask ur bro to complete his studies and get a job overseas..better chances and pay there!!



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