Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sky Diving


My company organized a sky diving event last weekend. Finally. After 2 times being cancelled. Because of commitment problem of the instructors before we collaborate with the current instructor who are very much reliable on.

Lets get to the story straight.

Last week was a hectic week. As the event is in conjunction with DCA and to be held in Subang Airport for the very first time ( do take note that no one is allowed to have their sky jump at Subang Airport), it was a real hectic and busy week.

As a partner, we were promised with media coverage, extra aircrafts etc. Things looked really convincing that my company committed to delivering our customer with DCA for their 100th year Malaysia Air Festival.

The ground briefing was held on the night of the 25th November, at Keramat Wangsa. Before that, I was all nervous, hoping things will go on well. As expected, everyone turned up and the response was overwhelming. I can see that the customers are excited.

Some of them are even surprised when I introduce myself to them as Abby, as they thought I was a Chinese girl. They said it’s because of they way I speak to them. Hmm.. I have the tendency to follow the Malay slang when I speak to them in English, and also to Chinese when I speak to them. It actually depends to the speaker, if they don’t have the slang then I can speak to them without any slang,just the normal English. It just happens. Don’t ask me why.

The next day, I have to get up as early as six to rush to Subang Airport with my boss. I did my make up on the go =.=

Upon arrival, not many of the customer who were supposed to jump on Saturday was not there yet. We took the time to set the place up with the instructor. About 9am, everyone was there and our instructor was giving some last minute briefing before getting the jumpers to the scene.

Things were getting pretty excited until the moment where our slot for sky diving were taken by some other people. Not only that, we were told that the air zone was blocked for the day, but turns out to be that commercial airplanes still were given priority to take off and land. Thus, disturbing the whole event flow.

Everyone including the customer were super mad.

The best part, all the customer turned to me to express their madness as though i was the one to be blamed for the schedule and the whole thing.

But the real thing was, control tower was the main culprit. Our pilot can only take off after getting clearance from the control tower!!

It was so damn stressful. Can you imagine being surrounded by mad customers and everyone is saying that they want to have their jump the next day??

At one point,I was so stressed that I actually asked the customers to give me a break! I decided to give my boss who went to have name cards to be printed instantly a call and I actually forced her out to make a decision. The longer I tried to delay from giving the customers a firm decision, the worst the situation will be. All because of the &*%^ organizer!!

I am almost in the verge of tears but thank God I managed to get a grip on myself.

The day ended terribly that I almost want to refuse to go back to work on the next day.

I thank the GOD that the next day was a breeze. I was afraid things might go wrong again, but everything was okay. But of course, I was still mad at the organizing committee.

The happiest part is when one of the customer actually waited after his jump to celebrate it with me. He even called and texted me to express his gratitude. Not only that, he added me in Facebook as well. It is a really good feeling when you know people who are actually strangers appreciate your work.

Day 2 ended on well, and I am glad that I managed to handle things professionally. I give myself two thumbs up!!

Even my boss was proud of me and introduced me to the pilots and whoever she spoke to!! Hehehe..

It was a bitter sweet experience and I really learn a lot from there.

What’s next?

Of course,pictures!!


During the Ground Briefing Class

2011-11-25 18.47.57

 2011-11-25 21.11.25

2011-11-25 21.11.41

 2011-11-25 18.43.23

2011-11-25 18.43.36

Event Pictures

2011-11-26 09.23.49 Me @Day 1

2011-11-26 09.22.01 

2011-11-26 09.09.50  2011-11-26 09.26.06 2011-11-26 09.10.02

2011-11-26 10.06.20

 2011-11-26 08.40.16 2011-11-26 08.40.25

 2011-11-26 08.40.54

2011-11-26 09.08.00

2011-11-27 09.11.20 Me @Day 22011-11-27 09.10.04

2011-11-27 09.10.30

Among the best memories I had is that I had the opportunity to be in the middle of the airstrip at Subang Airport.

No one can go there, except the authorized person and I was the lucky one to go there to help the sky divers who have landed.

The only minus point: I was there for about 30minutes under the scorching sun at 11.30am without any sun blocks,caps or umbrella. All I had was my shades.

As a result, I am whole lot darker and my mum was yelling at me!! :'(

It’s sad, but I have to wait for a couple of weeks to recover..huhu

The after effects were still there, whereby I can the burning sensation whenever I am exposed to the sun, including the morning sun.. :(


Till then~

A shoe haul


Bought a shoe at KLCC Vincci yesterday.

All pictures are from Uncle Google since I did not snap any pictures of my new shoe.

This will be the shape of the shoe.

Can you see the grey on the flats above? That will be the color of my new flats :)

I dared myself to buy an ash0grey flats for the first ever time. Convinced by my bestie, and I really love it. It can be a formal wear shoe and also a casual wear shoe.


Multipurpose, comfortable, cheap and adorable. Definitely a great buy!!

I wanted to grab a pair of these,but too bad, no size :(


Till then~

Monday, 28 November 2011

A short notice




Will post bout Sky Diving and an outing with my dearies soon~


Till then~

Friday, 18 November 2011



Vishal_sameera_reddy_romantic_song_stills_in_vedi (5)

I like her outfit!!

But,not practical :’(


Till then~

Thursday, 17 November 2011

LOTD- Simple and homely

When I got up in the morning today, I decided to wear one of my favorite Punjabi suit to work. A plain,simple and comfortable suit.
I also decided to have some make-up on my face today. *Feeling extra rajin*
Nothing too fancy, just a simple one to look fresh and I like the healthy glow on my face :)
Sorry that my hair was quite flat. I had the helmet on my head, you see. The picture was captured immediately after I took my seat before anyone even can even see that I am, urmm snapping my own picture??

Items used:
  • Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation (my second attempt using a foundation, not a pro on that!!)
  • Matte Berry Lipstick from Elianto (love the shade!!)
  • Maybelline Crayon Liner in Brown
  • Avon Pencil Liner in Black
  • Multicolor Blush from Essence
I like the way it looks, so simple and homely,without much make up!
*wink wink*
Good day!!

Till then~

Wednesday, 16 November 2011



I am currently very much obsessed of the song below :


It is an old song of the year 2009, but I just can’t help it.

The movie is by Karthi and Tamanna, and the video clip is just so sweet!!

The lyrics:


The translation :

Thuli thuli thuli mazhaiyaai vanthaaley
As the drops of rain, she came
suda suda suda marainthey ponaaley
As it became hot, she disappeared
paarthal paarka thondrum
A glance makes me look at her
perai ketka thondrum
Makes me ask her name
poo pol sirikum podhu
When she laughs like a flower
kaatrai paranthida thondrum
It makes me want to fly like the wind
sel sel avalidam sel
Go, go, go with her
endrey kaalgal solluthada
So my legs tell me
sol sol avalidam sol
Tell, tell, tell her
endrey nenjam kolluthadaa
So my heart kills me
azhagai manathai parithu vittaley
She had beautifully plucked my heart
thuli thuli thuli mazhaiyaai vanthaaley
suda suda suda marainthey ponaaley
Charanam 1
devathai aval oru devathai
Angel, she is an angel
azhagiya poo mugam kaanavey
To see her beautiful flower-like face
aayul thaan podhumo
Is my lifespan enough?
kaatriley avaladhu vaasanai
In the wind is her scent
Avalidam yosanai kettuthaan
Only after asking her for advice
pookalum pookumo
Do the flowers bloom?

netri meley ottrai mudi aadum bothu
Upon her forehead, as a single hair dances
nenjukkulley minnal pookum paarvai aalai thookum
In the heart, there is lightning. Her gaze raises me up
kannam paarthaal muthangalal theendazh thondrum
Her cheek makes me want to caress her with kisses
paatham rendum paarkum bothu golusaai maara thondrum
Her feet makes me want to become her anklets
azhagai manadhai parithu vittaley
She had beautifully plucked my heart
sel sel avalidam sel
endrey kaalgal solluthada
sol sol avalidam sol
endrey nenjam kolluthadaa
Charanam 2
saalaiyil azhagiya maalayil
In the street during the lovely evening
avaludan pogavey yenguven
I yearn to go with her
tholgalil saayven
I will rest against her shoulders
bhoomiyil vizhugira velayil
As it falls on the earth
nizhalayum odi poi endhuven
I will run and hug her shadow
nenjiley thaanguven
I will bear her in my heart
kaanum bothey kannal ennai katti pottal
When I looked at her, her eyes tied me up
kaayam indri vetti pottal uyirai yedho seithal
She cut me up without any wounds; she did something to my life
mounamaagha ullukkulley pesum bodhum
When I speak softly within myself
angey vanthu vottu kettal
She came there and eavesdropped
kanavil koochal pottal
She created disturbances in my dreams
azhagai manathai parithu vittaley
She had beautifully plucked my heart


Scenes from the video.




Till then~



Life can be so mean and miserable at times.

I know a couple just recently. They have all the wealth and fame, but to bad, karma is now chasing the guy and the girl is so worried, thinking about her guy all the time.

The amount of money they have, can’t help them in anyways, in fact it turns against them.



famous life quotes 19




Till then~

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The know-all.

I bet everyone have met at least one know-all character in their life. Know-alls can be really irritating.

And we just wish them to disappear when they made their appearance at unwanted scenes!

Know-alls can be in a wide range of group and are generally tolerable, provided they come in your group of age.

The intolerable ones normally are one of your classmates, your roommates, your officemate and perhaps your social media buddy. Still, you can choose to ignore them.

But, how if they are your superior who have a very strong influence towards the decision maker?

Like your lecturers' favourite student or your boss's spouse.

Now, why am I talking about this now?

Because, I met one who IS very irritating. I stressed the word is because I am facing the person on daily basis now. I met a few others in my past, but they are all tolerable.

But this one is just so intolerable that not only me, the rest of us in our office can't wait to quite and just walk off from the office.

Come on lah, who do you think can tolerate such a person? Not only stress because of work, but also underpaid. So, it's reasonable for us to quite, rite?

Anyways,  lets' get back to the story.

Let me name the person as X. X is one of the director for the company I am working with now. Under the company, two main business is running whereby one is run by the Y and fthe other one is run by X. I am working under Y and it was clearly stated in my appointment letter during the probation period.

Y is running an event business while X is doing a MLM @ multi level marketing business.

X thinks he is very knowledgeable whereby he thinks he is always right. He even asks us to help him in his job. Unpaid.

Not only that, X is a very proud character. He thinks he knows every single thing about his business which has a little bit of science in it. And he is trying to teach a science graduate about what she learnt in her university?!

Not only that, once X had this networking program going on and he ask my help as well as my friends' help who is a pilot. X actually sweet-talked us into helping him. We were totally lost during the event, as business is sooo not our thing. We tried our best though. In the end, what we got was scoldings. We were of caused mad but kept it with us.

Once, he taught me how to do thosai and i was like WTH?! I have been doing and eating thosai for years and you are teaching me how to cook my own traditional breakfast?? Seriously, get a grip!!

The latest thing which really drove us out of our mind, he blamed us for not switching of the office power outlet. When we told him Y was the last one to stay back at the office, be told us to remind Y instead. Hello, instead of showing your boss power to us, why can't you remind Y yourself. After a few moments later, he tried to be nice to us. Maybe he realised that he was wrong and trying to make up for that. But hey, we are not buying it no matter how expansive it is.

All of us can tolerate Y but not X. Seriously, X is driving us out of the office. Sorry Y, but you have to use your common sense rather than just blindly supporting X. You will loose whatever you are doing now, eventually.


Till then~

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lucy’s stash : 1300 Follower Giveaway


Click on the picture to enter Lucy’s stash 1300 follower giveaway :)

I love colors!







I just LOVE colors. Eye-make ups above done by me – for prom,for fun,for party.

Not an expert, but a passion <3

I even did a whole face make-up for my roomie for her dance event. Smokey eye in silver + black, rosy cheeks and berry red lips, which she received tones of compliments. Couldn’t find the picture :(

Eyeliner collections: I just love their colors. Blue,green,purple. You name them! Wish i can get more of them.


Hrmm..maybe I will ask my Mum to be my guinea pig for more experimentation on colors!!


Till then~

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tanned,bronzed,pigmented & darkened skin – thanks to Port Dickson!!


Yeah,that’s my current complexion.

We went to my Chitti’s house at Seremban 2 for the Hari Raya Haji holidays on Sunday and came back home yesterday late evening.


We went to a temple which I last visited when I was 12 years old on Sunday itself. Night, was our get-together talk.

The next day,we woke up as early as 8am (is that early??) and drove over to Teluk Kemang,Port Dickson about 10am.

The weather was awesome.Perfect weather for a perfect day at the imperfect beach.The beach was a little dirty and full of sharp rocks!! Everyone except my Mum got cuts on our feet.

We did a mini barbeque on the beach side too!

I got my self a hat which I longed for quite some time ago.But,it’s pink. @_@

The waves were really strong that it’s pretty difficult to stand in the water without getting washed over by huge and strong waves. *imagine the power and strength of tsunami*

Plus,I don’t know what got into my head that i hit the water with my contacts on!! It was a great, great, GREAT risk I took!! At a point, I wore goggles to take a dip in the water. Nevertheless,I enjoyed!!


I will let the pictures to do their talk :)


The PD.


Discussing over the barbeque??

Reaching for the tuna :)



Stony beach.

Be and my cousie.

My Chitti and me :)

Wave attack!!

2011-11-07 10.28.58


2011-11-07 10.29.19

2011-11-07 10.30.30

2011-11-07 10.41.28

My hat <3

2011-11-07 13.18.52



Till then~


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