Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Diya’s Celebration


Diwali or Deepavali celebration is still going on.


Mine was simple.Simple and meaningful.

This years’ celebration is indeed a celebration to be remembered. After nearly 10 years being apart from family and not being able to be with them for a proper celebration,finally I am able to enjoy the whole process.From the cookies baking to house cleaning to oil-bathing and everything.


This year,we decided to have a small and simple celebration as we were in a tight budget.So,nothing fancy and grand.Each of us were given RM100 to shop for clothes.

Cookies,we baked them all on our own.I baked the cake and made the jelly.Shall do a post on how I baked the cake ;)


We started the whole cookie baking session a week before the day.My speciality?Nei Urundai, also known as simple laddu.

Upon that,we did some last minute shopping for saree for prayers purpose.


On the day,we woke up as early as 4am for the oil-bathing ritual.Oil-bathing ritual is widely practised in South India and is said to be good for health.

Among the benefits of oil-bathing:

1. It clears oily substances from the skin of total body and facilitate the same to transfer heat from its inside to outside.

2. By giving healthy cold to our body we can have good appetite and feeling of taste.

3. Healthy cold prevailing in our body prevents many diseases like jaundice, cancer and other viral diseases.

4. We can get healthy, deep sleep and good concentration in our daily activities.

5. Side effects of severe diet control can be cleared by this good healthy habit.

6. Skin and hair health can be maintained as it removes surface tension on the body.


It definitely makes my skin smoother for a couple of days.My body tends to be cooler too.Besides that,oil-bath coupled with a good body massage is enough to make me have a nice sleep.However,we can’t go back to sleep after that.

After the oil-bath,we used shikakai powder to to cleanse the remaining oil from our skin.Shikakai powder is effective in absorbing oil.The powder is to be mixed in water to make a paste before applied on the body and rinsed.


The bath was indeed very refreshing.After the bath,all the new clothes were placed on the altar and prayers were conducted.A small portion of the clothes were marked with turmeric paste as well.

Then,all the kids took blessing from our parents and changed into our new outfits.Mine was a saree this year,green with maroon border.


We then headed to the temple.About 10am in the morning,cooking session started.We cooked mutton and vegetables as we ordered rice and curry from the caterer.Open house started at 12.30pm,whereby my workmate were the first one to arrive.Then one by one started to come over.Not to forget,my boss and her family came over too.The event eventually continued until night at 12 midnight when we cleared the whole place up.Tired,but all of us were happy as the day went smoothly despites the headaches due to lack of sleep.


2011-10-26 21.44.16 Done by me~

2011-10-26 14.55.50

Thanks for coming Afifah :)

2011-10-26 09.15.41Back from temple…

This year’s make up was simple too.

I used brown shades on my lids,a few sweeps of mascara on my top lashed,tight lined my upper lash line and lip gloss.Very subtle look.

The best part,my brown shades are actually visible on my lids!!All i did was to prep my lids with a normal liquid foundation.I did not manage to cover my flaws though.I used Liquid Foundation from LAKME by the way.


So,this is my Diwali story :)


Till then~

Friday, 28 October 2011

Twitter Bird!!


I know I have other stories to be shared first with you guys,but this little Twitter Bird is really interesting and cute!


As you can see,the Twitter Bird will fly happily across your blog and if you click on it,you will be directed to my Twitter page!

Isn’t that cute?It will be even cuter if the bird chirps upon clicks :)


Now,how do you get your OWN Twitter Bird?


1. Go to your Dashboard.

2.There,click on Design.

3.Then,click on EDIT HTML.You can see coding in the box.

4.Search for the word </body> in the coding sequence.Difficult? Use CTRL + F to make your life easy.

5.Next, copy the code below to paste before the </body>. Don’t forget to insert your Twitter Username to replace the word USERNAME on the code.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var birdSprite="";
var targetElems=new Array("img","hr","table","td","div","input","textarea","button","select","ul","ol","li","h1","h2","h3","h4","p","code","object","a","b","strong","span");
var twitterAccount = "";var tweetThisText = "Twitter - techGyo";tripleflapInit();
<a id="theBird" href="" target="_blank" style="display: block; position: absolute; width: 64px; height: 64px; background-image: url(; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: transparent; z-index: 947; left: 0px; top: 587px; background-position: 0px 0px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; "></a>
<a id="theBirdLtweet" href="" target="_blank" title="tweet this" style="position: absolute; background-image: url(; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: transparent; width: 58px; height: 30px; z-index: 951; left: 49px; top: 583px; display: none; opacity: 0; background-position: -64px 0px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; "></a>
<a id="theBirdLfollow" href="" target="_blank" title="follow me" style="position: absolute; background-image: url(; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: transparent; width: 58px; height: 20px; z-index: 952; left: 54px; top: 613px; display: none; opacity: 0; background-position: -64px -30px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; "></a>

*Having problem to copy and paste the code?Click HERE to get the code.

6.Done? Save the template and Voila!! You have your own Twitter Bird on your blog.


Thank you Noor Fatin for your tutorial.


Till then~

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Received with thanks!


Finally,my Dean’s List Cert is with me.

Thanks Ms Sharmilla!! :)

2011-10-28 09.06.22


And also,my graduation pictures!!

Love my nails :D


*will upload the pictures next time.


Till then~

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pink Fetish


This post is all about confession.


Yes,confession of a pink-hater.


I know I sound like…urmm,just ignore this statement.

Boo me!


Okay,back to the topic.

I was never a pink lover.Dead honest.I always adore blues and greens.Nature colors.There are very calming and relaxing colors.

And I never ever adored pink.In fact, I hated them.I seldom wear any pink attires I own.(My mum bought those attires for me btw)


I have to say this.I was surrounded by pink lovers.Dylla Fadzil,Shyamala,Nailil Hanani. And the list goes on.And I was never influenced.


The popular saying goes that when a girl falls in love she will start loving pink items.Cloths,shoes,make-up,accessories.Everything pink.

How far is that true?


The thing is,now I am NOT in love.And I do not adore pink before this.But why am I now adoring PINK?

Weird,but I start thinking that pink is a sweet color.


My first pink?

Elianto Baby Shine Nail Polish.

I still remember the day I went to Village Mall for ‘makan-makan’ session with my friends.I went over to Elianto Booth and checked out their nail polishes.That is when the Baby Shine caught my eyes.

Very sweet pink,mellow and and harmonious.I grabbed it right away.

Many of my friends loved that color.They loved the color on my nails and they said it suits me really well.

One of them even said it depicts my personality very well.Feminine.

Thank you for the compliment,Gunavathi :)

* I got your name right this time!! ^_^*


The color mesmerized me so much that I event told my Dad of getting a scooter of that color.Mad,right?

Even madder when I told my Mum,if I were to purchase a car,be it Myvi or Swift,I am going to get it painted with pink,similar to that of my nail polish. T_T


I got my second pink nail polish bottle,also from Elianto.

Check the post here.

My brother got it for me on my birthday.Candy Pink.

Shimmery pink,you have to get at least two coats of it to make them appear solid on your digits.


My third bottle.Coral Light.

A little bit on the daring side.But the color depicts a cheerful mood,and they really help me to feel better.



The latest pink haul?A pink saree with baby blue border.A real sweet combo.Not a sequined saree,just a decent plain saree.

Cheap and the color caught my attention.And that will be my second saree to be bought with my own money :)


My next pink haul is going to be on bangles and earrings to match my newly-bought saree.


Till then~

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A day at the beach


Whoa..i have so many things to share,and i have so little time!!

I’ll share one at a time,so please bear with me ;)


As the title says,I’d love to share the moments at the beach.

The beach was right before Shamrock Beach in Penang.

It’s at the private shore of a bungalow,which belongs to my uncle’s friend.

So,we’ve got ourselves special permission to spend our time at the beach.

The view was superb.S.U.P.E.R.B.

The main intention to go there was to ‘menjala’ not ‘memancing’.

Menjala = using fishnet to catch fish.

Memancing = using a fishing rod

My uncle owns one,so we thought of having a fun,just for the sake of killing some time..

Since it was the day right after my convo,I was a bit not in mood *super tired*,but the scenery lifted my mood up!!

We got a few catches,but don’t expect too much,all we got was tiny fishes,prawns, siputs etc..

And of course,I took a few snaps :D



09102011074My cousin brother Magen trying his hand on the net.

09102011073 Ikan Buntal!!

09102011072 Deflated version.


Inflated version.09102011069

Loving the pic so much!!09102011067


I seriously think this picture can make a nice wallpaper.



Awesome pic!!09102011006










09102011027 Reminds me of Biodiversity..symbiosis.



09102011036 Weee!!! We got a prawn!! Or is it a shrimp?

09102011043  My bro with the sting ray.



Okay.The ‘Guru’ teaching his ‘Shisyans’ on how to play with the net.

My Dad is really skilled,thanks to his PPH days.


And this is solely by me~


I have so many more pictures to be uploaded,but I’m just too lazy…hehehe..

The view was so nice that I wished I could stay much longer.

In fact,I can keep on sitting there doing nothing,staring at the calm sea.Mother Nature’s wonderful creation.


I have more to share,but not now.

Hope I can blog again tomorrow.


So,till then~


* Diwali is just around the corner!! :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Graduate Me.


Before I proceed,I would like to share the amazing feel which I had this morning.

I was in the car with my dad and brother,on the way to his college in Balakong.The morning sun was bathing us beautifully,and the warmth from the rays was superb.

It gives me the instant feel-good feeling.

I suggest everyone to experience the feeling.


Back to the topic :)

8th October 2011.

Finally,the day I turned from a graduand to a graduate.

2011-10-08 12.52.28

It was a splendid feeling, I would say.After waiting for so many years,I am now a proud owner of the Bsc(Hons) in Biotechnology Degree.

To achieve this,I went through many ups and downs.Emotional conflicts,family problem,peer pressure,physical and technical problems.The list goes on and on.

Emotional conflict.That was the biggest problem of all.

It was difficult to struggle through,but I thank the God for helping me through.I have amazing friends who held my hand when I am at the worst state of mind.My family backed me up with endless support,though I know they were a little disappointed with me.They expected a stronger and though little daughter.Nevertheless,the filled me with all their love.

Family problem.

Not with my nuclear family,but my extended family.

So much hope I had upon them,in the end all I get is backstabbing.Shocked I was when I learnt the truth,but it was indeed a good thing that I finally learnt about the true colors of them.

Another problem was the acceptance of me getting into a private university.From my childhood,I have been a straight A scorer in all my big exams.5A’s in UPSR,7A’s in PMR and also 8 A1 and 2A2 for SPM.

Just because I did not get CGPA 4.00 in my matriculation days,I was seen as a dirt.I was disgusting to them.And when I enrolled myself into AIMST University,they disapproved.Though they are living not far away,they NEVER came to visit me.And they claim to be my aunties and uncles whenever we spoke.

Peer pressure.

Too much peer pressure to handle with.

I can’t disobey my parents just because I want to have fun,can I?

Though my parents might not know what am I up to,but I just can’t help doing things behind my parents.

I also learnt who are real friends and who are not.A very important lesson, I would say.

Many types of friend I met; racist friends,I-am-always-right friends,self-conscious friends,I-am-pretty friends,beauty conscious friends,good friends,caring friends,hardworking friends,selfish friends,good-hearted friends,famous friends,self-reserved friends and so many other friends.

All I can say is I thank the God again,for showing me so many characters of life,which helps me to learn more and more on what and how is life all about.

And I also thank those friends who are there by my side throughout my life.You guys were there from the beginning of my life,and will always remain there till the end of my life.

Physical and Technical problems.

Other problems of life.Money problem.Happens in everyone’s life,except those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Roommate problem.Roommates who have been a pest in your life(cleanliness especially!!).

Health issues.Self-esteem issues(I always feel that I am not pretty enough though I get compliments at times..T_T).

And so many other issues.


Regardless all the problems I had,I can proudly say that throughout my degree studies,I never had my results to decrease.All my results were improving from one semester to another.This proves that no matter how big the problem is,I can always overcome them.Cheers to myself!!!

The whole graduation process was so much fun,and tiring of course.

As I my name was called to receive the scroll,it felt as if I am walking through the longest walk of my life,though it was merely a few steps before I get my scroll from the Chancellor.I was all nervous,and my Dean told me not to be nervous when he turned the tassel from right to left (Was I that obvious??).

When I walked pass my parents in the hall,I almost failed in controlling my tears.I had this mixed feeling of happiness and proud for my parents.All their prayers had been answered and I have made them proud.My brother even told me that my mom teared..and that would be the best gift for me.

I did not snap many photographs,too bad that my battery died.But I did not feel disappointed at all.I spoke to the person I wanted to,I met my friends and I was all contended.

The best part of all,I was one of the Dean’s List Award recipient Faculty Level.It was a pleasant surprise for me,enough to make my university life memorable.


I dedicate this sweet success for my parents,my friends,my lecturers,my teachers and the utmost important of all,to the GOD who guided my through my path which was full with prickly thorns and stones with only slight cuts and bruises.

Without them,I might not be who I am now.


It is now a whole new never ending journey for me to race on,with only my own self to be carried within.


A few snaps~


2011-10-08 04.50.43Me at 3.30am

2011-10-08 12.44.05Tired,but happy!


With my mum,and she was super tired.2011-10-08 12.48.32

With my brother,Shiva.2011-10-08 12.48.51 With my parents and Shiva.2011-10-08 12.50.08With my brother K7. 2011-10-08 12.52.55 2011-10-08 12.53.46With my brother,Saha.

 2011-10-08 12.43.59Tired face.

2011-10-08 12.49.08 Not photogenic T_T

2011-10-08 12.52.07 WTH??

2011-10-08 12.52.23

Me and my adorable roommate~

2011-10-08 14.25.52


Till then~

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Special Case.


Everyone(almost) complains of gaining weight and getting fat.

But me?


Vice versa.

I am have trouble on gaining weight.I eat a lot,but I just couldn’t help to not gaining weight.

Thanks to, I am convinced that there is a way out for my problem.

Click here to read more.



Till then~


*Can’t wait for my next post on my graduation!! :)


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