Monday, 25 July 2011

Bittersweet chocolate


Life is a bittersweet chocolate.


It is full of unexpected things.

Like what?

Like what I went through.

It was last week,when I was in evening shift.About 6pm,my dad called me.My results!!Thank God,my results were better that what I expected.

But that’s sweet right,not bitter?

There’s more.Like this:

My friend will be resigning her job,going back to her home town.We were close that the 2 weeks friendship we had left an impression in us.


20072011(005) 20072011(006)

 20072011(003) Our farewell.

What else?

A surprise!!

Yup.Both Wana and Naza bought me earrings!I didn’t expect it at all,as Wana and I bought a gift for Naza and, Naza and I bought a gift for Wana for her birthday.And they both bought a gift for me!!

Thanks darlings!!!


20072011Life is full of surprises,nah?


Till then.

Chocolate Mint.


I’m not a good photograper,and I don’t own a high-tech phone.

25072011(002) 25072011 25072011(001) Ignore the background,kay?

Thank you,God.


Dear God,

Finally I received my results.All praises to You,I’ve passed my exams with flying colours,and I really mean it.I never thought or receiving such results but it’s all in the result slip.Proven.All my hard work,emotionally and physically had been rewarded handsomely.

I admit,it was pretty hard juggling through my studies,research project and my emotional conflict,but I manage to squeeze myself through all that.I must thank my family for being with me through thick and thin.And I must express my gratitude to my friends,especially Vinothini Thanapalan.Dylla Fadzil,Shyamala Murugesan,Gunavathi Muniandy,Kavin,Dinesh Vijian,Idzham and Husaini.They are the ones who gave my the spirit to raise back in life,though I think I pester them.

Vino.My forever friend.Though she is far abroad.she’s always there when I need her support.She is my BFF since we were in secondary school.So many memories with her.Whenever I felt the need for support from someone not from my family,she’ll be the one for me.Thank you so much,Vino.

Dylla.The hyper little girl.We weren’t close till second year of our course.The were tiny gossips ‘bout us,but it was all jealousy.She was the one who was with me from the 1st place,the moment I had my emotional conflict.She was the one who held my hand,through my final year degree.She understood me well.Sometimes,whenever she’s around,I’ll feel as if I am with my mother.because whenever my mum scolds me,I will get an instant boost.It was all the same with her.I’ll ask her to scold me when I really need that instant booth.And,she guides me in fashion and beauty,too.Though she didn’t see me as one of her BFF,she must know that she is one of my BFF.Thanks a lot,sweets.

Shyamala.The only child of her family.We were not close at all,but all of a sudden,when I felt the worst,we became close.Just like that.God’s will?I don’t know.But,she is among those who cheered my days in AIMST.Not much similarities,but yet so much understanding.Thanks a lot,Shyam.

Gunavathi.If the first was Shyam,the second is Guna.Simply in a blink of an eye.We were close.She was the sister among us.The matured girl,whom we all seek advice from.Our cute ‘mama Guna’.Thank you so much Guna.

Kavin.The person I got to know through Friendster.He played a major role,I admit,in helping me.He was there to listen to my stupid little/big craps.Though he didn’t want me to call him ‘anne’,he will always be the ‘anne’ I never had.Thank you so much,Kavin.Or should I say the future Major Kavin? :)

Vijian.The vanthi hard feelings ya.He also played the big bro role.Though not much,and though he is naughty(cause he likes to bully me :P),he inspired me.Thank you,DV.

Am.The Mat Romeo.Jangan marah ek,Dylla?We knew each other since matrix.He was the guy when I need a guy’s opinion.But a football mania.Haih.Pity Dylla.

Husaini.Another big bro.Very rational and matured.Thank you so much Hus.


This was supposed to be a short post,but..

Till then.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Thank you,little diary!


What I meant by that?

Well,I considered my blog as my diary,where I can pour out anything (without violating the blog’s terms and condition,of course!!).

I was feeling a little down,I,uh, checked my Facebook and I actually checked out this one particular profile.I’m not supposed to feel anything,but maybe a little missing-you feeling hit me i guess.But,it is best to be left alone,that’s for the best.

Thanks to my Little Diary where i actually wrote a little self-assuring note(check my previous post) and Gypsy by Shakira,I’m back to myself.

Okay,I have three stories to share here.

Story 1

I was on duty at the shop alone,as my friend went to perform her Asar prayers.Then,Came along this African guy,looking for some cards.He then told me to keep aside his cards,as he wanted to look for some gifts elsewhere.A little while later,he came back with a pair of kids clothing.He paid the cards first,then he started a conversation,asking for a gift box.A normal shopkeeper-customer conversation.He,then asked;

“ You working here?”

“(Duh,can’t you see?)Yes,I’m a part-time worker here(smile).”

“I see.You are studying?”

“I just finished my studies,waiting for my convocation(smile).”



“Owh,degree(he smiled a little wider,or should i say a grin?He looked impressed,though).Where?”

“AIMST University.”

“So,you are going to work elsewhere and get married?”

“Owh,not so soon.I’m still young(huh?what the hell?).”

“Still young.Hmm.So what is your idea of getting married?”


“25?How old are you now?”


The conversation was paused for a while,I was busy preparing his gift and he was mentioning that the gift is for his friend’s son etc etc.I just owh-ed and i see-ed.When he was paying,he asked;

“Can I get the contact number?”

“Owh yes,it’s right at the bottom of this card,Leisure Mall(while handing him a Hello Card).”

“No,no not this contact number.I mean personal contact number.”

I was like WHAT?!

“Owh,sorry I don’t give my number to strangers.”

He looked slightly taken aback.

“Strangers?Yes,now we might be strangers.Who knows in the future we might be more than strangers bla bla…”

I just smiled throughout his bla bla blahs.When he was about to make a move;

“You must know that you look beautiful.I must say that.Anyways,who knows someday we will be more than strangers?Who knows?etc etc…”,till he left the shop.

I can’t do anything but a fake smile.


And funny,hahaha.I told the whole thing with Naza and we both had a good laugh.

Well,at least there was something to life our mood up.


Story 2

Aadi month is already here and co-incidentally,it was Sankada Chathurthi yesterday.So,my mother and I took a bus to town to go to Court Hill Pillayar Temple in Pudu and Tun HS Lee Mariamman Temple.We Malaysian,are decent enough to offer our seat to the needy but some foreigner,who came all over from their country to Malaysia to earn some cash for their family,are being indecent enough to sleep in the bus!!Prove??




Story 3

Remember the shoe which I was drooling on?No?

Click here to view the post.


I bought it!!Finally!!

Yesterday.I went to the store 1/2 after my boss left.Hehehe,to be safe.Anyway,yeah,I went there,surveyed around the shop.Well,they do have respectable collections.Bata always have,right?

Back to the story.So,I took the shoe on display and tried it on.Too big.I called the ‘kakak’ to get me a size 7 shoe.She got me the pair,and tried it on.Perfect fit!Then,the color.Black or brown?Both looks nice on me.

But then I took black.Universal color,goes with all color.

Then I got it packed.Went to the cashier.And PAID!!

Now,I am the proud owner of…



18072011(035) 18072011(034)

I love the box design.I can’t wait to walk on it!!


Till then,xoxo.

My little heart..


Dear myself,

Let bygones be bygones,kay?Whatever happens,it all has it’s own reason.You know that,don’t you?Be happy with what you have and aim for what you want.Don’t deny what you get along the way.The God knows what is the best for you.All the while,whatever had been happening to you was the best so far and each of it has it’s own reason behind it,so definitely whatever which is going to happen,will be the best for you.If you don’t get what you want today,let it go,for something better and greater which you might not have thought of is waiting for you.

Take care.

Love always,

Ushaalini@Abirami xoxo

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A lil’ this,a lil’ that.


‘You were born because you are going to be important to someone.’


I found this on twitter and I totally agree with it.

Thank you,God.


Recently I watched a TV programme,it’s something like debate but it’s about true life story.The one I watched featured a young boy.

His story goes like this:

When M was 6 months old,his mother passed away.His father was a drunkard,and never bothered to take care of him.Hence,M was given to his grandmother to take care of him.That reckless and heartless father of his,got married to another woman when M was 8 month old with 3 children.Again,than inhumane drunkard sent 2 of his sons to his mother and raised only one.Being poor,that man was only able to get some cheap liquor to satisfy his tongue.That irresponsible man even asked M,who was a small boy back then to buy him liquor from the wine shop!!Eventually,that not-good-for-anything man died thank god!!,leaving behind his wife and his son.Too bad,the wife fled,leaving her son to her mother-in-law.

One day,M’s step mother came over to the school where M and his brother studied with another.M,with full of eagerness and love went to his mother,only to hear “I did not come to see you,I came to see my son”, from her mouth.M was so heart-broken,as he treated his step-bothers as his own.

God’s game,M’s grandfather passed away,leaving M,his grandmother and the 3 kids behind.These,unable M to continue his study.He worked hard,he did the dirtiest and the most horrible job,just for his brothers.Money are hard to come by for him,so he worked with empty stomach,so that his brothers wouldn't be hungry.Then,one day his youngest brother was bitten by snake.He can’t do anything to save his brother,as money was scarce.And the last word from his brother’s mouth was “Brother,please save me…”. Those words were killing him till today.He suffered so much,yet his sufferings did not decrease.

Unable to do anything else,M came forward in that TV programme.The truth is his words and his sloe intention to educate his brother,earned him a sum of money.The tears from his eyes and his grandmothers’ eyes signifies countless gratitude.May God bless M and may God be with him always.

These,made me to be grateful to the God,He didn’t make me suffer as much as M.My life wasn’t easy,but a whole lot easier and better than that of M.Thank you God.

Friday, 15 July 2011



Okay,I know every person on earth will want to hold their own money.The moment they are employed,be it part-time or permanent job,they will be having their wish list at hand.They will be super excited,especially with their first month salary.

Hehe..I’m talking bout myself too.Its just the mid-month but I am already drooling at this particular Marie Claire heels *drools* and B.U.M tops *drools again*.

I’m waiting for my pay,and the moment I have the cash,I’ll never let them go!!


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sweet and simple wedding.


And finally the boy-next-door got married to a simple woman,of family choice.

The wedding was a simple one,yet sweet and meaningful.A traditional marriage.

Karthi marriage

Karthi marriage _4_

Karthi marriage _10_ 

karthik sivakumar marriage00



karthi _1_

Karthi reception _61_ My favourite pic..isn’t she sweet??

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Occupational hazard.


Things turn unexpected in life.Not only in personal life,but also in professional life.One of the example is me.

As you all know,I’ve been working as a part-time staff in Memory Lane nearby my place.Things were wonderful and fun around the workplace except for the ah moi who were now fired by the headquarters people and who now working at the shop next door and who now shows her true color to her previous workmates.T__T

After a whole comfortable week,then we went through a big headache.Shortage of cash.It was a MAJOR headache.Imagine,if the matter left unsolved,we(including me!!) must refund the money,though we did not take the money.During this chaos,one of the senior worker told me about the incident happened at that outlet,which had been going on for quite some times,and the main reason behind it was our boss!!And I just met my boss a day before,I just can believe that our boss is very capable of doing the same thing to her new staff.Which means,I myself have the chances of going through the same thing which the previous staffs had experienced. *sigh*

Then I decided,this is not for good.So,it’s better for me to resign before anything worse could happen,right?

I told my family,and they are on my side.Final word,resign this part-time job eom.

Which means,I have to start searching for a new job again.

Haih…life can be so tricky.


There’s more,but that’s all for now.


Till then.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Love is like chocolate


Love is like chocolate.And so are men.Both gives you sweetness and a bit of bitterness,but they can never satisfy a girl.But yet, a girl needs both in her life.

So do I.I am just as a plain girl as other girls out there.As a young girl,I have so many dreams of how I want my man to be.Of course,others would also have their own dream of how they want their man to be.No exceptions here.

Throughout my life,I had so many dreams of how I wish my future husband to be like.There was never and ending for my wishes.But now,I figured what I really want.

I watched a Tamil movie,Siruthai recently for the second time.Acted by Karthi,it was an awesome movie by him.Not because of the storyline,but because of his acting.Mind blowing performance.

In the story,he acted in two roles; a thief named Rocket Raja and a police officer, Ratnavel Pandian IPS.The roles were totally opposite,but what captures my attention is that the way both character express their love towards the little girl in the movie.The love was so passionate and so touching that i believe all girls will want a husband like that.

Karthi is a plain guy,but with his own charm.He is not a super model,but a man whose character is available in the real world.

He might not look as good as Surya,his brother who is a heart throb for Indian girls out there;


he might not be as romantic as Simbu,Little Super Star;


he might not be as cute as Madhavan,who is famous for his smile;


nor as charming as the famous Dhanush;



but he is the person with the boy-next-door look,


who is plain,sweet and charming enough.

Karthi-890He is simply who he is,without the need of over-acting or to force his charm to the world to accept him.He is just being himself,and that is what a girl likes.

All a girl want is for the guy to be himself without trying to charm her.Honesty is the charm for guys.

karthiIt’s my tiny hearts’ wish~


Till then. 


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