Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Occupational hazard.


Things turn unexpected in life.Not only in personal life,but also in professional life.One of the example is me.

As you all know,I’ve been working as a part-time staff in Memory Lane nearby my place.Things were wonderful and fun around the workplace except for the ah moi who were now fired by the headquarters people and who now working at the shop next door and who now shows her true color to her previous workmates.T__T

After a whole comfortable week,then we went through a big headache.Shortage of cash.It was a MAJOR headache.Imagine,if the matter left unsolved,we(including me!!) must refund the money,though we did not take the money.During this chaos,one of the senior worker told me about the incident happened at that outlet,which had been going on for quite some times,and the main reason behind it was our boss!!And I just met my boss a day before,I just can believe that our boss is very capable of doing the same thing to her new staff.Which means,I myself have the chances of going through the same thing which the previous staffs had experienced. *sigh*

Then I decided,this is not for good.So,it’s better for me to resign before anything worse could happen,right?

I told my family,and they are on my side.Final word,resign this part-time job eom.

Which means,I have to start searching for a new job again.

Haih…life can be so tricky.


There’s more,but that’s all for now.


Till then.

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