Monday, 18 July 2011

Thank you,little diary!


What I meant by that?

Well,I considered my blog as my diary,where I can pour out anything (without violating the blog’s terms and condition,of course!!).

I was feeling a little down,I,uh, checked my Facebook and I actually checked out this one particular profile.I’m not supposed to feel anything,but maybe a little missing-you feeling hit me i guess.But,it is best to be left alone,that’s for the best.

Thanks to my Little Diary where i actually wrote a little self-assuring note(check my previous post) and Gypsy by Shakira,I’m back to myself.

Okay,I have three stories to share here.

Story 1

I was on duty at the shop alone,as my friend went to perform her Asar prayers.Then,Came along this African guy,looking for some cards.He then told me to keep aside his cards,as he wanted to look for some gifts elsewhere.A little while later,he came back with a pair of kids clothing.He paid the cards first,then he started a conversation,asking for a gift box.A normal shopkeeper-customer conversation.He,then asked;

“ You working here?”

“(Duh,can’t you see?)Yes,I’m a part-time worker here(smile).”

“I see.You are studying?”

“I just finished my studies,waiting for my convocation(smile).”



“Owh,degree(he smiled a little wider,or should i say a grin?He looked impressed,though).Where?”

“AIMST University.”

“So,you are going to work elsewhere and get married?”

“Owh,not so soon.I’m still young(huh?what the hell?).”

“Still young.Hmm.So what is your idea of getting married?”


“25?How old are you now?”


The conversation was paused for a while,I was busy preparing his gift and he was mentioning that the gift is for his friend’s son etc etc.I just owh-ed and i see-ed.When he was paying,he asked;

“Can I get the contact number?”

“Owh yes,it’s right at the bottom of this card,Leisure Mall(while handing him a Hello Card).”

“No,no not this contact number.I mean personal contact number.”

I was like WHAT?!

“Owh,sorry I don’t give my number to strangers.”

He looked slightly taken aback.

“Strangers?Yes,now we might be strangers.Who knows in the future we might be more than strangers bla bla…”

I just smiled throughout his bla bla blahs.When he was about to make a move;

“You must know that you look beautiful.I must say that.Anyways,who knows someday we will be more than strangers?Who knows?etc etc…”,till he left the shop.

I can’t do anything but a fake smile.


And funny,hahaha.I told the whole thing with Naza and we both had a good laugh.

Well,at least there was something to life our mood up.


Story 2

Aadi month is already here and co-incidentally,it was Sankada Chathurthi yesterday.So,my mother and I took a bus to town to go to Court Hill Pillayar Temple in Pudu and Tun HS Lee Mariamman Temple.We Malaysian,are decent enough to offer our seat to the needy but some foreigner,who came all over from their country to Malaysia to earn some cash for their family,are being indecent enough to sleep in the bus!!Prove??




Story 3

Remember the shoe which I was drooling on?No?

Click here to view the post.


I bought it!!Finally!!

Yesterday.I went to the store 1/2 after my boss left.Hehehe,to be safe.Anyway,yeah,I went there,surveyed around the shop.Well,they do have respectable collections.Bata always have,right?

Back to the story.So,I took the shoe on display and tried it on.Too big.I called the ‘kakak’ to get me a size 7 shoe.She got me the pair,and tried it on.Perfect fit!Then,the color.Black or brown?Both looks nice on me.

But then I took black.Universal color,goes with all color.

Then I got it packed.Went to the cashier.And PAID!!

Now,I am the proud owner of…



18072011(035) 18072011(034)

I love the box design.I can’t wait to walk on it!!


Till then,xoxo.


  1. i like STORY 1 --> hahaha... souns rely scary... but as he said who knows.. hahaha...

    stORY 3 --> i love the shoe!!!

  2. vno: not u too!! my bro was telling the same thing,n it was the joke of the day!!n for the shoe,yeay!! i love them too!! we shall do some shopping together,kay?!!

  3. hahaha.. mmg FuNy.. hehe..=D
    sure2.. :)cant wait! yeay!



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