Friday, 1 July 2011

Love is like chocolate


Love is like chocolate.And so are men.Both gives you sweetness and a bit of bitterness,but they can never satisfy a girl.But yet, a girl needs both in her life.

So do I.I am just as a plain girl as other girls out there.As a young girl,I have so many dreams of how I want my man to be.Of course,others would also have their own dream of how they want their man to be.No exceptions here.

Throughout my life,I had so many dreams of how I wish my future husband to be like.There was never and ending for my wishes.But now,I figured what I really want.

I watched a Tamil movie,Siruthai recently for the second time.Acted by Karthi,it was an awesome movie by him.Not because of the storyline,but because of his acting.Mind blowing performance.

In the story,he acted in two roles; a thief named Rocket Raja and a police officer, Ratnavel Pandian IPS.The roles were totally opposite,but what captures my attention is that the way both character express their love towards the little girl in the movie.The love was so passionate and so touching that i believe all girls will want a husband like that.

Karthi is a plain guy,but with his own charm.He is not a super model,but a man whose character is available in the real world.

He might not look as good as Surya,his brother who is a heart throb for Indian girls out there;


he might not be as romantic as Simbu,Little Super Star;


he might not be as cute as Madhavan,who is famous for his smile;


nor as charming as the famous Dhanush;



but he is the person with the boy-next-door look,


who is plain,sweet and charming enough.

Karthi-890He is simply who he is,without the need of over-acting or to force his charm to the world to accept him.He is just being himself,and that is what a girl likes.

All a girl want is for the guy to be himself without trying to charm her.Honesty is the charm for guys.

karthiIt’s my tiny hearts’ wish~


Till then. 

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