Saturday, 16 July 2011

Thank you,God.


Recently I watched a TV programme,it’s something like debate but it’s about true life story.The one I watched featured a young boy.

His story goes like this:

When M was 6 months old,his mother passed away.His father was a drunkard,and never bothered to take care of him.Hence,M was given to his grandmother to take care of him.That reckless and heartless father of his,got married to another woman when M was 8 month old with 3 children.Again,than inhumane drunkard sent 2 of his sons to his mother and raised only one.Being poor,that man was only able to get some cheap liquor to satisfy his tongue.That irresponsible man even asked M,who was a small boy back then to buy him liquor from the wine shop!!Eventually,that not-good-for-anything man died thank god!!,leaving behind his wife and his son.Too bad,the wife fled,leaving her son to her mother-in-law.

One day,M’s step mother came over to the school where M and his brother studied with another.M,with full of eagerness and love went to his mother,only to hear “I did not come to see you,I came to see my son”, from her mouth.M was so heart-broken,as he treated his step-bothers as his own.

God’s game,M’s grandfather passed away,leaving M,his grandmother and the 3 kids behind.These,unable M to continue his study.He worked hard,he did the dirtiest and the most horrible job,just for his brothers.Money are hard to come by for him,so he worked with empty stomach,so that his brothers wouldn't be hungry.Then,one day his youngest brother was bitten by snake.He can’t do anything to save his brother,as money was scarce.And the last word from his brother’s mouth was “Brother,please save me…”. Those words were killing him till today.He suffered so much,yet his sufferings did not decrease.

Unable to do anything else,M came forward in that TV programme.The truth is his words and his sloe intention to educate his brother,earned him a sum of money.The tears from his eyes and his grandmothers’ eyes signifies countless gratitude.May God bless M and may God be with him always.

These,made me to be grateful to the God,He didn’t make me suffer as much as M.My life wasn’t easy,but a whole lot easier and better than that of M.Thank you God.

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