Monday, 30 April 2012

Instagram. Testing.

Love love it.
My first pinky blacky ribbon-y wedges.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Blog updated.

Literally. Blog updated, finally!

Changed my layout and did my own header for the very first time.

A very simple one, nothing fancy at all.

Proud of it.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Thank you.

I realized that I have never really said thank you to a particular friend of mine. She’s a girl. My friend whom I met in university. During orientation. Yup, during orientation, and we hooked up together since.

We went through a lot of stuffs together,studies wise and also in other activities. Dance, Rotaract Club etc etc. She’s a confident girl herself and yes, I do learn something from her.

A pretty girl, and she knows herself. She knows what she wants and she always gets them. Lucky girl :)

I know her mum, charming lady. My friend gets her everything from her mum. Like mum,like daughter.

And I know her boyfriend too. Tough guy. I admire his courage and strength.

She’s a good friend. She helped me through of things and I did too, in a way or two.

But, things happen and we then parted, she with her friends and me with my friends. No grudges between us, but things just happens. Anyway, some things are better left unsaid, right? Nobody’s perfect.

As I mentioned, I was never able to thank her properly,so



And who is she?

Click here.


Till then~

Get a grip!


I am now staying in this neighbourhood where almost 80% of the population are Chinese people who mind their own business and rarely gets out of their home to say hello to their neighbour. Really.

Not annoying and not bothering. The only concern is that we have no one to chat about during our boring days at home. We survived, though.

We do have one two Malay families staying at the opposite row. And also a Christian family. Besides, we also do have an Indian family staying opposite of us, ad another family staying far end of the street.

I’ll get things straight to the point. No beating around the bush.

If you were to have your own house, surely you will know how to manage and decorate it, right? I mean you don’t have to stare and observe at people’s house to be inspired or to copy their idea in home deco, do you?

Or maybe stand by your gate, trying your best to listen to what song are we playing at home? Or maybe be inspired or copy more likely our sense of fashion?

Okay, it could be that you are just being naive and want to blend in the trend and society more, so you want to be inspired. Okay. No big deal.

And that biggie talk. What is it about? You don’t have to boast, really. I know what could be the salary range for the lowest rank in the field of my father’s job. Obviously my dad have enlightened the whole family about it. Come on, you are speaking of it to my mother who knew about it much better than you do, and not only that, you are giving the wrong information proudly. What for?

And the stares you gave when you couldn’t deliver the job you’ve promised to do well? Even when we didn’t question you anything about it? Doesn’t that makes you to be in the faulty place? Duh!

You observe almost every single thing we do at home. Don’t we have any privacy? Grrrr. Sometimes, you even make yourselves to be inspired by use IMMEDIATELY! WTH? Get a life, can you??

Then suddenly things were okay back between us. Especially when we have our new neighbour move in next to our house, whom you claim to be your best friend. Okay, fine. But it is necessary for you to boast about it? I mean, I call all my puppies Baby, and so do all the pet owner in the world. If you don’t, what can I do about it?

Then when the neighbour move in, you were just so close with them. Okay, as you guys knew each other before. No harm done. But sometimes, when there are youngsters around their same age group, they tend to mingle about real fast. That is what happened between me and the new neighbour’s daughter. We have common interest and our maturity level are about the same.So, OBVIOUSLY we are interested to be in each other’s company. A lot to be discussed. Girls.

That, triggers the precursor again. I can very well see the envy/dislike/hatred/jealousy whatever rising in you guys. Come on, I did not snatch away your friendship, I am making new friends and we just happen to mingle on well. If you have a problem with that, then deal with it! I did not do any wrong, and I have no obligation towards you. Everyone has their own choice,and if your best friend family choose to befriend with me, then deal with it. Okay?

Don’t be hawk-like. Your evil eye can give us so much of trouble. We already have enough problems to deal with.



P/S: This post is a personal post and not meant to hurt anybody. If I happen to, I apologize that I do not have the intention to hurt you. Besides, this is my blog and I have all the rights to write what I want here.


Till then~

Happy 23rd Birthday!

eThere goes it. Again. The birthday. :)

This year, we are far apart but still, the wishes are there! Though no presents, YET. Hehe..

To my dearest BFF Dylla Fadzil, Happy 23rd Birthday!

May God Bless you and may you achieve your dream. You have made your way through ups and downs in ur undergraduate years and yeay! now you are in your postgraduate studies!

You have more to come, and may all of it are what you wished for.


Happy? :)

Once again, Happy birthday Dylla, stay happy always.

Hoping to meet you real soon~


Till then~

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Indian Vanity Case – Two Faced Smokey Eye Giveaway

I am always a fan of smokey eye, enough said. So many trials and errors, yet I am still learning.

Getting or WINNING more likely, a Too Faced Smokey Eye Set will be a dream come true!

Where can I win one?


Here! By Indian Vanity Case. A well-known Indian Beauty Blogger whom I will never miss to read her post!

Click on the picture to enter the giveaway~

Friday, 13 April 2012

StyleCraze Mother of All Giveaways

What do you drool about?

Me? Make Up!

Especially those in the picture!


It will be heaven if I could get my hands on those!!

Click on the image to enter this giveaway~

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Silver gradient


Having said befoare this that I love make-up and love to make people look pretty, the picture below is one of my artwork..hehe..

It was for her dance for Musical Hope 2011 in AIMST University, Oh, btw, she’s my ex-roomie. :)

All glittery silver, grey and black on her lids, smoked out with black pencil eye liner. Rose blush on her cheeks and brownish-nude-rose color on her lips.


There! Isn’t she’s a darling?


Till then~

Buntong Kaliamman Temple Tiruvizha

This was the first time I went to the temple for the festival,my mum have been attending it for 3 years already. I wanted so much to see for myself what is so exciting about the temple and the festival. And I got myself a chance to witness it.

There will be a lot of pictures in this post, but I will try to add some details every here and there.

The temple, a Kali temple is obviously located at Buntong, Perak. It’s a small temple, yet is said that the deity is very powerful. Whoever went to HER and prayed to her sincerely, calling HER AMMA, their wishes will be fulfilled. Thus, the tiruvizha/festival is celebrated mainly to provide a suitable place,time and environment for those who had promised HER something in return for the granted prayers to fulfill their oath/vow.

How I came to know about this temple is via my very very distantly related brother i.e my mothers’ far related cousin brother’s son. It was merely a coincident how my brother, who is studying for MLT in a college became his roommate in Ipoh campus and eventually they both got their credit hours transferred to KL campus as my brother prefers to study from home sweet home. That, was two years ago.

How is that related to Buntong Kali temple?

My cousin brother, Shiva, had prayed for his little sister when she was really sick. I mean it. Even the doctors lose hope on her. He prayed, should his sister get well soon, he will take fire pot/agni chatti/ thee chatti for nine years as a sign of gratitude.

What exactly is a fire pot?


Saw the pot? It is actually a clay pot filled with fire woods. Imagine, once the fire woods got all burnt up, the clay pot is sure to be hot! Those who are in trance normally will carry the fire pot without holding any neem leaves beneath it, as their human body couldn’t feel the heat,of course.

Anyway, this year will be the fourth year to fulfill that oath of his. We were all there to support him nevertheless together with his family. After all, its for good and I have never seen any of my family members doing it.

I really must tell, the whole event looked like mini Thaipusam! That much of crowd! If during Thaipusam one can see many types of Kavadi, here you can see many types of oath-fulfilling things. Sorry, I don’t know how to call them,but hope you’d understand. There are also many many beautiful chariots, better than those at KL!

I think I’ll let the pictures to do all the talking.

The 1st day - Karegam

2012-04-06 23.46.57

2012-04-06 23.45.03 The temple’s kodi maram

2012-04-06 23.33.34

2012-04-06 23.33.24 Sacrificial hens & roosters

2012-04-06 23.32.37  Look at the crowd! Didn’t I tell you that it’s a mini Thaipusam?

2012-04-06 23.47.51

2012-04-07 00.59.14  That’s HER :)

2012-04-06 23.47.33

2012-04-07 23.57.58  Awesome chariot!

IMG_20120407_012837  Pity goat :(

IMG_20120407_012451      Me and my brothers

The actual day.

auto20120407-051748       Me :) Next few pictures will be out of vanity. But hey, I am snapping my photos after quite a long time. So,not vain :P

auto20120407-052434    Love this picture. Too bad, slight defect.

auto20120407-052553      Ah! Vain picture after so long!

auto20120407-052233     Another pose!

2012-04-07 17.23.57           Me and my cousin brother.


IMG_20120407_183041                              I just love love this picta! The KKV me :D

IMG_20120407_183055             Then it begins…

IMG_20120407_184331              In trance..


IMG_20120407_185837               Mummy dearest. Isn’t she’s pretty??


That’s all :)

Thanks for reading. Hope you’ll like my new layout~


Till then~

My old layout :)



Monday, 9 April 2012

NOTD – French Toes

2012-02-10 19.51.10

Forgive my dark toes. Poor lighting,bad camera :(

Anyways, I love the fimo flower I pasted on my toes. Hopw you’ll love it too :)


Till then~

NOTD – Mushroom Tips

An extension from my Christmas French Manicure :)

2012-03-06 09.50.19


Till then~

NOTD – Christmas French Manicure

I did this long time ago and I just forgot to post them up. One of my fav :)

2012-03-06 09.49.54

Elianto Nail Polishes and Silver striping nail polish.


Till then~




My attempts on posting my nail designs as a collection :)

2012-02-19 15.35.36


2012-02-19 15.36.04

I used sponging technique.

Elianto Nail Polishes.


Till then~

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The four words.

What are the first for words which describes you?

1. Happy
2. Patient
3. Elegant
4. Peaceful

What's yours?

I would like to tag all my friends. Do let me know what's yours!

Taken from

Till then~

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

An awesome outing. With awesome people.

I was really stressed out when I decided to give this good friends of mine a call. Not that I don’t call them or contact them when I am in good condition, but they both are still studying and I just don’t want to distract them from their studies. Besides, they are sure to be busy with their campus activities and research stuffs.

I tried my luck, and turns out to be that they are willing to spend some time with me. So sweet! Thank you again, sweets!

Nevertheless, I really needed the break with someone close to me, besides family. I mean, no matter how close you are to your family, there are always some stuffs which you find it hard to share with your family, right?

The same goes to me, and they both came to my rsecue.

Owh, by the way, who are they? They are none other than Nailil Hanani and Fareed, known as Nelly and Ed. One of my favorite couples. :)

2012-03-11 15.30.27-1

We took i think about more than one week to have this plan executed. At first, we are supposed to go to Colmar Tropical at Bukit Tinggi ( I wanted so damn much to visit the place, it’s beautiful!!) but due to some circumstances, we couldn’t. Instead, we planned to go and catch a movie at either KLCC or Sunway Pyramid.

Ed kind-heartedly drove us to our destination, and guess what, we changed our destination on the go. Where to?

The Mines!

Yup, it was all so sudden that we happen to change the venue to the Mines. Main reason?


Okay, upon arrival, we immediately booked out ticket for a movie. Lady in Black. Acted by Daniel Radcliffe. Movie was just ok. Wasn’t scary for me. Before the movie, we hit the Tutti Fruiti counter for some dessert. Yummy! Then, we walked a while, before hitting the boat counter for the tickets. Initially, we planned to take the 40minutes ride, but due to the weather, we have to opt for the 15 minutes ride. Kinda disappointed as I enjoy boat riding, but better than not going for a ride at all.

We got so excited when we board the boat. We shared the boat with two big families who came with their kid. I was the solo person there :( Lol! When the boat started to take its pace, gliding on the water, I could do nothing except to enjoy the scenery. Lovely! And of course, photos!

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

 2012-03-11 15.20.31 2012-03-11 15.20.41 2012-03-11 15.21.11 2012-03-11 15.22.54 2012-03-11 15.23.07 2012-03-11 15.23.17 2012-03-11 15.23.31 2012-03-11 15.24.40 2012-03-11 15.25.15 2012-03-11 15.25.23 2012-03-11 15.25.28 2012-03-11 15.25.39 2012-03-11 15.25.47 2012-03-11 15.25.53 2012-03-11 15.27.32 2012-03-11 15.27.40 2012-03-11 15.28.27 2012-03-11 15.28.35 2012-03-11 15.30.10 2012-03-11 15.30.18 2012-03-11 15.30.27 2012-03-11 15.31.10 2012-03-11 15.31.47 2012-03-11 15.32.02 2012-03-11 15.32.49 2012-03-11 15.33.04 2012-03-11 15.33.16 2012-03-11 15.33.27 2012-03-11 15.33.52 2012-03-11 15.34.05 2012-03-11 15.35.33 2012-03-11 15.36.08 2012-03-11 15.36.25 2012-03-11 15.36.35 2012-03-11 15.39.20 2012-03-11 15.39.59

2012-03-11 16.19.18

Nailil and her burger :)

The best part, we were attacked by pirates in the middle of the lake! For real! With the background music from The Pirates of The Caribbean! It was all so spontaneous! But we enjoyed each and every moments to the max. We were even given a gold coin a.k.a chocolate as souvenirs from the pirates! Hehe..

After the ride, we hit Carl Jr. for lunch @ tea time. We took all the time we had there to chat. Then, we hitched our ride back home.

It was a really enjoyable trip for me and I could never thank the both of them enough for their time. Thank you again Nailil and Ed, appreciate you guys like so so so much! You guys made my day, and also injected some confidence back in me :)

P/S: I can’r really remember the sequence of our activities. Hehe ;)

Till then~


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