Monday, 16 April 2012

Get a grip!


I am now staying in this neighbourhood where almost 80% of the population are Chinese people who mind their own business and rarely gets out of their home to say hello to their neighbour. Really.

Not annoying and not bothering. The only concern is that we have no one to chat about during our boring days at home. We survived, though.

We do have one two Malay families staying at the opposite row. And also a Christian family. Besides, we also do have an Indian family staying opposite of us, ad another family staying far end of the street.

I’ll get things straight to the point. No beating around the bush.

If you were to have your own house, surely you will know how to manage and decorate it, right? I mean you don’t have to stare and observe at people’s house to be inspired or to copy their idea in home deco, do you?

Or maybe stand by your gate, trying your best to listen to what song are we playing at home? Or maybe be inspired or copy more likely our sense of fashion?

Okay, it could be that you are just being naive and want to blend in the trend and society more, so you want to be inspired. Okay. No big deal.

And that biggie talk. What is it about? You don’t have to boast, really. I know what could be the salary range for the lowest rank in the field of my father’s job. Obviously my dad have enlightened the whole family about it. Come on, you are speaking of it to my mother who knew about it much better than you do, and not only that, you are giving the wrong information proudly. What for?

And the stares you gave when you couldn’t deliver the job you’ve promised to do well? Even when we didn’t question you anything about it? Doesn’t that makes you to be in the faulty place? Duh!

You observe almost every single thing we do at home. Don’t we have any privacy? Grrrr. Sometimes, you even make yourselves to be inspired by use IMMEDIATELY! WTH? Get a life, can you??

Then suddenly things were okay back between us. Especially when we have our new neighbour move in next to our house, whom you claim to be your best friend. Okay, fine. But it is necessary for you to boast about it? I mean, I call all my puppies Baby, and so do all the pet owner in the world. If you don’t, what can I do about it?

Then when the neighbour move in, you were just so close with them. Okay, as you guys knew each other before. No harm done. But sometimes, when there are youngsters around their same age group, they tend to mingle about real fast. That is what happened between me and the new neighbour’s daughter. We have common interest and our maturity level are about the same.So, OBVIOUSLY we are interested to be in each other’s company. A lot to be discussed. Girls.

That, triggers the precursor again. I can very well see the envy/dislike/hatred/jealousy whatever rising in you guys. Come on, I did not snatch away your friendship, I am making new friends and we just happen to mingle on well. If you have a problem with that, then deal with it! I did not do any wrong, and I have no obligation towards you. Everyone has their own choice,and if your best friend family choose to befriend with me, then deal with it. Okay?

Don’t be hawk-like. Your evil eye can give us so much of trouble. We already have enough problems to deal with.



P/S: This post is a personal post and not meant to hurt anybody. If I happen to, I apologize that I do not have the intention to hurt you. Besides, this is my blog and I have all the rights to write what I want here.


Till then~

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