Monday, 16 April 2012

Thank you.

I realized that I have never really said thank you to a particular friend of mine. She’s a girl. My friend whom I met in university. During orientation. Yup, during orientation, and we hooked up together since.

We went through a lot of stuffs together,studies wise and also in other activities. Dance, Rotaract Club etc etc. She’s a confident girl herself and yes, I do learn something from her.

A pretty girl, and she knows herself. She knows what she wants and she always gets them. Lucky girl :)

I know her mum, charming lady. My friend gets her everything from her mum. Like mum,like daughter.

And I know her boyfriend too. Tough guy. I admire his courage and strength.

She’s a good friend. She helped me through of things and I did too, in a way or two.

But, things happen and we then parted, she with her friends and me with my friends. No grudges between us, but things just happens. Anyway, some things are better left unsaid, right? Nobody’s perfect.

As I mentioned, I was never able to thank her properly,so



And who is she?

Click here.


Till then~

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