Wednesday, 4 April 2012

An awesome outing. With awesome people.

I was really stressed out when I decided to give this good friends of mine a call. Not that I don’t call them or contact them when I am in good condition, but they both are still studying and I just don’t want to distract them from their studies. Besides, they are sure to be busy with their campus activities and research stuffs.

I tried my luck, and turns out to be that they are willing to spend some time with me. So sweet! Thank you again, sweets!

Nevertheless, I really needed the break with someone close to me, besides family. I mean, no matter how close you are to your family, there are always some stuffs which you find it hard to share with your family, right?

The same goes to me, and they both came to my rsecue.

Owh, by the way, who are they? They are none other than Nailil Hanani and Fareed, known as Nelly and Ed. One of my favorite couples. :)

2012-03-11 15.30.27-1

We took i think about more than one week to have this plan executed. At first, we are supposed to go to Colmar Tropical at Bukit Tinggi ( I wanted so damn much to visit the place, it’s beautiful!!) but due to some circumstances, we couldn’t. Instead, we planned to go and catch a movie at either KLCC or Sunway Pyramid.

Ed kind-heartedly drove us to our destination, and guess what, we changed our destination on the go. Where to?

The Mines!

Yup, it was all so sudden that we happen to change the venue to the Mines. Main reason?


Okay, upon arrival, we immediately booked out ticket for a movie. Lady in Black. Acted by Daniel Radcliffe. Movie was just ok. Wasn’t scary for me. Before the movie, we hit the Tutti Fruiti counter for some dessert. Yummy! Then, we walked a while, before hitting the boat counter for the tickets. Initially, we planned to take the 40minutes ride, but due to the weather, we have to opt for the 15 minutes ride. Kinda disappointed as I enjoy boat riding, but better than not going for a ride at all.

We got so excited when we board the boat. We shared the boat with two big families who came with their kid. I was the solo person there :( Lol! When the boat started to take its pace, gliding on the water, I could do nothing except to enjoy the scenery. Lovely! And of course, photos!

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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2012-03-11 16.19.18

Nailil and her burger :)

The best part, we were attacked by pirates in the middle of the lake! For real! With the background music from The Pirates of The Caribbean! It was all so spontaneous! But we enjoyed each and every moments to the max. We were even given a gold coin a.k.a chocolate as souvenirs from the pirates! Hehe..

After the ride, we hit Carl Jr. for lunch @ tea time. We took all the time we had there to chat. Then, we hitched our ride back home.

It was a really enjoyable trip for me and I could never thank the both of them enough for their time. Thank you again Nailil and Ed, appreciate you guys like so so so much! You guys made my day, and also injected some confidence back in me :)

P/S: I can’r really remember the sequence of our activities. Hehe ;)

Till then~

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