Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fair skin - How to

Everyone wants clear and fair skin. Because beauty is skin deep, and we want to look the best as we can.
Many beauty products are there available in the market. Some works wonders on people's skin, while some makes the skin become worst.

Skin type and condition is also a factor that must be taken into account. Using products according to skin type will help to reduce the skin problems.

But, as many as the beauty products out there, many people are still in search for the right product and the right brand. If they happen to find the right product, it may be too costly or maybe it's just too good to be true that they start switching to other products again.

To reduce the cost and all the probabilities which I do not want to encounter, I tried this home made DIY mask for fair and clear skin. I have combination skin by the way. I am unsure about its' effectiveness in making my skin fairer, but I am pretty sure of it's effectiveness as a good facial scrub.

The ingredients:

2 teaspoon of Oryza Sativa 

One tablespoon of honey

Strong, saturated tea to the desired amount.

How to make the paste?

1. Grind the rice grains.
2. Mix the honey into the powdered rice grains together with the tea. Mix a tiny bit of tea at first.
3. Stir the mixture to a thick paste. You may want to add in some tea if the mixture is too thick.
4. Apply it on your face and wait for it to dry before you wash your face.

A very simple and easy-to-do mask.

I personally left the mask on my face for quite some time as honey do not dry easily.
I got tired of waiting so after an hour or so, I washed the mask off.
While getting the mask off, I massaged/scrubbed my face in circular motion as the mask is not easy to wash off. I noticed that though I ground the rice grains into fine powders, I can still feel their course texture against my skin.
I went all the way scrubbing the paste of my face and rinsed my face with warm water.

The result?

Super smooth and soft skin! I was not expecting that for the results. * I don't even know what am I expecting, it was merely a try*
The powdered rice acts as a scrub, removing dead cells on my face while the honey acts as natural moisturiser as honey locks the skin moisture. The tea acts to cool and soothe the skin.

I am happy that such simple ingredients and steps helps me to get a softer and smoother skin. Maybe with frequent usage, my skin will become fairer. I will have to try and see.

Do try it on if you have time and do let me know how it turns out on you.

* Pictures are from Google.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I Just Hate 'K'

Okay, I just hate 'K'.

'K' as in receiving reply via SMS or e-mail or Facebook comment or Twitter.
If I can put the effort by saying okay or at least ok, you should too.

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Love when you are ready, don't love when you are lonely.

In love with the caption. Took it from Facebook, posted by a friend.

I agree 100% with the caption. Love is only when we are ready to give and take with another person whom we chose to become a part in us. Love when you are lonely is not love, its the call for you to have someone to spend your time with. Only that, and nothing more.

Anyway, that's not the main point I would like to discuss today. I'll discuss it another time, I am observing and in the process of helping a friend out. Waiting for the outcome :)

I have so many things to blog about, but since my laptop is not functioning well with Internet, I have to use my old PC which is as troublesome as my laptop.

So much things to be done this week as well, and I'm so lazy!
Gosh, I really must stop being lazy and have my things settled.

Till then~

* Very random post, and I am even not bothered to go through it before publishing. Lazy me.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The best ship. Friendship.

Yes. To whoever who value their friendship, they will agree with me. The best ship.

It had been 6 years since I last met her. At school. The last day of SPM paper. I can’t remember what day it was nor the date. But I remember her. And I remember the tears we had on our eyes. It’s pretty incredible that at that moment, I understood the meaning of true friendship and acquaintance.

Before, the word best friend was just merely a word, to describe someone you used to hand around with, share your stories and gossips with. In many cases, best friends looks alike. But in my case, no,we never look alike.

After the schooldays, we do keep in touch,occasionally. Then, we were separated by the Straits of Malacca. She pursued her studies in Medicine and myself in Biotechnology. She had the opportunity and wealth to study abroad, so she went all the way there. Nevertheless,distance never had been a barrier. We texted each other. Though the charges might be higher than local charges,it didn’t kill us. For 5 years. SMS,Skype,YM. Very rarely on Skype or YM. Yet, we keep each other informed and updated. Till one day that she called me all the way from her place in Indonesia. We spoke for more than an hour or nearing 1 hour. That wasn’t enough. But we had to be happy with it.

Everytime she came back home to Malaysia, we will discuss about meeting up but sure there are many obstacles to come. Until one day, she told me that she’s coming back to Malaysia. Until one day when we texted each other, we planned to meet up after Thaipusam. Until the day we finally met each other!

After six years. I couldn’t believe my eyes  that we are seeing each other. I kept on asking her, is this real? I saw her from across the road. I was excited. Then she saw me coming. Then the big BIG hug between us. We actually were in the middle of the hug when we realized we were blocking the way. I even noticed a foreign passerby smiled, he must have known that we haven’t met each other for long. Bless him.

We then made our way to Berjaya Times Square. Believe me, there wasn’t a single awkwardness between us! The long gap between us didn’t affect us at all. We were happily chatting away. We were chatterbox anyways. Hehe. We had our lunch at KFC. Then we strolled around,until I was hooked at that particular ankle-high boots. I wanted them so badly that I went to search for an ATM machine. But it was just too too too bad that there is no my size!! Why it have to happen to me like everytime??

Okay, I will hunt for another pair next time. I will. Then it was already the time for her to leave. She’s taking a bus home, so she had to be on time. I followed her till the Putra LRT station. Then there was the BIG BIG hug again. And she gave me a gift. Speechless as her gift was nothing as compared to mine. I gave her bracelet + bangles set. She gave me two lovely dresses. She remembered. We spoke about those kind of dresses one to two years back. Thank you so much, sweets!

Then, there was the goodbye. And I took bus back home. It was too soon. I couldn’t believe that it was over already. We both know that we have to meet again. We will.

To Vinothini Thanapalan,


Since we both love dogs. Hehe. Can I ammend the quote above?

BEST FRIENDS: Sometimes Having a good friend is just as important as having a true love.


Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.
Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.
Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.
Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Friends will come and friends will go,
The seasons change and it will show,
I will age and so will you,
But our friendship stays, strong and true.


Love you, sweets ♥


Till then~

The Wedding.

This is the sequel from The Much Awaited.
Yes, the wedding our families have been waiting for. Sindhu a.k.a Aasha akka’s wedding. A simple, down to earth wedding.
We were all in the bride’s place on the 27th afternoon. By the way, the bride is my childhood friend, my dad’s best friends’ daughter and the baby my mum took care of when the bride was a baby. So yeah. Basically we were family friends ☺
Which means, she’s something like my own sister. And I am getting very excited as I have not attended an Indian wedding for so long. Also, non of my family members got married for me to be a part of it. So, I guess you guys can imagine how excited I was!
When we arrived, Nallungu ceremony was going on. My mum immediately joined the ceremony. I forgot the significance of the ceremony but the ceremony is similar to that of the Sadunggu, a ceremony done to celebrate a young girl who have reached her puberty. Even though we have not seen each other for a few years, but the bond is there. Everyone hugged us and welcomed us warmly.
After that ceremony, we cleared the place a little and helped ourselves with some food. We all than sat down for a quick chat, saying hi and all.
The night was pretty exciting for me, Mehendi Night. It wasn’t as grand as the Punjabi’s Mehendi ceremony. This was a small one,mainly for the bride. Her mehendi was awesome! She made her leg’s mehendi design simple, though. We got our chances to get our hands decorated as well :) :) I chose a simple one on the back of my palms.
I, then was honored to do the brides’ nails! Before making our move to Sungai Petani, I painted my nails in Rosewood from Elianto, a vampire-red color. My all time fav! On my way to Sungai Petani, in the car, I painted my nails on top of Rosewood with Indian Red, also by Elianto to match the saree which I will be wearing for the wedding, thus giving my nails a dark,maroon-red color which turns out to be a hit in the wedding. Everyone liked the color,including the bride. At the end of the day, I did quite a number of people’s nails (I can’t remember the exact number), the brides’ fingers as well as the brides’ mothers’ toes. Thank you for your trust, and I believe I have polished my skills as well.
After that, the bride & the bridegrooms’ room decoration! My brothers and one of our aunt took charge of the decorations. My, I never know my brothers can work so hard. Hehe. Proud of them though. The night ended up with chatting again. It was so nice to meet everyone again after so long!
The next day, the wedding day! Since it’s an evening wedding, the morning was a relaxed one until about 12pm. Everyone suddenly became busy to get things ready. The girls, which means Me, Shalini, Kishantini and Banu were shoo-ed to the saloon to get ready. Even if I want to get ready at home, I couldn't as it’s just too busy and hectic and crowded. So, my make-up and my saree tying was done in the saloon. I had my saree to be tied in Gujerati-lehnga style. The stylist adored my saree and she agreed to tie the saree as how I proposed her. I had different ideas on how I want to do my make up, but its too unfortunate. Never mind, there’s always another time :) By the time we came back home, its’ already the time to move to the wedding hall. Thank God we reached on time, or else my Dad would be mad.
Upon reaching the wedding hall, the girls were given the job to receive guests at the entrance. We sprinkled panneer ad offered flowers,kungumam and santhanam to the guest. Then, we were the candle girls!’s something like flower girls in Christian weddings but instead of flowers, we held candles along the terrain to the dais for both the bride and the bridegroom. My first time ever!
   IMG_20120128_182125 IMG_20120128_184348  IMG_20120128_192019  IMG_20120128_194917
The most memorable part is when the bridegroom finally ties the knot around the bride’s neck. I was there on the dais to watch it. That will be the sweetest moment in every Indian bride’s life. I could see the bride smiling. Another ritual which I like is the sindoor application ritual. The bridegroom will have to apply the sindoor on the bride’s forehead by going around the brides’ neck. So sweet! Next, of course the photography session! I did not snap much photos this time, too busy!

I also happen to meet Navin, my classmate in University in the wedding! He’s the bridegroom’s friend I think. Nevertheless, things went smoothly even though we took our dinner quite late.
After the newly married couples had their dinner, it was the time to go back home. We have to be there earlier than the couple to receive them. There’s another exciting part. We girls decided to have some fun by not allowing the couple into their room. We took a cloth, held it across the front door and asked, ‘ money or bride?’ to the groom and guess what the groom said??
He asked us to keep the bride to ourselves! That was so funny! In the end, we allowed them inside after the groom handed us some cash. It wasn’t meant that way, it was a fun game to entertain everyone after a tiring day. In front their room, we asked the groom to choose the key to their room. Pity the groom, he’s confused! But he figured the right one! Everyone cheered! It was so fun!
Of course, next will be the traditional ceremony of feeding the newly wed with drinks and fruit. And that was the end of the wedding. The newly weds then changed into much comfortable dress and came out socializing with the rest of us. The guys had some liquor and the ladies had Bacardi. That’s the first time I have ever heard of Bacardi. It was a long night, and I chose to retire early as the next day we got to move back to Kuala Lumpur.
Seriously, it was an enjoyable and memorable wedding. The only part I regret is that I had to wear my spectacles on. Because of the irritating stye on my left eye :( It's okay, I am going for a surgery next month :D Before leaving, the bride’s father asked me, when’s my turn? Well, mine will come when the time is right :)
P/S: Shalini, love this photo!! ♥

Till then~

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Get a room lah!

A few days back, my mum and I went to have our dinner at a mamak restaurant in our neighborhood area. It is so near that it took us less than 1 minute to walk there. Easy for our lazy days. Hehe.

We sat at the corner to enjoy the cool night breeze. While waiting for our food, my mum suddenly became very attentive and her eyes were narrowed. That means my mum saw something she didn’t like. I turned around to look.

And this is what I saw.

2012-02-04 21.22.19

I was like, seriously?! The guy even smooched her girl! Hello, ini tempat orang awam la! Boleh tak jangan sakitkan mata orang? Orang lain pun couple jugak,tapi takde la pulak sampai nak peluk cium depan orang ramai. Kalau tempat tu takde orang takpe jugak, ni tak. Dahla orang ramai, ade CCTV plak tu! Nak menunjuk ke yang awak sorang je ade couple?

Grrr. People out there, please respect yourself, your partner and the public. You guys deserve more privacy.


Till then~


This post I dedicate entirely to Jessie, my love of life. May she rest in peace.

Together with Jimmy and Jhansi, Jessie was born on December 14th, 2011. She passed away on 5th of February 2012. The reason was so simple. She fell down from the staircase. And she passed away immediately,in a matter of seconds. Very fast. Till today, I couldn’t believe that she’s gone. She don’t like anyone that fast, but before she passed away, she was with me. She licked me. Before she was up at the staircase. Her last ‘kiss’ for me.

She’s so tiny and dainty. So white, so soft and so innocent. So cute. I told my mum, that I am going to keep her with me after she stopped feeding milk from Jennifer. But, the GOD loves her just too much that Jessie went to heaven too soon. I planned to snap their family photo the day Jessie passed away. But little did I know that the family will be losing its’ smallest baby on that day.

We buried her under a tree, in a serenely spot near our home. We bathed her, dried her up and dressed her before her burial. She was so dainty in her towel that I couldn’t believe she’s no more. She looks as if she’s asleep. But, life has to go on.

Till today, I have a feeling that she’s here with us, with me. Roaming around in our home. I will never forget her.

Dear Jessie,

No matter where you are, Akka love you so much. You have always been a baby to me and Akka will never ever forget you. Love you,sayang ♥

R.I.P Jessie December 14th, 2011 – February 5th, 2012.

Our previous puppy was named Jessie as well, she too passed away due to her health condition. She was born on February 10th, 2011 and passed away on June 4th, 2011. She was also my favorite, but it’s just too bad. R.I.P Jessie.



The 4 month year old Jessie.

2011-12-26 10.08.43 2011-12-23 09.52.59

Picture 0396

The dear little Jessie I missed so much. This was her last photo. Akka love you so much, Jessie!

I still get tears on my eyes every time I think of her. My darling.

Somehow I know, she’s watching us from up there. ☺


Till then~

Simple Smokey Eye

I am a fan of Smokey eye. I love to see people who get their Smokey eye look perfect. Not to look like panda’s eye or raccoon's eye.

I learn and will keep on learning to master the techniques. Apart from colored eyeliners and blue eye shadows, I love Smokey eyes. All color of Smokey eye. To date, I have tried maroon Smokey,green Smokey eye and brown Smokey eye. They turned up pretty well after much trial and error.

The latest, I came up with a very simple and easy way to achieve a wearable Smokey eye for every occasion, using mainly pencil eyeliners.


I used Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black and Brown.

Other than that, any black eye shadow,mascara and brow gel.

Also, eyeliner brush and blending brush.

As simple as the material, the methods were simple too.

First of all, I tight lined my upper lids with the black liner. It helps to create a more smokier look besides filling up the gaps between the lashes.

Then, using the brown liner, I made a thick line on my lids. The thickness of the line depends on how Smokey you want the look to be. I go for medium thickness, as I have big eyes and I don’t wish to accentuate them more.

Next, I used the eyeliner brush and smudge them to ‘soften’ the line before using the blending brush to blend them up to the crease. The important thing here is to blend away any harsh lines. It needs a more blending than that of using eye shadow. You can build the color intensity if you want.

Other than that, I like to wing the brown liner just a little and blend them all the way up.

After that, using the black liner, I made a thin line on my upper lids, as close as possible to my lash line. Using the eyeliner brush, I smudged just a little. I then topped the liner using black eye shadow. The black eye shadow is however optional. I skip them if I want a simple look. Then, blend it again.

After blending, I lined my waterline. Sometimes, I leave my waterline bare,lining my lower lash line only 1/3 from the outer corner with the brown liner. Sometimes, I line my waterline using black liner.

I then used mascara only on my top lashes. As for my brows, I used brow gel to keep them on place. I seldom/don’t use brow liner as I have already thick brows. I used a pearly eye shadow or a matte white eye shadow to highlight my brow bones, and I’m done with the simple Smokey eye.

For cheeks, normally I go for neutral toned. Not pink!

For lips, any will do except bright red, fuchsia, magenta and any other striking colors. Neutral, soft pink and soft coral will do good. Nude will complement the eye too. As for me, if I am lazy, I will just slather on my Lip Ice Sheer Color to get just the right amount of pink,the right amount of neutral and a touch of shine on my lips.

This is how I get a very simple Smokey eye done, using mostly eyeliners. Do let me know how it turned up on you.

No pictures, as the pictures went blurry :(

Till then~

Cartooned Wedding Invitation

I have seen many types of Malay wedding invitation cards-flowery ones, plain ones, scented ones and non-scented ones.

But cartooned ones? Never!

Have a look at them. Will you consider the design for your wedding invitation card?

2012-01-20 21.34.12 2012-01-20 21.33.41

Cute, but I will never!


Till then~

Thaipusam Part 2

After my trip to Batu Caves on Friday, I went to Batu Caves again, on the event night.

Thaipusam part 1:

I was expecting it to be difficult to walk around in the crowd, but surprisingly there was not much crowd. The managing committee it seems expected more than 1.4 million to visit Batu Caves this year, but the number was not reached. Maybe it’s due to the rumor that there will be fights going on during Thaipusam. How far is that true, I never managed to know.

Anyways, we saw many light kavadis, and they are beautiful. And of course, lots and lots of mayil kavadi. That’s what Batu Caves Thaipusam is famous for. I also notice another thing this year. Many people are taking poochatti/theechatti/fire pot. Also, many people got into trance this year, mainly Amman. As per what I know, normally fire pot, Amman trance and veppilai/neem leaves are closely related with Amman temple tiruvizha. How come they bring that custom to Thaipusam?? Wierd.


2012-02-07 22.45.00

Light kavadi- forgot to adjust the lighting on my camera T_T

2012-02-08 00.23.49

2012-02-08 00.24.53


I also happen to get to know this piece of information from one of the gurukal in Batu Caves. According to him, milk are normally poured over the statue carved from black stone (is that granite?) to cool the statue. But in Batu Caves, the milk were poured on the silver Vel. I do not wish to question this, but this is something to be pondered about, right?

Anyways, after having fun rounding, we went to do some stall-browsing or window-shopping. This time, I managed to find a dear earring which I was longing for. I wanted to buy is so badly from an online blog, but it was just too bad that the earring was sold out! That was even before the song Yemma Yemma from 7am Arivu was released! Then, I happen to saw the same type with different designs at a nearby Indian Cash & Carry but the price, it was EXPENSIVE! I can’t imagine spending so much on an ornamental piece which I want just for the sake of it. But, finally I found one in one of the stalls, and I grabbed it immediately! An exquisite piece with green, white and pearl details. I’m happy ☺

2012-02-08 12.41.31

2012-02-08 12.42.37

2012-02-08 12.44.00

How to wear them? See here :


Cropped from the song: Shruti Hassan wearing the Jhumka Earring

Again on Sunday, we went there again, but this time with my neighbor. Mainly to shop. My mum wanted to get a pressure cooker. But we all ended up with a pan(mum and neighbor auntie) and bangles both for me and my neighbor daughter. And owh, cotton candy for me too ♥


2012-02-14 21.28.11

2012-02-14 21.33.18 

I bought studs with ladybug on them :) I am hunting for metal studs when I came across it. I love the bow details on the pearl-drop earring. I also love the way the pink and white stone studded heart dangles from the gold bow. Cute :)

That was my Thaipusam experience this year :)


Till then~

Thaipusam Part 1

2012-02-03 11.48.33

Monday, 6 February 2012

Boots addict


I have been wanting boots for ages..and I just can’t help myself over it.

I fancy those ankle-high boots, as I do not wear shorty-shorts, hence thigh-high boots does me no good. Maybe a knee-high will do, if I can find one with a decent price.

Boots, they just make you scream that you are bold. Yet, fashionable.



Classic yet elegant.


Look at A. Isn’t she adorable with her bow?



Love them! They are stylish, elegant and so much more!

Not b**chy, but with class and charm :)


I will hunt for one, and be a proud owner of at least one pair of boots, soon!

#resolution, #determination


*pics are from Uncle Google


Till then~


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