Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The much awaited.

Okay, we will be leaving to Penang tomorrow night.
Attend the family prayers. The next day, off to Sungai Petani.
The wedding!

My dear childhood friend’s wedding. She’s 25 this year and getting married to the man she loves. It is going to be a grand wedding, and I am excited to attend it.

I love Indian weddings, they are colorful and just amazing. And I love to dress up and to see people dress up too :)

I love to see the bride being so pretty, and the excitement on her face when the Thali is finally knotted around her neck. That, will be the most precious moment in every single Indian bride’s life.

*Sigh, when is my turn*

Mine is definitely going to be like the two picture above..a beautiful, traditional and full of culture South Indian Wedding. :)
Time to pack my saree~


Till then~

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