Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Maybelline New York Baby Lips- Review

The new craze for lip balm. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm.

It claims to literally transform your lips in one week:

- to reduce fine lines

- to increase suppleness

- to increase elasticity.

It has SPF20 to protect the lips against sunlight besides providing 8hrs of moisture to the lips.

How far is that true?

I purchased one a month ago as I have been experiencing dry lips. Of course, before I made my purchase, I googled about the product.

The reviews were all positive, which made me more keen of grabbing the product. It comes in 4 varieties, and mine is Anti-Oxidant Berry.

2011-12-22 16.46.48

2011-12-22 16.46.29

However, from the reviews I read, they also come in a few other varieties of tinted lip balms which we do not have in Malaysia. Why,why, WHY is that so?? I am so enthusiastic about getting the tinted versions!

Anyways, back to my experience of using the product.

Anti-Oxidant Berry comes in an attractive retro-style tube of baby blue with pink block letters. That, makes the product a little more attractive than it already is. The balm is a clear balm. I must mention the scent of the balm. It’s YUMMY! The scent reminds me of bubblegum, I can’t recall the name but I remember them having a temporary tattoo on their wrapper and the gum comes in bright pink and blue.

Let me get this straight. I am not a lip balm user. I have only purchased Watson lip balm- a clear one and a tinted one. That was my first ever make up stuff purchase, and it was left forgotten in my drawer since that.

This Baby Lips however made me to be addicted to them! I mean they are that good that I can’t miss to use them like everyday! They really do what they claim. My lips were smoother, less lines and they feel softer too.

I even can see a slight change in my lip color,it has a pinkish tinge on it. It makes the lip plumper too. Not as in like those killer pout of Angelina Jolie, but a fuller looking lips. You know the plump-like feeling you get on your lips after you brush your teeth using minted toothpaste? That is somewhat what you will see on your lips. Slightly plump lips, soft and smooth. Who could resist that??

And all that in one week time! That’s fast for a lip balm to work :)

The price, affordable at RM10.90, if I am right.

I even recommend it to my brothers, and now mine is missing!! Huhu..I will have to hunt for it or buy a new one..hmm..

Anyways, I recommend this and have fun :)

*I am not paid to do this review and I bought the product using my hard earned money*


Till then~


  1. I am also IN LOVE with the ones they have overseas with the transparent cap! ):
    Now i don't really feel like getting this malaysian one.

    1. Hey Suzanne,

      Thanks for dropping by!
      I wished we hve the colored version here.
      Btw i just bought the limited edition one. So lets see how it turns out ;-)



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