Monday, 16 January 2012

Elianto Frosted Liquid Eyeliner - Review


Elianto is a brand which does not need any kind of introduction anymore, especially to Malaysians.

They have a wide range of products, from nail polishes to BB creams.

Wait, am I writing an essay or what?!

Back to the main point. Elianto Frosted Liquid Eyeliner.


It has five colors in its range, and they are what they claim.

Frosted eyeliner.


I bought them in Elianto’s warehouse sale sometimes back, so I got them cheap. Their original price is about RM22 or less..that's the figure I’ve got from the net anyways, so the price might have gone down :D I’ve got them in three beautiful shades: Dusty Blue, Army Green and Deep Brown. They are some sort of metallic in color and they last REALLY long.

Easy to apply, they come with a thin applicator brush which makes application a breeze. You can gradually line your eyes until you reach the thickness you want. VERY smudge proof. Packaging is simple and nice, not bulky hence easy to store.

I use only a single swipe over  my lids, only a little amount is required every time, so the product will last me a long time which is good for me as I like colored eyeliners.

2012-01-16 22.22.03

2012-01-16 22.23.34

From left: Dusty Blue, Army Green and Deep Brown. I was hoping the Deep Brown shade to dry up into a coppery or bronze. They turned out to be a dark brown-bronze shade.

However, as the staying power is strong, removing it is a pain. I have to use quite an amount of make up remover and still the product cannot be removed completely. Baby oil helps a lot, so whenever I where to use this liner, I’ll use baby oil to remove my eye make up.

Once I left the product without using make up remover, but just used my normal wash wash to check on its staying power and they last up to three days!! They fade on the third day though.

Overall, a good product. I love the color and its intensity. But I wished they can be easier to remove.


Till then~

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