Thursday, 17 January 2013


One of my favourite song from the movie Sangamam by the title of Sowkiyema Kanne, sung by Nithyasree. Lyrics by Vairamuthu, of course.

Mindblowing music and lyrics. Love.

Sowkkiyamaa, kannae, sowkkiyamaa?
Sowkkiyamaa, kannae, sowkkiyamaa?
Thanathoamthoam thatheemtheem,
Thathoamthoam thatheem aena,
Viligalil nadanam ittaay,
Pinbu idhayatthil irangi vittaay,
Mella mella ennuyirai paritthu kondaay,
Manathai thaluvum oru ambaanaay,
Manathai thaluvum oru ambaanaay,
Paruvam kotthivittu paravai aanaay,
Paruvam kotthivittu paravai aanaay,
Januthatheem januthatheem januthatheem,
Salangaiyum aingudhae,
Athu kidakkattum, nee...
sowkiyama kanney sowkiyamaa sowkiyamaaa
Suriyan vanthu vaavenumbodhu,
Suriyan vanthu vaavenumbodhu,
Suriyan vanthu vaavenumbodhu,
Aena seiyum paniyin thuli?
Aena seiyum paniyin thuli?
Kodi kaiyil ennai kollai idu,
Tholi kaiyil ennai alli edu,
Kodi kaiyil ennai kollai idu,
Tholi kaiyil ennai alli edu,
Anbu naathanae, anindha mothiram,
Valaiyal aagavae thurumbaena ilaitthaen,
Antha mothiram ottiyaanamaay,
Aagum munnae, anbae alaitthaen,
Yen kaatril svaasam illai,
Yen kaatril svaasam illai,
Yen kaatril svaasam illai,
Yen kaatril svaasam illai,
Adhu kidakkattum, vidu,
Unnaekkaena aachu?
sowkiyama kanney sowkiyama sowkiyamaa


The phrase in blue, my favourite lines in the song :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013



Who inspired who?



Anushka in chandramukhi _2_


They both look alike!

So, the painting is inspired by Anushka or is Anushka inspired by the painting?

My very first NYX haul

Ever since I knew the existence of Sephora, I’ve always wanted to pay a visit there because of Urban Decay.

Then, I got to know that NYX are brought to Malaysia, and it’s at Sephora. That made me want to visit Sephora even more!

So, on my previous trip back home, I decided to pay Sephora KLCC a visit. I was so excited to swatch the Naked Pallette and the Blockbuster pallette. The Naked pallete was amazing but the Blockbuster pallete was not up to my expectation.

After all that swatching and stuff, I searched for NYX counter. I must say, I liked it! I was on a hunt for this particular coral-ish lip colour and I happened to find it there! NYX offers quite a number of colours which suits all skin tone. Besides, they are quite cheap and affordable.

After trying out the products there, I decided to take up the stick blush and lip cream. After a while, one of their MUA, Nurul offered to help me with some make up on. I am of course very glad! She helped me to put on everyday-to work make up. She made me remove whatever make up I had on my face (only my moisturizer, compact powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick). Nurul then cleaned, toned and moisturized my face using some Clinelle product if I am not mistaken. While having my face cleansed, she gave me some tips on make up. She also told me to try modeling as according to her, I have the features required to be one. *Shy*

Prior to that, she applied Sephora foundation powder, followed by Urban Decay Single eyeshadow to define my eyes, Givenchy mascara to lift my lashes (after complementing my lashes. Thanks Nurul!), cream blusher from NYX as base and also NYX powder blusher to set. For lips, I applied NY lipbalm followed by NYX lip cream in Antwerp.

I really loved the outcome, as I looked so fresh without looking as though I had much make up on. Before leaving, Nurul sprayed some setting spray so that my make up remains fresh throughout the day.

Finally, after picking up that stick blush and the lip cream, I headed off to the cashier to pay. I signed up to be a member and I’ve gotten myself a Sephora White Card. Not only that, I received free gifts from NYX as well. A lip gloss and a drawstring laced back. How nice!

My haul that day was not only at Sephora but also The Body Shop! I bought myself a body mist. I just fell in love with the scent.

Next? Pictures!




NYX Stick Blush in Hibiscus and NYX soft matte lip cream in Antwerp.

Sorry for the bad lighting. The colours and not the same, but the lighting is bad that the colour looks alike.






My free gift: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Natural.

This is really my skin tone lip gloss and makes and awesome combo for smokey-eyes!



The Body Shop Body Mist Midnight Bakula.

Mysterious and sensual.


And my White Card!


So, that’s my haul and I am definitely going again to pick more stuffs!

Monday, 7 January 2013


In my current workplace now, I get to perform as a part of my job. As in, I have to perform every now and then as a part of my assignment.

It’s cool! I always liked to perform. Back in my school days, I have participated in many many performances. From dance to drama to public speaking to arts competition to sports.

After my university days, I thought I wouldn’t be having anymore chances to perform. But, being in a job which requires you to be a part of performances is just too good to be true! It’s like I am discovering another part of me.

Truthfully, I am not the most graceful dancer but I enjoy every single bit of it. I can even do some movements which others can’t do. Proud, of course!

So far, I have been involved in three different performances and the one I liked and enjoyed the most is Mahabarata-Revisited.

manabarata - web

Initially, is was supposed to be a class production for the Final Year Project (FYP) assessment. Then, my boss who is also the lecturer for that particular subject (Asas Seni Tari Tradisional & Kontemporari a.k.a Basics to Traditional and Contemporary Dance) decided to bring it to another level, to open it to the public, as in students within the campus to watch. I just joined the practice for fun, to stretch my body and that’s how I got into the whole production, while also handling the paperworks.

The whole dance-drama is about the great epic of all times, the Mahabarata. The epic boasts about honour, dignity, virtue, brotherhood and the most evil..power. The struggle for power is between the Pandavas(sons of God) and their cousins, the Gauravas.

The choreography involved Yoga, Bharathanatyam, Silat and Malay dance in its one-hour length show. We all used saree as our costume, which made the whole show a very colorful one. Due to last minute publicity, we can’t manage to sell our tickets to the whole campus. We targeted only about 50pax to come and watch our show. We were however shocked to know that out audience is about 100pax, despite the rainy weather. And the best of all, our audience want more of our show! The best part? Non of us are trained dancers. So, that bit of news really cheered me up. I even get some acknowledgement till today ;)

My director is planning to do more, so I’ll keep posting on the updates.

Of course, the post is not complete without pictures.

Not to forget, the famous blogger Kak Jumi is our MUA, together with Carren Akka. Nice, right? ;)


During our full dress rehearsal:





Actual day:













So, that’s all.

Will be back with more news on this.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cousie’s Wedding

This post is just so so so late!

My cousin sisters’ wedding was on the 30th of November 2012 and I couldn’t find the right time to do a post about it.

Anyway, there isn’t much that I could talk about since my cousie and her hubby didn’t want to make it a public thingy. They even told us strictly not to post their pictures in Facebook or tag them in the pictures at least. I don’t understand, but I respect their decision. After all, it’s their wedding, not mine ;)

Which means, this blog post will only reveal some pictures from the wedding.

Here goes!



The manavarai.




Entrance deco. I like the ambience.


Ladies of the family ;)


Yours truly, of course! I like everything I had on that day. From my saree, my bangles, my payal, my jewellery set, my hip key chain to my make up. Not OTT. Just nice. And owh, my hair too!



Youth club! :P


Mr and Mrs Teddy.



This, was for the lunch on the next day. My dressing theme: Black and white.

me n amma and my dearest mother! We both look alike, right?


So, that’s the case for my cousin sister’s wedding.

And for mine, I am eagerly waiting ;)


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