Monday, 30 July 2012

What’s Your Rashee?

I watched this movie a few years back during my undergrad years. Though the movie is quite old(2009), it’s very entertaining. It’s all about, as the title says, your Rashee@Raasi.

Rashee or Raasi is what we call as horoscopes or zodiac in English. There are 12 different Raasi-s, which depicts 12 different character. Sometimes, English zodiac and Indian Raasi-s contradict with each other. I am not sure about others, but in my case, it is. I am a Gemini baby, which is Mithun in Indian Raasi but according to my horoscope thingy, I am a Rishiba or Vrishabh baby which is known as Taurus in English!

So what am I? A Gemini or a Taurus? A Mithun or Rishiba? *cracks head*

Or, a fusion of both? *mad case*

Anyways, I do think I have a bit of both zodiac’s character after I read + watch the movie acted by gorgeous Priyanka Chopra and hunk Harman Baweja.

Have a go:

Gemini Woman( 22nd May to 21st June)

Marrying one Gemini woman is like living with two different wives. Confused? Don't be, we are just talking about her dual personality. She has a dual nature and is capable of displaying different personality traits at different points of time. However, your major task will be to get her to commit. She is so fidgety that it becomes very difficult for her to become deeply involved with one person or place. The mind of a Gemini female never settles down at one place and her thoughts are always wandering. 
However, if you do manage to blend with her at the mental, spiritual as well as physical level, you will be introduced to a woman full of passion. In her youth, she is least likely to be bounded by a relationship or commitment. She may love your most irritating habits one minute and be extremely sarcastic about your new stylish haircut the very next. Maturity may bring a little bit stability in her. All this doesn't mean that Gemini women are not romantic at all. Infact, for them, romance is the one of the easiest means of communication.
Since they always have some thoughts to express, romance never goes out of their life. However, commitment is an entirely different term. A Gemini girl may love your intelligence, but she will also notice your lack of interest in creative arts. It is same the other way round too. Puzzled? You should be, at times, even she is baffled by her own complex nature. She is so vivacious and full of life that with her, you will forget even the deepest of troubles. She has the ability to light up the most somber of surroundings with her presence. 
A Gemini woman will be full of the small, sentimental gestures that keep alive the romance in a relationship. She will always find new ways of telling you how much she loves you and will shower you with her alluring charm. She may act like a typical woman at one point of time, be a nervous wreck the other minute and engage in an intelligent conversation the very next second. She has the feminine charms, but she will never be clinging on to you. One thing that you will never find in a Gemini woman's characteristics profile is monotony and boredom. 
She finds something good in all the men she meets and then, wants a man who has all of those qualities. However, this can't be and then, she keeps longing for that perfect man! She can be your best friend, your sports partner, your racing competitor and your lover, all at the same time. Just remember one thing, she is single-handedly giving you all this, so don't expect consistency from her. A Gemini female can look at other guys, even when she is sincerely in love with you. Change is in her nature and she has to learn to control her own behavior. Just make sure to keep her interested in you and she will remain totally devoted.
She will never be suspicious of you and will expect the same from you in return. You may be out till 3 in the morning and she won't even bat an eyelid. A Gemini girl will always respect your individuality and you will be required to do the same. She may forget to do the dishes every now and then, but you can have the most soul-satisfying conversations with her. She will keep your intellect as well as creativity stimulated. Motherhood will come naturally to her and she will make a happy and gay mother, who will respect the individuality of the children. 
Gemini woman makes an excellent hostess and will charm the guests with her grace. They will be treated to the best of cuisine, that too in silver cutlery. She can easily get along with anyone, right from your boss to the peon of your office. With a Gemini wife, you will feel as if you are with a different woman every other day. When she wants to speak, she will speak and when she wants to fly, she will fly. You don't know how she flies; just listen to her imagination and you will know. She is full of hopes, desires and dreams and you are welcome to share them. Just make sure that you are with her when she needs you!





Taurus Woman( 21st April to 21st May)

When you come across a Taurus female, the first thing you will notice about her is her undefeatable emotional strength. She is capable of handling the severest of problems, without shedding even a single tear. She has the infamous Taurus temper, but it is seldom displayed. Atleast not until the provocation is too much to digest. She is as feminine as any other female, without the unnecessary tantrums. A Taurus woman has no desire of dominating her husband. She will let him handle the reins, infact this is what she secretly desires. 
A Taurus woman wants a real man, who can make her proud of himself as much as she is proud of herself. However, if he fails in his role, she will take the control in her own hands. Neither will she act like a mewing kitten, nor like a roaring lioness. She is independent and has a mind of her own, but she does not want to dominate in the relationship. Taurean women do not see social status while making their friends. They want to be friends with people who do not hide their true nature and come across as they really are. 
Their friends may be a little weird, but they will not be phonies or hypocrites. A Taurus girl doesn't fight with people she dislikes, she simply ignores them and becomes indifferent to their presence. However, she will be loyal to her true friends and they will remain with her throughout her life. In return, she will expect them to stand by her when she needs them. A Taurean woman also gets jealous, but only if you exceed the limits of casual flirtation. Everything has a limit and this also does. It's better not to provoke her anger or you will be very sorry. 
She is brainy, but not too much interested in intellectual subjects. She is practical in her thinking and does not feel the need to indulge in mental gymnastics. She is balanced in her approach and you will hardly see her in a restless disposition. A Taurean girl hates anything artificial, be the flowers in her vase or the friends in her life. She has to feel the fragrance of real roses and the presence of real people. The beauty of Mother Nature especially pleases her.
Ugliness of any kind makes her miserable and repulsive. She loves to be amidst colorful surroundings, like gardens blooming with flowers. A Taurean female has a good taste, so please be very careful before taking her out. She is a very good cook herself and you will always be treated to excellent homemade food. She is also very much interested in the art forms, like painting. She is a tomboy at heart and will enjoy many guy-things like horse riding, going on a roller coaster ride, fishing, etc.
All this makes her feel close to nature. She dresses simply, yet elegantly and her fabrics are always feather-soft. Taurus female is very strong and above the usual female insecurities. However, she demands loyalty and will never compromise in this area. She is beyond hypocrisy and has an undemanding and easy-going manner. She wants her man to take her side, especially in public. If he contradicts her in front of other people, expect the temperature to reach beyond the boiling point.
When pushed too far, she loses her cool demeanor quickly. Taurus women make excellent mothers, except for the fact that they cannot tolerate disobedience or defiance in kids. Laziness and carelessness also makes them angry. Otherwise, they will be more of a friend to their children than the typical mommies. A Taurus woman will also teach the kids how to be strong and will protect them from the big bad outside world. She never shirks from or whines about her responsibilities. Her man will be expected to do the same.
She can also bear endless pain and stress, without complaining for a single minute. She is good with finances and knows how to maintain quality in a reasonable budget. She is a very good host and will be there to help her man in any and every way she can. A Taurean woman will care for you when you are ill, will back you in your new business venture and let you take over the control of the home. And, you will always be treated to a warm, cozy home when you come back from office!


Both characters defined me somewhat correctly. I am a nature lover (Taurus). I do think romance is one of the many ways is communication (Gemini). Though I am feminine(very!), I love outdoor activities such as hiking and jungle tracking (Taurus). I can get along with people easily (Gemini) and I cannot tolerate disobedience or defiance in kids (Taurus).These are a few qualities, but there are more.


Nevertheless, I enjoy being me :D Unique me.

Want to know your Rashee as well?

Go here and do let me know What's Your Rashee!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Decision made.

I have been messing up with my own thoughts and have been thinking just too many things than what i can cope with.

Thank God a discussion with someone I highly look up to saved me from all the unwanted hassles, headaches and paranoids. Now, I am clear of what I want to do, and I see next year as a productive and fruitful year :)



The choice is all mine, and I made my own choice.

I am not gonna regret my choice, and I am going to enjoy every single bit of it!


Till then~

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Nude

I want to get myself a nice lipstick,nothing too red or too coral. And I wanted something which I can get from Guardian or Watsons.

To make my long search a short one, I decided to ask one of my blogger friend Arpita Avinash for some advise. She then so kind-heartedly suggested me a few brand including Revlon. She showed me swatches of her Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rosewine and I liked it, so I decided to check it out in Watsons.

I never checked out Revlon product as I always looked at them as something which I can’t afford, but my visit to Revlon’s section changed my mind. Their price is almost Maybelline price. Excited after looking at the affordable price tags, I searched for the lipstick and did some swatches on a few shades. After spending sometime deciding which shade to go for, I finally chose Blushing Nude.

In my opinion, Blushing Nude is a rosy-brown colour which is not red and not brown either. The name I think can be quite misleading for some as this shade is not a nude shade. However, the word Blushing Nude describes the shade some what uniquely as for some, this could be their MLBB shade.

It is a creme lipstick, semi-matte and quite long lasting, depending on your eating/drinking habit and also your lip-smacking/lip-licking habit. It can be quite drying, especially if you work under air-cond like me :(. I suggest using lip balm before applying.

It suits smoky-eye and also neutral make-up. Smoky-eye for night time and neutral for day time.

2012-07-20 14.23.19

 2012-07-20 14.28.02

2012-07-20 14.25.21

L: 3 swipes R: 1 swipe

 2012-07-20 14.24.12  

I look terrible! Dark circles keep on haunting me like nobody’s business :’(

Anyways,that is how Blushing Nude looks on my dark lips. It covers my pigmented lips quite well.

I bought it under a discounted price :D Normal price will be RM32. You can still get them under discount now in Watsons.


Till then~

A Visit to Shan’s Home

There are actually many other things I intend to post,but I want to post about this first. The rest I will do slowly ;)

Yesterday, my supervisor and I went to Shan’s Home at Butterworth,Penang for our project work. We want to come up with a project, involving the kids at the home.Most of the kids are traumatized kids,so dealing with them is not easy.

They behave like the loud kids you can normally find at the last and second last classes in school,but they are intelligent. Not bad kids, just that they came from a troubled family or something bad happened to them.

The kids ranged between 8 years old kid up to 16 years old teenagers. They know their values, but mischievous, naughty and stubborn at times.

I was touched, when the moment my SV stepped into the home, one of the girls there, Shankari aged 8 years old ran out and hugged her.Everyone there was like,’ Auntie, why you did not come for a long time?’. They missed my supervisor a lot. They introduced themselves to me, and started addressing me as akka.

During group activity, they wanted me to be a part of their group.So sweet of them! It was quite hard to manage them in a group, but nevertheless, I had fun and I get to do some coloring as well, my childhood passion :)

Before the activities begins, my SV and I happened to see one of the girls’ wrist who had some cut/scratch marks on her hand. My SV called her aside and spoke to her. Later on our way back home, I learnt that the girl,aged only 10 years old this year had attempted suicide by cutting herself! I was shocked! She is so young and yet she tried to do something BIG. Not only that, previously she attempted to jump from the top floor of the home (the home is a 3-storey terrace house). Then I came to know that she was a rape victim when she was 6. The worst part? Raped by her own uncle!! How cruel can that man be!! He’s an animal! Nevertheless, the girl is getting better, and slowly she is inching out of her trauma. May God bless her and punish her animal uncle.


2012-07-19 16.29.55

2012-07-19 16.30.06

2012-07-19 16.33.26

 2012-07-19 16.34.39

2012-07-19 16.39.27

2012-07-19 16.42.09 

2012-07-19 16.42.25

 2012-07-19 16.47.59

I have some videos with me, but I can’t upload them. I can’t figure out how to.


Till then~

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Make Up Tips for Eyeglass Wearing Girls

Who doesn’t want to look fabulous? Everyone does.

However, for girls like me who wears specs (and refuses) to use contact lenses, it is quite difficult to use make ups as we feel we don’t look good with specs+make up or just that we don’t know how to use make up with our specs on.

 Pic from Google.

After searching like for ages, I found this page. 18 Tips for girls who wear specs?! That’s something great! And it very helpful too.

I happen to come across the article when I was searching for some work related materials. How nice!

Here’s the link: Makeup Tricks for Eyeglass Wearing Fashionable Girls.

Read it and try it!


Till then~

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I hate the feeling of being lonely.

Maybe it’s just because I am sick right now, that I want to be with my family at home.

I know this feeling is just temporary, but it is really a depressing feeling.

It’s as though you are trapped in a glass box, and your world revolves between the 6 sides of the box. You can see the world around you and what’s going on, but either you don’t have the courage to lift your hand out of the box to step out of it or others just ignore you in your glass box.

Everyone experiences loneliness, but at different level of severity.

It is an unique feeling on its own, allowing you to know yourself better.

I know I will be okay real soon, maybe in 5 minutes time right after I post this.


But I just wish, for the someone to come and lift me off my glass box, forever..



P/S: This is not an emo post :P Just expressing ;)                                

* Pictures are from Google.

Till then~

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Pre-Production.

Little did I know that my name(and number) was out in the USM’s newsletter as the contact person for our production. I was not informed, and the best part is that I joined the production team only a week before the actual play!

I got to know this from my primary school teacher who is in my Facebook account. So nice of her to inform me about this!

Pleasant surprise though. I am not someone important in the whole play, but it feels good to know that people trust you.

Pray for me that I’ll perform well throughout our play.


More updates later!


Till then~

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The first Giveaway/Nail Art Competition I won!

I am so so so glad that my random nail art had scored it’s place in the competition.

I am refering to the Giveaway cum Nail Art competition with the the of Mothers Day in the month of May by Nikita from little green heart.

She wanted to have a giveaway for her blog, and since Mother’s Day was just around the corner, she decided to have a contest as well.

Refer here:

I decided to join, just randomly, without having any hope of winning. I did a pink gradient nail art with pink heart stones. It is so not me to do pink nails, as I am not a person who favors pink.

Nevertheless, this is what I did:

p20120423-163837  which won the CONSOLATION price. I must say, at first there was not a place/prize for consolation, but hey, Nikita changed her mind and decided to give me a consolation prize!

Thanks a lot Nikita!!

Anyway, let’s get to the prizes!

Nikita generously sent me some wonderful nail polishes, neatly packed in a see-through container.

I am mad at the postman though. According to my mum ( I was not around when the parcel arrived, I am currently based in Penang), the postman just chucked/dumped or better still ‘baling’ the parcel! Thank God nothing was broken, just the container was dented quite badly. When my mum told me bout that irresponsible postman, I was worried bout the package, and the moment I saw that everything was in a tip top condition, I was just more that happy!


That’s how it came, and there was a sweet little piece of note attached together with the cute stuff. Can you see the damage on the container and it’s cover?


The sweet little note from dearest Nikita :)


And now the content! That’s the most exciting part, don’t we all agree?


The array of the content. I had the same feeling as you guys, what’s that inside the napkin, beautifully wrapped and secured with pink ribbons?


The first one had this:


A forest green nail polish with shimmery finish. It reminds me a lot of Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid and Smooth Eye Liner in Forest Green. Isn’t the tiny stone detail on the bottle makes it look glamour-ish?

The second one, held my favourite color of all! Plus, it’s from Etude House!


I never shopped in Etude House before, thinking that they have products only for fair-skinned people. I never knew that they have this kind of ah-may-zing colors! I am definitely checking out their store the next time I hit Berjaya Times Square in KL. I am yet to try any of the nail polishes, but I can bet I am going to super-love this particular polish!! <3


I received this gradient nail polish set in silver+black. It comes with the instruction on how to get it done. I did gradient nails before using the sponging technique, and this time I can get shimmery gradient nails from this set without much hassle :)


The instruction.



A whole set of purple nail colors. I am not sure if this is the crack nail polish set or just a normal nail polish set, but the timely arrival of this parcel saved my cash actually, since I am actually eyeing to get a nice purple nail polish :D

The best part of this color combo?


It comes with a toe-separator! Awesome combo!


Again, I’d like to thank Nikita for her lovely giveaway and this oh-so-awesome gifts!

I’d like Nikita to know that I had been reading her blog since I first joined the blogging world.

My first post which I actually ‘borrowed’ her picture from her blog :


Much hearts and love!


Till then~

Rinny’s Beauty Diary Belated 2 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway


Here’s an awesome giveaway for you guys to enter:

Click on the picture to enter :)


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