Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Visit to Shan’s Home

There are actually many other things I intend to post,but I want to post about this first. The rest I will do slowly ;)

Yesterday, my supervisor and I went to Shan’s Home at Butterworth,Penang for our project work. We want to come up with a project, involving the kids at the home.Most of the kids are traumatized kids,so dealing with them is not easy.

They behave like the loud kids you can normally find at the last and second last classes in school,but they are intelligent. Not bad kids, just that they came from a troubled family or something bad happened to them.

The kids ranged between 8 years old kid up to 16 years old teenagers. They know their values, but mischievous, naughty and stubborn at times.

I was touched, when the moment my SV stepped into the home, one of the girls there, Shankari aged 8 years old ran out and hugged her.Everyone there was like,’ Auntie, why you did not come for a long time?’. They missed my supervisor a lot. They introduced themselves to me, and started addressing me as akka.

During group activity, they wanted me to be a part of their group.So sweet of them! It was quite hard to manage them in a group, but nevertheless, I had fun and I get to do some coloring as well, my childhood passion :)

Before the activities begins, my SV and I happened to see one of the girls’ wrist who had some cut/scratch marks on her hand. My SV called her aside and spoke to her. Later on our way back home, I learnt that the girl,aged only 10 years old this year had attempted suicide by cutting herself! I was shocked! She is so young and yet she tried to do something BIG. Not only that, previously she attempted to jump from the top floor of the home (the home is a 3-storey terrace house). Then I came to know that she was a rape victim when she was 6. The worst part? Raped by her own uncle!! How cruel can that man be!! He’s an animal! Nevertheless, the girl is getting better, and slowly she is inching out of her trauma. May God bless her and punish her animal uncle.


2012-07-19 16.29.55

2012-07-19 16.30.06

2012-07-19 16.33.26

 2012-07-19 16.34.39

2012-07-19 16.39.27

2012-07-19 16.42.09 

2012-07-19 16.42.25

 2012-07-19 16.47.59

I have some videos with me, but I can’t upload them. I can’t figure out how to.


Till then~

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