Thursday, 19 July 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Nude

I want to get myself a nice lipstick,nothing too red or too coral. And I wanted something which I can get from Guardian or Watsons.

To make my long search a short one, I decided to ask one of my blogger friend Arpita Avinash for some advise. She then so kind-heartedly suggested me a few brand including Revlon. She showed me swatches of her Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rosewine and I liked it, so I decided to check it out in Watsons.

I never checked out Revlon product as I always looked at them as something which I can’t afford, but my visit to Revlon’s section changed my mind. Their price is almost Maybelline price. Excited after looking at the affordable price tags, I searched for the lipstick and did some swatches on a few shades. After spending sometime deciding which shade to go for, I finally chose Blushing Nude.

In my opinion, Blushing Nude is a rosy-brown colour which is not red and not brown either. The name I think can be quite misleading for some as this shade is not a nude shade. However, the word Blushing Nude describes the shade some what uniquely as for some, this could be their MLBB shade.

It is a creme lipstick, semi-matte and quite long lasting, depending on your eating/drinking habit and also your lip-smacking/lip-licking habit. It can be quite drying, especially if you work under air-cond like me :(. I suggest using lip balm before applying.

It suits smoky-eye and also neutral make-up. Smoky-eye for night time and neutral for day time.

2012-07-20 14.23.19

 2012-07-20 14.28.02

2012-07-20 14.25.21

L: 3 swipes R: 1 swipe

 2012-07-20 14.24.12  

I look terrible! Dark circles keep on haunting me like nobody’s business :’(

Anyways,that is how Blushing Nude looks on my dark lips. It covers my pigmented lips quite well.

I bought it under a discounted price :D Normal price will be RM32. You can still get them under discount now in Watsons.


Till then~


  1. hey Usha...the lipcolor looks grt... It suits u perfectly....
    Me definitely gonna get one :)


    1. Thank u DD!! U helped me into getting it! :)

  2. usha, cantiklah color ni. hehe. how much after discount?

    1. after discount dalam RM26.80.. klu nak, baik afee pegi cepat2..takut promo dah habis :D



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