Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The first Giveaway/Nail Art Competition I won!

I am so so so glad that my random nail art had scored it’s place in the competition.

I am refering to the Giveaway cum Nail Art competition with the the of Mothers Day in the month of May by Nikita from little green heart.

She wanted to have a giveaway for her blog, and since Mother’s Day was just around the corner, she decided to have a contest as well.

Refer here: http://lilgreenheart.blogspot.com/2012/04/giveaway-mothers-day-theme-nail-art.html

I decided to join, just randomly, without having any hope of winning. I did a pink gradient nail art with pink heart stones. It is so not me to do pink nails, as I am not a person who favors pink.

Nevertheless, this is what I did:

p20120423-163837  which won the CONSOLATION price. I must say, at first there was not a place/prize for consolation, but hey, Nikita changed her mind and decided to give me a consolation prize!

Thanks a lot Nikita!!

Anyway, let’s get to the prizes!

Nikita generously sent me some wonderful nail polishes, neatly packed in a see-through container.

I am mad at the postman though. According to my mum ( I was not around when the parcel arrived, I am currently based in Penang), the postman just chucked/dumped or better still ‘baling’ the parcel! Thank God nothing was broken, just the container was dented quite badly. When my mum told me bout that irresponsible postman, I was worried bout the package, and the moment I saw that everything was in a tip top condition, I was just more that happy!


That’s how it came, and there was a sweet little piece of note attached together with the cute stuff. Can you see the damage on the container and it’s cover?


The sweet little note from dearest Nikita :)


And now the content! That’s the most exciting part, don’t we all agree?


The array of the content. I had the same feeling as you guys, what’s that inside the napkin, beautifully wrapped and secured with pink ribbons?


The first one had this:


A forest green nail polish with shimmery finish. It reminds me a lot of Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid and Smooth Eye Liner in Forest Green. Isn’t the tiny stone detail on the bottle makes it look glamour-ish?

The second one, held my favourite color of all! Plus, it’s from Etude House!


I never shopped in Etude House before, thinking that they have products only for fair-skinned people. I never knew that they have this kind of ah-may-zing colors! I am definitely checking out their store the next time I hit Berjaya Times Square in KL. I am yet to try any of the nail polishes, but I can bet I am going to super-love this particular polish!! <3


I received this gradient nail polish set in silver+black. It comes with the instruction on how to get it done. I did gradient nails before using the sponging technique, and this time I can get shimmery gradient nails from this set without much hassle :)


The instruction.



A whole set of purple nail colors. I am not sure if this is the crack nail polish set or just a normal nail polish set, but the timely arrival of this parcel saved my cash actually, since I am actually eyeing to get a nice purple nail polish :D

The best part of this color combo?


It comes with a toe-separator! Awesome combo!


Again, I’d like to thank Nikita for her lovely giveaway and this oh-so-awesome gifts!

I’d like Nikita to know that I had been reading her blog since I first joined the blogging world.

My first post which I actually ‘borrowed’ her picture from her blog :



Much hearts and love!


Till then~


  1. Nail art is the art of nail beauty.Thankfully in Delhi , Zoe nails have created a niche for women who wish to take care of nails. Nail art in Delhi is here to stay where women could find a new addition in their make-up.

    1. Hey Woodpeckie,

      Thank you for dropping by :D

  2. Super pretty nail art ^_^ Congratulations! :)
    Thanks a ton for the wonderful comment on my blog sweetie, totally made me day! :)
    I am following you right back, you have such an adorable blog here :)
    Hope to see you back soon :)
    Namita <3

    1. Hey Namita!

      Thanks for your sweet comment!
      I'm glad that I made your day..Thanks for following me.
      I will drop by your site every now and then, I hope you do too :D

  3. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Dahlia if you'd like to check it out.
    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx

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