Monday, 23 July 2012

Decision made.

I have been messing up with my own thoughts and have been thinking just too many things than what i can cope with.

Thank God a discussion with someone I highly look up to saved me from all the unwanted hassles, headaches and paranoids. Now, I am clear of what I want to do, and I see next year as a productive and fruitful year :)



The choice is all mine, and I made my own choice.

I am not gonna regret my choice, and I am going to enjoy every single bit of it!


Till then~


  1. glad you've made a decision and that you're thinking straight. it's always good to outweigh the pros and cons to things, but most it's most important to follow your heart. you go girl!

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  2. I try to do the same too. Whenever I get flustered or confused about something, I ask someone whom I trust for a second opinion like an elder. Usually helps tons!

    keep in touch :)

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