Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I hate the feeling of being lonely.

Maybe it’s just because I am sick right now, that I want to be with my family at home.

I know this feeling is just temporary, but it is really a depressing feeling.

It’s as though you are trapped in a glass box, and your world revolves between the 6 sides of the box. You can see the world around you and what’s going on, but either you don’t have the courage to lift your hand out of the box to step out of it or others just ignore you in your glass box.

Everyone experiences loneliness, but at different level of severity.

It is an unique feeling on its own, allowing you to know yourself better.

I know I will be okay real soon, maybe in 5 minutes time right after I post this.


But I just wish, for the someone to come and lift me off my glass box, forever..



P/S: This is not an emo post :P Just expressing ;)                                

* Pictures are from Google.

Till then~

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