Friday, 24 June 2011

All nails


What colour will one get if they mix a blue shade and a pink shade from Elianto?

blue splash2  Courtesy of Little Green Heart



Courtesy of Lessa the Dressah


Well,recently for my birthday my brother got me three bottles of nail polishes from Elianto: Blue Splash, Candy Pink and Indian Red.

Well,those are really amazing colours for a guy to choose I think.Anyways,I am in love with the Blue Splash.It is so blue and it is something different.Not many Indians will go for that colour,and well I’m proud to stand out in the crowd last week in a temple.The colours gave me the confidence every girl of my age needs.Apparently, I saw another girl having the same shades on her nail, and from her Facebook profile,she’s a dancer.

I had that colour on my nails for about two weeks then i decided to give it a little touch, as per the idea of my roomies back in AIMST University, house code C2L room 1, Miss Vaishnevi Thanaseharan and Miss Megala Devi Sri.

As for the result,i got this amazing new shade of purple,which is simply gorgeous!!


The picture is not so clear,as I used my phone to snap it and the colour is not intense enough in the picture.Get imaginative by adding more pink on the nails and I’m pretty sure you can see the colour on my nails now :)


Get creative!!

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