Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fashion mistake.


In Malaysia, Chinese girls are among those who knew their fashion very well.In fact,they are the one who tame the western fashion in Malaysia.making them wearable in our quite typical society.

However,not all knew their fashion well.Recently,I saw one in a shopping complex near my place. She is an L-sized girl,with a pair of white leggings.Leggings is an on-the-go material right now,but wear it right and it will be pleasing to others eyes.This particular girl,she wore the leggings with a short tops.Which means we know exactly how her bum shape is.Which means we know she is wearing a low cut undies.And which we know she is wearing a striped one.



See? The girl might or might not realize,but it is soooo not nice for those who saw,right?

So get your fashion right and be fashionable.


minidress_boots_main Courtesy of Roxxane Wilson.


Till then.

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