Thursday, 30 June 2011

Memory Lane,down the lane~


It had been a month since I came back from AIMST,my dear university for 3 years. Then i decided,why not go for a job out of the scope of my study,while waiting,just to kill some time?

So,I dropped my name at a few places at a mall near my place.I waited for a few days,but no calls.So,I decided to put the part-time job searching for a rest.

Day before yesterday,I received a call from Memory Lane,asking me to come and join them.So I went,just to earn some extra cash.The first day was super tiring,together with the irritating girl.Kalau nak cakap tu,cakap la elok elok kan,tak payahla cakap macam nak tak nak je.Tau la ko lagi lama keje dari aku kan..minah bengong!!

Well,apart from that,everything was okay.In fact,I even met my school senior and a long lost friend from matriculation.I get to meet a lot of people too.

Though it is just a part-time job,it teaches me a lot.It gives me a peek into the outside world.Hrmm.

Anyway,there’s more to write bout this.But not now.So,yeah.


Till then,adios!

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