Wednesday, 22 June 2011

owh-so-yummy meringues!!

 Yesterday, I was roaming around in the net,browsing for recipes. A few caught my attention, and so today,i decided to try one!!

I was so excited that I forced my parents to drive me to the nearest cake shop to buy myself Cream of Tartar a.k.a potassium bitartrate and the piping bag. Well,as a beginner, I got myself a disposable piping bag.

So,yeah. We went back home and I got myself prepared with the recipe on how to bake Ghost Meringues. Well,not exactly Ghost Meringues but meringues of my own.

It was a simple recipe of 4 ingredients; eggs,sugar,cream of tartar and vanilla essence.

Upon ingredients preparation, I started the meringue-making process.
First,the egg white and egg yolk must be separated,as we will be using only the egg whites.As for the egg yolks,it can be used for some other purpose.
Then,the egg whites are to be beaten until it forms foamy mixture.Sugar were to be added a little at a time,to ensure it dissolved completely.Cream of tartar was added and finally followed by essence of vanilla.Being so excited,i tasted them a little,they taste a bit like cotton candy and marshmallow.

Then,the piping process..the exciting part!!
I pressed the meringues on to a tray before baking them in my mum's old oven,left them to bake and voila!!!
My first ever meringues was ready!!
I added chocolate chips to the meringues to give them a chocolaty taste and it worked.
It was a little crispy on the outside, marshmallow in the inside and a little chocolaty..I wouldn't say they taste heavenly,but they are good enough to be eaten,for a newbie like me :) :) :)

And the best part?
My brother liked them!!
For someone who always condemn my cooking,it was a really good response from him.

Will upload the pics soon..having,yeah..wait for the pics to see my l'il marshmallowy meringues :)


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