Monday, 16 January 2012

Doomed or no?


Okay. I might be exaggerating.

That is not what am i  feeling exactly right now, but so many things are running into my mind right now.

And boredom is getting to the core of myself. Arggh!

By the way, I’ve got the almost similar shades of nail polish on my fingers right now.

There is this tiny lump *not to worry,nothing serious* on my left lids and i have to wait for the doctors' reference letter for me to hit the specialist. Have to wait.

Damn. And I have a wedding to attend this month. A much awaited wedding. Damn again! Hopefully makeup can help me to cover that lump. Or maybe I'll opt for fake lashes.

But fake lashes? I’ll need to go without my specs then. But I am planning to go with my glasses on. I have my dark circles haunting me like crazy. Arggh!!

I misplaced my mobile’s cable or whatever you called it. I just can’t find it!!

Plus, my lappy have to be reformatted. My brother was telling me that my lappy have some virus attacks. Hrmm..not a bad one lappy survived throughout my degree years without being reformatted. Lappy is just fine, except it had gone slow, which really get into my nerves when I am in a hurry. Grrr.

Besides, I am super duper mad at my mascara.

Click on the link to see which mascara I am referring about.

I just bought them like a few months back and I have just used them like 20 times?

When I get them out a few days back, they just don’t deliver!! I mean they kinda finished but not dried up?! I am confused :/

Nevertheless, they did not do good to me as how they used to do. And now i have to get myself a new tube of mascara. *Pondering over which mascara to get*

I must also get a waterproof eyeliner pencil. My Avon liner is just nice, but they tend to bleed/smudge. I once had in on and cried *Dylla Fadzil, I think you know how terrible it was in the library,if you remembered*

Again, I have to search for a decent one. Hrmm.


And that’s not all.

I have more to say,but just not now.Grrr. Hate this feeling.


Till then~

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