Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fair skin - How to

Everyone wants clear and fair skin. Because beauty is skin deep, and we want to look the best as we can.
Many beauty products are there available in the market. Some works wonders on people's skin, while some makes the skin become worst.

Skin type and condition is also a factor that must be taken into account. Using products according to skin type will help to reduce the skin problems.

But, as many as the beauty products out there, many people are still in search for the right product and the right brand. If they happen to find the right product, it may be too costly or maybe it's just too good to be true that they start switching to other products again.

To reduce the cost and all the probabilities which I do not want to encounter, I tried this home made DIY mask for fair and clear skin. I have combination skin by the way. I am unsure about its' effectiveness in making my skin fairer, but I am pretty sure of it's effectiveness as a good facial scrub.

The ingredients:

2 teaspoon of Oryza Sativa 

One tablespoon of honey

Strong, saturated tea to the desired amount.

How to make the paste?

1. Grind the rice grains.
2. Mix the honey into the powdered rice grains together with the tea. Mix a tiny bit of tea at first.
3. Stir the mixture to a thick paste. You may want to add in some tea if the mixture is too thick.
4. Apply it on your face and wait for it to dry before you wash your face.

A very simple and easy-to-do mask.

I personally left the mask on my face for quite some time as honey do not dry easily.
I got tired of waiting so after an hour or so, I washed the mask off.
While getting the mask off, I massaged/scrubbed my face in circular motion as the mask is not easy to wash off. I noticed that though I ground the rice grains into fine powders, I can still feel their course texture against my skin.
I went all the way scrubbing the paste of my face and rinsed my face with warm water.

The result?

Super smooth and soft skin! I was not expecting that for the results. * I don't even know what am I expecting, it was merely a try*
The powdered rice acts as a scrub, removing dead cells on my face while the honey acts as natural moisturiser as honey locks the skin moisture. The tea acts to cool and soothe the skin.

I am happy that such simple ingredients and steps helps me to get a softer and smoother skin. Maybe with frequent usage, my skin will become fairer. I will have to try and see.

Do try it on if you have time and do let me know how it turns out on you.

* Pictures are from Google.

Till then~

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