Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Simple Smokey Eye

I am a fan of Smokey eye. I love to see people who get their Smokey eye look perfect. Not to look like panda’s eye or raccoon's eye.

I learn and will keep on learning to master the techniques. Apart from colored eyeliners and blue eye shadows, I love Smokey eyes. All color of Smokey eye. To date, I have tried maroon Smokey,green Smokey eye and brown Smokey eye. They turned up pretty well after much trial and error.

The latest, I came up with a very simple and easy way to achieve a wearable Smokey eye for every occasion, using mainly pencil eyeliners.


I used Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black and Brown.

Other than that, any black eye shadow,mascara and brow gel.

Also, eyeliner brush and blending brush.

As simple as the material, the methods were simple too.

First of all, I tight lined my upper lids with the black liner. It helps to create a more smokier look besides filling up the gaps between the lashes.

Then, using the brown liner, I made a thick line on my lids. The thickness of the line depends on how Smokey you want the look to be. I go for medium thickness, as I have big eyes and I don’t wish to accentuate them more.

Next, I used the eyeliner brush and smudge them to ‘soften’ the line before using the blending brush to blend them up to the crease. The important thing here is to blend away any harsh lines. It needs a more blending than that of using eye shadow. You can build the color intensity if you want.

Other than that, I like to wing the brown liner just a little and blend them all the way up.

After that, using the black liner, I made a thin line on my upper lids, as close as possible to my lash line. Using the eyeliner brush, I smudged just a little. I then topped the liner using black eye shadow. The black eye shadow is however optional. I skip them if I want a simple look. Then, blend it again.

After blending, I lined my waterline. Sometimes, I leave my waterline bare,lining my lower lash line only 1/3 from the outer corner with the brown liner. Sometimes, I line my waterline using black liner.

I then used mascara only on my top lashes. As for my brows, I used brow gel to keep them on place. I seldom/don’t use brow liner as I have already thick brows. I used a pearly eye shadow or a matte white eye shadow to highlight my brow bones, and I’m done with the simple Smokey eye.

For cheeks, normally I go for neutral toned. Not pink!

For lips, any will do except bright red, fuchsia, magenta and any other striking colors. Neutral, soft pink and soft coral will do good. Nude will complement the eye too. As for me, if I am lazy, I will just slather on my Lip Ice Sheer Color to get just the right amount of pink,the right amount of neutral and a touch of shine on my lips.

This is how I get a very simple Smokey eye done, using mostly eyeliners. Do let me know how it turned up on you.

No pictures, as the pictures went blurry :(

Till then~

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