Monday, 6 February 2012

Boots addict


I have been wanting boots for ages..and I just can’t help myself over it.

I fancy those ankle-high boots, as I do not wear shorty-shorts, hence thigh-high boots does me no good. Maybe a knee-high will do, if I can find one with a decent price.

Boots, they just make you scream that you are bold. Yet, fashionable.



Classic yet elegant.


Look at A. Isn’t she adorable with her bow?



Love them! They are stylish, elegant and so much more!

Not b**chy, but with class and charm :)


I will hunt for one, and be a proud owner of at least one pair of boots, soon!

#resolution, #determination


*pics are from Uncle Google


Till then~


  1. sangat smart orang pakai boots! kami xsesuai kot. hahaha kaki besar. kalau org kaki kecik2, comel2, lawa la~ hehehe..

  2. hehe..cube try dulu..belum try belum tahu kan??



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