Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thaipusam Part 2

After my trip to Batu Caves on Friday, I went to Batu Caves again, on the event night.

Thaipusam part 1: http://anindiangirlsblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/thaipusam-batu-caves-2012.html

I was expecting it to be difficult to walk around in the crowd, but surprisingly there was not much crowd. The managing committee it seems expected more than 1.4 million to visit Batu Caves this year, but the number was not reached. Maybe it’s due to the rumor that there will be fights going on during Thaipusam. How far is that true, I never managed to know.

Anyways, we saw many light kavadis, and they are beautiful. And of course, lots and lots of mayil kavadi. That’s what Batu Caves Thaipusam is famous for. I also notice another thing this year. Many people are taking poochatti/theechatti/fire pot. Also, many people got into trance this year, mainly Amman. As per what I know, normally fire pot, Amman trance and veppilai/neem leaves are closely related with Amman temple tiruvizha. How come they bring that custom to Thaipusam?? Wierd.


2012-02-07 22.45.00

Light kavadi- forgot to adjust the lighting on my camera T_T

2012-02-08 00.23.49

2012-02-08 00.24.53


I also happen to get to know this piece of information from one of the gurukal in Batu Caves. According to him, milk are normally poured over the statue carved from black stone (is that granite?) to cool the statue. But in Batu Caves, the milk were poured on the silver Vel. I do not wish to question this, but this is something to be pondered about, right?

Anyways, after having fun rounding, we went to do some stall-browsing or window-shopping. This time, I managed to find a dear earring which I was longing for. I wanted to buy is so badly from an online blog, but it was just too bad that the earring was sold out! That was even before the song Yemma Yemma from 7am Arivu was released! Then, I happen to saw the same type with different designs at a nearby Indian Cash & Carry but the price, it was EXPENSIVE! I can’t imagine spending so much on an ornamental piece which I want just for the sake of it. But, finally I found one in one of the stalls, and I grabbed it immediately! An exquisite piece with green, white and pearl details. I’m happy ☺

2012-02-08 12.41.31

2012-02-08 12.42.37

2012-02-08 12.44.00

How to wear them? See here : http://deeperthanfashion.blogspot.com/2011/10/jimikkis-for-diwali.html


Cropped from the song: Shruti Hassan wearing the Jhumka Earring

Again on Sunday, we went there again, but this time with my neighbor. Mainly to shop. My mum wanted to get a pressure cooker. But we all ended up with a pan(mum and neighbor auntie) and bangles both for me and my neighbor daughter. And owh, cotton candy for me too ♥


2012-02-14 21.28.11

2012-02-14 21.33.18 

I bought studs with ladybug on them :) I am hunting for metal studs when I came across it. I love the bow details on the pearl-drop earring. I also love the way the pink and white stone studded heart dangles from the gold bow. Cute :)

That was my Thaipusam experience this year :)


Till then~


  1. anting2 tu cantiknya usha! kami suka anting2 yg jenis tergantung mcm tu.. hehe

  2. yang kaler hijau tu ke or yang pearl tu?

  3. Your clicks are gorgeous!! :)




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