Thursday, 12 April 2012

Buntong Kaliamman Temple Tiruvizha

This was the first time I went to the temple for the festival,my mum have been attending it for 3 years already. I wanted so much to see for myself what is so exciting about the temple and the festival. And I got myself a chance to witness it.

There will be a lot of pictures in this post, but I will try to add some details every here and there.

The temple, a Kali temple is obviously located at Buntong, Perak. It’s a small temple, yet is said that the deity is very powerful. Whoever went to HER and prayed to her sincerely, calling HER AMMA, their wishes will be fulfilled. Thus, the tiruvizha/festival is celebrated mainly to provide a suitable place,time and environment for those who had promised HER something in return for the granted prayers to fulfill their oath/vow.

How I came to know about this temple is via my very very distantly related brother i.e my mothers’ far related cousin brother’s son. It was merely a coincident how my brother, who is studying for MLT in a college became his roommate in Ipoh campus and eventually they both got their credit hours transferred to KL campus as my brother prefers to study from home sweet home. That, was two years ago.

How is that related to Buntong Kali temple?

My cousin brother, Shiva, had prayed for his little sister when she was really sick. I mean it. Even the doctors lose hope on her. He prayed, should his sister get well soon, he will take fire pot/agni chatti/ thee chatti for nine years as a sign of gratitude.

What exactly is a fire pot?


Saw the pot? It is actually a clay pot filled with fire woods. Imagine, once the fire woods got all burnt up, the clay pot is sure to be hot! Those who are in trance normally will carry the fire pot without holding any neem leaves beneath it, as their human body couldn’t feel the heat,of course.

Anyway, this year will be the fourth year to fulfill that oath of his. We were all there to support him nevertheless together with his family. After all, its for good and I have never seen any of my family members doing it.

I really must tell, the whole event looked like mini Thaipusam! That much of crowd! If during Thaipusam one can see many types of Kavadi, here you can see many types of oath-fulfilling things. Sorry, I don’t know how to call them,but hope you’d understand. There are also many many beautiful chariots, better than those at KL!

I think I’ll let the pictures to do all the talking.

The 1st day - Karegam

2012-04-06 23.46.57

2012-04-06 23.45.03 The temple’s kodi maram

2012-04-06 23.33.34

2012-04-06 23.33.24 Sacrificial hens & roosters

2012-04-06 23.32.37  Look at the crowd! Didn’t I tell you that it’s a mini Thaipusam?

2012-04-06 23.47.51

2012-04-07 00.59.14  That’s HER :)

2012-04-06 23.47.33

2012-04-07 23.57.58  Awesome chariot!

IMG_20120407_012837  Pity goat :(

IMG_20120407_012451      Me and my brothers

The actual day.

auto20120407-051748       Me :) Next few pictures will be out of vanity. But hey, I am snapping my photos after quite a long time. So,not vain :P

auto20120407-052434    Love this picture. Too bad, slight defect.

auto20120407-052553      Ah! Vain picture after so long!

auto20120407-052233     Another pose!

2012-04-07 17.23.57           Me and my cousin brother.


IMG_20120407_183041                              I just love love this picta! The KKV me :D

IMG_20120407_183055             Then it begins…

IMG_20120407_184331              In trance..


IMG_20120407_185837               Mummy dearest. Isn’t she’s pretty??


That’s all :)

Thanks for reading. Hope you’ll like my new layout~


Till then~


  1. hai usha... thanx for the pictures.. it has been ages i didnt went for the thiruvizhi.. i think almost 3 years i missed the festival... wat u said is very true this amman is very powerfull.. actualy tat is my family temple... miss my amma n my relatives too....

    thank u so much...

  2. i miss bentong temples mom hometown...i love to hangout in this town when i was kid..i used to call cycle town..all my relavtive stii live in bentong..desa damai,,grandma in chamang baru ...taman sega..chamang lama...list go on

  3. Great post and Nice clicks :)

  4. Hi I just want to know when the next thiruvila in that temple this year?



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