Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A dream. After so long.

I haven’t spoken to him for ages. Okay, maybe not ages but for quite sometimes. No contact,no phone calls,no SMS, no chatting. Nothing. But just yesterday, he appeared in my dreams. After so long.

Confused. I am. Was it a message to me?

No idea.

My mother and I went to the beach. No idea which beach, but it was beautiful. Serenade. There were other people there too, if I am not mistaken, my dad’s family. He was there too, came out of no where. Sat beside me. We talked. At one point, we waded through the crystal clear sea water. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and forced me into the deep water. I felt my leg got scratched against the sharp corals on the sea bed. He eventually let go, trying to see if I can make myself through the water to the shore. My feet can barely touch the sea bed. I struggled, trying to reach out for him. He then gave me a piggy-ride on his back, to the shore. We sat, side by side. We spoke. While chatting, i showed him my feet got scratched my the sea shells on the sea bed. He helped me with it. While saying,’ I regret why I left you for her’. I stared at him, deep inside of me saying, ‘ I missed you, but I am no longer crippled by your thought.’

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Till now, I didn’t know if I said the words out loud.

Do I miss him? I don’t know.

I don’t know and I never know.

Do I miss you? Yes. Do I want you back? No.

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But, I am no longer crippled by your thought though I know I can never forget you. :)


Till then~


  1. hehe..i was surprised myself,and spent almost the whole day pondering. Thank god that the dream did not repeat itself :)



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