Monday, 25 July 2011

Bittersweet chocolate


Life is a bittersweet chocolate.


It is full of unexpected things.

Like what?

Like what I went through.

It was last week,when I was in evening shift.About 6pm,my dad called me.My results!!Thank God,my results were better that what I expected.

But that’s sweet right,not bitter?

There’s more.Like this:

My friend will be resigning her job,going back to her home town.We were close that the 2 weeks friendship we had left an impression in us.


20072011(005) 20072011(006)

 20072011(003) Our farewell.

What else?

A surprise!!

Yup.Both Wana and Naza bought me earrings!I didn’t expect it at all,as Wana and I bought a gift for Naza and, Naza and I bought a gift for Wana for her birthday.And they both bought a gift for me!!

Thanks darlings!!!


20072011Life is full of surprises,nah?


Till then.

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