Monday, 25 July 2011

Thank you,God.


Dear God,

Finally I received my results.All praises to You,I’ve passed my exams with flying colours,and I really mean it.I never thought or receiving such results but it’s all in the result slip.Proven.All my hard work,emotionally and physically had been rewarded handsomely.

I admit,it was pretty hard juggling through my studies,research project and my emotional conflict,but I manage to squeeze myself through all that.I must thank my family for being with me through thick and thin.And I must express my gratitude to my friends,especially Vinothini Thanapalan.Dylla Fadzil,Shyamala Murugesan,Gunavathi Muniandy,Kavin,Dinesh Vijian,Idzham and Husaini.They are the ones who gave my the spirit to raise back in life,though I think I pester them.

Vino.My forever friend.Though she is far abroad.she’s always there when I need her support.She is my BFF since we were in secondary school.So many memories with her.Whenever I felt the need for support from someone not from my family,she’ll be the one for me.Thank you so much,Vino.

Dylla.The hyper little girl.We weren’t close till second year of our course.The were tiny gossips ‘bout us,but it was all jealousy.She was the one who was with me from the 1st place,the moment I had my emotional conflict.She was the one who held my hand,through my final year degree.She understood me well.Sometimes,whenever she’s around,I’ll feel as if I am with my mother.because whenever my mum scolds me,I will get an instant boost.It was all the same with her.I’ll ask her to scold me when I really need that instant booth.And,she guides me in fashion and beauty,too.Though she didn’t see me as one of her BFF,she must know that she is one of my BFF.Thanks a lot,sweets.

Shyamala.The only child of her family.We were not close at all,but all of a sudden,when I felt the worst,we became close.Just like that.God’s will?I don’t know.But,she is among those who cheered my days in AIMST.Not much similarities,but yet so much understanding.Thanks a lot,Shyam.

Gunavathi.If the first was Shyam,the second is Guna.Simply in a blink of an eye.We were close.She was the sister among us.The matured girl,whom we all seek advice from.Our cute ‘mama Guna’.Thank you so much Guna.

Kavin.The person I got to know through Friendster.He played a major role,I admit,in helping me.He was there to listen to my stupid little/big craps.Though he didn’t want me to call him ‘anne’,he will always be the ‘anne’ I never had.Thank you so much,Kavin.Or should I say the future Major Kavin? :)

Vijian.The vanthi hard feelings ya.He also played the big bro role.Though not much,and though he is naughty(cause he likes to bully me :P),he inspired me.Thank you,DV.

Am.The Mat Romeo.Jangan marah ek,Dylla?We knew each other since matrix.He was the guy when I need a guy’s opinion.But a football mania.Haih.Pity Dylla.

Husaini.Another big bro.Very rational and matured.Thank you so much Hus.


This was supposed to be a short post,but..

Till then.


  1. dude, saya amatlah terharu...=) i'l be ter for u ALWIS! no worrieS! nyhow, congratS for yr results kay! happy for u.... =)

  2. alololooooo hihiiiii so sweettttttt hehehehe

  3. ushaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......very nice...



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