Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Diya’s Celebration


Diwali or Deepavali celebration is still going on.


Mine was simple.Simple and meaningful.

This years’ celebration is indeed a celebration to be remembered. After nearly 10 years being apart from family and not being able to be with them for a proper celebration,finally I am able to enjoy the whole process.From the cookies baking to house cleaning to oil-bathing and everything.


This year,we decided to have a small and simple celebration as we were in a tight budget.So,nothing fancy and grand.Each of us were given RM100 to shop for clothes.

Cookies,we baked them all on our own.I baked the cake and made the jelly.Shall do a post on how I baked the cake ;)


We started the whole cookie baking session a week before the day.My speciality?Nei Urundai, also known as simple laddu.

Upon that,we did some last minute shopping for saree for prayers purpose.


On the day,we woke up as early as 4am for the oil-bathing ritual.Oil-bathing ritual is widely practised in South India and is said to be good for health.

Among the benefits of oil-bathing:

1. It clears oily substances from the skin of total body and facilitate the same to transfer heat from its inside to outside.

2. By giving healthy cold to our body we can have good appetite and feeling of taste.

3. Healthy cold prevailing in our body prevents many diseases like jaundice, cancer and other viral diseases.

4. We can get healthy, deep sleep and good concentration in our daily activities.

5. Side effects of severe diet control can be cleared by this good healthy habit.

6. Skin and hair health can be maintained as it removes surface tension on the body.


It definitely makes my skin smoother for a couple of days.My body tends to be cooler too.Besides that,oil-bath coupled with a good body massage is enough to make me have a nice sleep.However,we can’t go back to sleep after that.

After the oil-bath,we used shikakai powder to to cleanse the remaining oil from our skin.Shikakai powder is effective in absorbing oil.The powder is to be mixed in water to make a paste before applied on the body and rinsed.


The bath was indeed very refreshing.After the bath,all the new clothes were placed on the altar and prayers were conducted.A small portion of the clothes were marked with turmeric paste as well.

Then,all the kids took blessing from our parents and changed into our new outfits.Mine was a saree this year,green with maroon border.


We then headed to the temple.About 10am in the morning,cooking session started.We cooked mutton and vegetables as we ordered rice and curry from the caterer.Open house started at 12.30pm,whereby my workmate were the first one to arrive.Then one by one started to come over.Not to forget,my boss and her family came over too.The event eventually continued until night at 12 midnight when we cleared the whole place up.Tired,but all of us were happy as the day went smoothly despites the headaches due to lack of sleep.


2011-10-26 21.44.16 Done by me~

2011-10-26 14.55.50

Thanks for coming Afifah :)

2011-10-26 09.15.41Back from temple…

This year’s make up was simple too.

I used brown shades on my lids,a few sweeps of mascara on my top lashed,tight lined my upper lash line and lip gloss.Very subtle look.

The best part,my brown shades are actually visible on my lids!!All i did was to prep my lids with a normal liquid foundation.I did not manage to cover my flaws though.I used Liquid Foundation from LAKME by the way.


So,this is my Diwali story :)


Till then~

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