Tuesday, 1 November 2011

IPD Ampang Jaya Diwali Nite


Okay,this post was supposed to be published like two weeks back,but I am stealing my office time to post this actually.

So,this post might be a little blurry or weird.Bear with me,people!! ^^


And the story goes like this.IPD Ampang Jaya had this Diwali Nite organized for high-rank officers in Pandan Lake Club.My father insisted that all of us should go,and it resulted in me going to the dinner straightaway from my office.

What I did was to wear my black and gold punjabi suit to office with no make up at all.Bare,nude face.Instead,all brought my make-up tools and earring to office.

As my Dad is coming over to fetch me at 7 o’clock,I started my quick make-up session at 6.30pm. It was all in a rush.Thank God everything went well.

At 7pm,I was already in the car,heading towards Pandan Lake Club.We were the first family to arrive there.My family and I were happily chatting about and snapping photos.

And I was eye-ing this cool MC for the night.A tall,dark and charming guy :D


The dinner was nice,and we got ourselves 2 lucky draw hampers.Liquors were served and the party seemed to be an exclusive and high-end celebration.Decent yet not lavish.


Towards the end of the party,my Dad’s friend came over to me and made a friendly conversation.I was happily answering him until the moment when he wanted to introduce me to his son!! And that was right in front of my mum!! I was like,WTH?!


Earlier,my Mum told me about a guy being that uncle’s son,but I ignored.Too buzy ‘usha-ing’ the MC.Hehehe.

But,his son appeared to be nowhere around that the uncle gave up and went back.I was puzzled but then I remained silent.

Match-making? I don’t know o_O


2011-10-14 19.32.09 


2011-10-14 19.55.41


2011-10-14 20.02.21


2011-10-14 20.45.50


Till then~


  1. wow! okay jugak tu.. pilihan keluarga :P

  2. alamak..hehehe..tak tau nak cakap ape..tak kenal n tak pernah tgk muka die lagi kot.. ;)



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